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  1. Yes, they tested this bus back in 2004, borrowed it from NY. Powered by a Cummins ISB Engine from what I remember
  2. D.J.

    hey everyone

    London cool, I always wanted to visit there, welcome!!!!!
  3. what's that doing there?, anyway, nice pics
  4. those are good photos, do you travel alot?
  5. NABI's: comming soon to an NJT route near you.
  6. This is a site I've been working on for quite a while that is based on public transportation. It is called the Dash Forums and it is a Forum site/Photo Gallery. It mainly Talks about NJT and SEPTA but there is also a section where you can post about things like hobbies and stuff. If you don't like the site or have any questions, you can post it in the General Site/Suggestions section and I will try to improve it. here's the link: http://s1.zetaboards.com/thedashforums
  7. I heard about this about a week before it happened from somebody who worked in the RR Department I thought they were lying, but it is real!
  8. I saw the sites and loved them, I recomend that you guys go on these sites, especially if you want to see some good SEPTA photos, or just want to learn a thing or two about the transit system, and Kyle, I congradulate you on making a good series of pages! GREAT JOB!!!
  9. Fancy, All I have is a Flixible (SEPTA) and a GM that I tuned into an AMG, I have two others, but they have been scrapped
  10. Hi, you're pretty far away, welcome
  11. Oh, cool! Well, I suck also so don't worry you're not alone!

  12. thirteen days after mine, cool!

  13. SEPTA stored 2 Flixible/GM's in Germantown Depot, problem is the newest one we have in the 70's so we don't never had the 370's, 870's, Metro-B's and Metro-C's.
  14. Thanks, I was just wondering, when is your birthday?

  15. NY's Budd M3's look different from Philadelphia's Budd M3's
  16. Thank-you, I actually don't like it, coloring is not my thing. Do you draw?

  17. hey, I'm D.J. Too, Awesomeness!!!
  18. Southern is the only depot that has the New Flyer Hybrids with the "H" numbers (5601H and all those great numbers) but Comly just received 8165-8179 and Callowhill just received 8121-8153
  19. Well, as some one from Philadelphia, I have to say GO PHILLIES! This is the first time in a while that a philadelphia team went so far!
  20. I feel bad for you... kinda makes me think about my future, what will happen when Sammy goes back to Latvia? I hope that she will still want to be with me!
  21. It is 1,000,000 better than those stupid D40LF's and DE40LF's that we have in Philadelphia!
  22. Yet Muahahahahahahahahaha, that was an awful joke!
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