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  1. Moral of this story: When you waiting for the bus, and you're in a rush, the first one to show up will say: SEPTA NOT IN SERVICE but of course this story isn't valid anymore because now it says: SEPTA OFF DUTY NO PASSENGERS
  2. Thanks for the compliment KeystoneRegional... I don knew why there is no d40 on bx31 bus either... Now i am go to ride nbai on 406 bus The rear is the best part for me (thanks btw) thats why I nickname em "flat screens" Bahaha thanks KeystoneRegional was pointing out that the original poster didn't say a model that MTA currently owns (D60/C40LF) but said that SEPTA should buy them from them... so basically his post was saying how he was gonna go and look for these magical D40s that MTA has
  3. Ironically, thats where I met my now best friend LOLOL
  4. Hey Waluigi, leave the alone and let handle their own G.O., k thanks bye
  5. Representing my BFF's favorite SEPTA line: the Norristown High Speed Line!!
  6. Btw, we're gonna be in big trouble when the admins see this thread, we gotta get back to the great self defense debate ASAP!!!
  7. Ironically, my mom just ordered dominos, its like she knows i wanted it
  8. I'm not defending the whole "self defence deal" but this right here is what I am going for... You rob me i get revenge lol BTW for Pizza, get DOMINOS!!!!
  9. I still think that if I'm getting robbed, best believe that action will be taken against you... i don't care whether you attack me or not you's getting hit with something
  10. 69 makes me rethink all my theorys of life.... anything with 69 is a freak, including.... Geez
  11. Foamer question: Is repainting these buses in the future now that they're being reassigned?
  12. Best trip for me.... 551 to AC then ACRL back to Philly....
  13. Actually, one of those who thanked the post went based on what the post said. Honestly, if someone robs me, I should have the right to get my stuff back. Whether or not the law approves of my methods is not up to them unless they gonna get it back for me. With past expierence, they won't. Therefore, I support the gun owner since the robber shouldn't have robbed, sorry people.
  14. Some things are inappropriate for children under the age of 65
  15. I'm not taking a side here.... He was in the wrong for taking more photos after the solder dude asked him not to, and the Coppers were wrong cause they got involved so violently... this whole event was a fail!
  16. Why we talking about the Neoplans being scrapped? They not going anywhere til at least 2015, lol And there will still be some RTS "Bs" left over after the 416 order, no word on whats replacing them yet
  17. 39 < 80 I'm pretty sure that since they're only getting 39, a good number of 30 foot buses are getting phased out by 416s.
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't G.O. just a fancy way of saying detour? If so, then Wallyhorse, I have to take everyones side here. You don't try to make a separate route out of a detour because people who normally ride the route would be wondering why they decided to make it go this way. And lets say you idea works out... then when its over, everyone who liked that new way can't ride it anymore. You just don't make a new route out of a detour. You're supposed to stay as close to the original line/routing as possible.
  19. For some reason, I was thinking he meant Doyelstown DART, since he mentioned TMA Rush Bus I actually was in DE yesterday and got some photos and 2 videos which I will post later on today
  20. Thats a little out of my comfort zone (both bus companies operate in the middle of no wheres) but I guess I could check them out over the weekend
  21. A buncha SEPTA pics throught the region, but mostly contract routes and cutaways at Paoli... Enjoy! B) Eldorados on the 310 Horsham Breeze This Eldorado is on the 95 bus I spy with my little eye, MOAR Hybrids!!! NHSL to Huges Park Paoli Station, home to 2 contract routes: 204, and 205 #shenanigans
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