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  1. I can update my status like I'm on facebook or something lmao

    1. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      Yes, yes you can :P


      Good to see you on here.

  2. :D Thanks for the positive comment. I am a bus fan too :P I live near some south jersey routes. The closest to me is the 406 in Palmyra
  3. i'm doing good also ;)

  4. idk if you are the person to be talking to on this, but I think NOVAbus should test alternate fueling technologies like CNG, LNG, Gasoline-electric and whatnot for both current LFS models, and maybe Diesel-Electric Articulated buses. I'm sure lots of people would enjoy that :) Also, there should be a 30 foot and 35 foot LFS, and even a 45 foot version available. I'm sure I am asking for alot but its still something to think about

  5. hey, it's septa/njt rider from Mass Transit forums :P how does it feel to be 20 now :P

  6. hello metsfan :D

  7. hey, its septa/njt rider from... well... you get the point, what's up?

  8. hi, what's up!

  9. nice did you have fun?

  10. oh, well in that case.... wazzzzup!!!!! lol I thought i was the only person who was on both

  11. Hey, what's up?

  12. lol, i'm so silly, i followed a link in someone's sig to get there, i just forgot who, lol

  13. (late reply) thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  14. Kyle... Kyle... how are you...(SEPTA)This is D.J. better known as septa_kid! You know me right? What's up... I joined your forum page... There were spider webs in there, no one is replying to anything... Yeah....

  15. whazzup Mr Awesome NABI pics :) How are ya?

  16. i'm okay... had fun at he SEPTA roadeo last week :P

  17. Thank-you, I actually don't like it, coloring is not my thing. Do you draw?

  18. Thanks, I was just wondering, when is your birthday?

  19. hello, how are ya? My name's DJ

  20. * no :P whats up%3Pr

  21. thirteen days after mine, cool!

  22. Oh, cool! Well, I suck also so don't worry you're not alone!

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