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  1. Kyle, you're here too, awesomeness!!! I knew it was you, but I kinda had doubts... I would say welcome but I just came to this site so I say... HEY KYLE!!!
  2. Although I'm tired of seeing of seeing New Flyers all over the place, I have to say that the DE40LFR's are a better looking bus. SEPTA recieved 38 E40LFR's and they look amazing. E40LFR's are electric powered buses that have an option of running on Diesel power (incase you don't know what they are) in Philadelphia, we call them Trackless Trollies or trolley buses This is a New Flyer E40LFR
  3. I have a model bus too! It is a Flixible in the SEPTA scheme, but I re-painted it to have the modern SEPTA scheme. I'll show you later
  4. beat me to it... but yes it is. I've talked to my friends at the mock up and it will be extended until Saturday lucky me It will give me the opritunity to take more pics
  5. I guess you would have to judge by the fleet numbers! The hybrids I've noticed are the 4000 series buses, the Diesel's are usually 7000-8000 series(NJT)
  6. Don't worry, I'm there everyday, from 3:30-4:30 you should hurry up and come because it ends on the 16th
  7. D.J.

    Hi everyone!

    Hey, what's up DarkSun!!
  8. What forum hosting service is this? The setup is amazing, And I love how there is an option of playing games and setting scores. I was trying to add one of those for years. Also, the photo gallery, where multiple users can upload their pics?! Awesomeness, you have to tell me, please
  9. I do have alot of Transit art...
  10. Yes they do... but I want to see some SEPTA (SEPTA)routes!!
  11. do they have any SEPTA trains? I've seen alot of NY subways(I have a flushing line but I don't know what that is) but no (SEPTA)
  12. The current assignments are as follows: 8121-8149 Callowhill 8165-8174 Comly I have a photo gallery also, but I post too many links that bustitution guy sounds familiar...
  13. Yes I can!! I have a forum site that talks about septa http://s1.zetaboards.com/thedashforums And also I am a member of another site that talks about SEPTA http://philadelphiatransitforums.cjb.net If you want to look me up, my user name is septa_kid on both of them. I wanted to use that name here but I couldn't so I just used my real name... So what do you want to know about SEPTA?
  14. You're pretty good. I also have some skills in the art area Chech out My Transit Pics and Art
  15. I will also be there on Tuesday, I hope to meet you there
  16. I love Hybrids, but I think that TA's should get more standard floor buses SEPTA almost has an all low floor fleet
  17. Hola My Name is Dashawn but my friends call me D.J. Live in Philaedlphia and I love transit. My Favorite Vehicles are the NABI 416.08TA's that run for SEPTA Also, I made up this site: http://septakid.webs.com it some what shows my perosnalty
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