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  1. got a nice little collection? Which buses do you have?
  2. you guys have a lot of criticisms toward my hometown
  3. Usually, no one checks for Tickets in Center City on Regional Rail.. usually, anyway, nice photos :cool:
  4. IN Philadelphia and Camden, the Metro-B's dominate the streets, in Trenton, the Metro-D's dominate the streets... So... heads up...
  5. or $22 for a RTS piggybank.... made out of plastic
  6. nice pics, i especially like the ones of 7231
  7. Nice shots, you have some photography skillz
  8. Good photos, the R160A's are awesome, and you got every possible photo you could of them (except from below...) Nice!!
  9. i really like this one, it is like a before and after picture with the old Orion next to a New one
  10. Nice photos, and the best video i've seen in a while
  11. oh, i thought you were talking about a fully functioning bus, lol
  12. Nice pics, the R40 slants are really showing their age
  13. wow, so many delays... but nothing stopped me from traveling today B) (i did get in a whole lot of trouble when i got home)
  14. you sure you aren't talking about a historic Flxible, i have not seen a Flxible here since like... forever
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