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  1. What did you say nyuccaaaaaaaaaaa *starts random unnecessary protests about how offended I am* :mad:
  2. The Orion II was a short lived Model. Not many TAs got them. SEPTA was one of the few to have them as well for the Phlash back when they owned it. But it was a pretty unreliable bus and therefore was taken off the market. Most, if not all transit systems that brought them retired em early.
  3. Fast?? They are slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow They have craptastic take off... they only pick up speed on the highway... If they really are gonna be that slow, they need to revert back to diesel
  4. I just realized that i know you from youtube, lol I am njt5329 Anyway, I agree because I'm not a LI Bus person, but when the buses get hot i think the windows should be able to open when the AC isn't on or working... its a big problem and should be handled as such
  5. http://www.chaffeeyiu.com/photo/nymta/nycmta-705.jpg Not my photo
  6. Yea they tuned the transmission accordingly, however, they are mainly using them on the 125, which runs via the Schyukill Expressway running only 45mph in areas where the speed limit is 55.... its embarrassing and they need to fix that
  7. Lol the fastest i have seen on the Ben Franklin was 50MPH and that was a while back Also, if you ever drive the 313, let me know
  8. lol I'm also 17 but i finished High School early Anyway, this is the reason why some TAs should be allowed to strike. Their union leader is treating them unfairly and They have to just sit there and take it.:tdown:
  9. Kinda, ISLG is a "modified version" of the ISL, made to run off of CNG fuel. The regular ISL engine runs off of Diesel Fueling Edit: sorry, horribly misread your post... theres no ISG engine from Cummins. there was ISC, and currently theres ISM, ISL and ISB. ISG would be referring to the size not the power i.e. ISB= Small ISC (for its time) = Medium ISL = bigger ISM = biggest ISX would be the biggest biggest lol
  10. lol nice pics and videos. I like the trackage along this line. All it needs is LRVs like Toronto and it can be called a trolley line
  11. I like the fully wrapped RTS bus, i said this on FB, but anyway, nice photomagraphs of da aweseome NJT buses
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy4g4Rx8h8A
  13. Windows it the best because they don't force you to only use microsoft products. I am on my laptop with Vista, and i have a eMac. I tried to get photos off my camera using the eMac and my camera would ONLY load up when i started iPhoto.... way to force someone to use your products Macrap I rather use Windows because my camera loads up under "My Computer" and not ONLY on Windows Photo Gallery
  14. Nice... thoses buses look familar... maybe cause its mostly New Flyers like in Philly Nice photos
  15. Is shortline banned? Cause if not, i don't think it is wise to trash like that while he can still read it.. just saying
  16. I am another person who lives in Philly. Very close to the tacony Palmyra bridge. Closest subway line to me is the Market Crapford Line and man.... it sucks.... ugh.... Enjoy your stay on the forums
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