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  1. Sadly as much as it seems uncalled for, it's true. This isn't the only situation where someone decided they wanted to avoid a whole city like this. He has a valid point.
  2. 3 hours is a tad extreme don'tcha think? Its hot out, I think a smarter idea would be to wait maybe 1 hour max, and if it don't show up, move on to the next spot. If it were fall, or just any day with 60-70 degree weather, I'd agree with ya. 80-100 degree weather is too extreme to be out there for 3 hours waiting for a train!
  3. Washington Township has 5323-5365 Newton is 5366-5383 and 5568-5590
  4. Can You put up with a 14 minute video of SEPTA buses (I apologize:confused: in advanced for the audio)
  5. Wirelessly posted via (KWC-Torino/ UP.Browser/ (GUI) MMP/2.0) at least now I know whar NOT to get you for your birthday, lol
  6. I was at Bridesburg Station yesterday just basically hunting for ACES trains to catch them P40 locomotives while I know where they'd be... and of course the ALP-44 locomotives while they are still in service. Results were better than I thought! Though... They still could be better but I'm learning Bonuses: Deadhead Amtwak Twains: Amtwak Work Twain: Yay
  7. I mean the bad thing about this is the fact that it's Designline... I never liked their design line and never will and I don't like how they went to the dumps and NJT went with them. However the really good thing now people can SHUT THE HECK UP about NJT being 100% NABI and MCI after the order is complete (completly ignoring the Neo Artics for some reason) cause now there will be Desiginlines in the mix. I have mixed feelings about the resulting products but I approve this change.
  8. All so epic!!! I foam'd when I saw the R143 photo
  9. In response to qjtransitmaster: Then 510 technically has been around for a while, they're just simply rebranding an existing route and changing up runs. If there wasn't problems with this "510" before there isn't going to be any down the road just for it having a new number.
  10. As a rider of NJT in the south, I can tell you that the 409 doesn't really need any changes as its serves its own purpose. Its not an alternative to the RiverLine as the routing may have you believe.
  11. Flxibles back in NJ? Especially the Metro-B? *cries* :cry: SOOOO EPIC!! And dem photos...
  12. So he made a note about how he hates the NYC transit fan community... I still say cut the bad people loose and keep it moving... but he's ignoring me too... I feel like he views me as invisible and cares more about people who don't care about him... [/rant]
  13. I don't like when my friends start saying they want to kill themselves because other friends don't want to hang with them.... It makes me feel useless and like my friendship means nothing to them.... some may know who/what I'm talking about
  14. ok start at 5800 (the first one to replace a NovaBus RTS "A") and count up to 6350 and see how many RTS "Bs" you can get out of that...
  15. Black and Silver.... everyone who has me on FB should know my favorite NYC Subway car
  16. I done foam'd at these photos and the videos of the RTSs seal'd the deal!!! EPIC!!!
  17. D.J.

    C'mon son...

    MTA doesn't have checkers whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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