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  1. Yay nice photos of this record setting station!
  2. They worked on the 601, 604, and 611 lines but for some odd reason they decided to do the 40 foot take over on those lines as opposed to the AC lines, which I can never understand... now they got 416s running with like 3 people riding a day
  3. I forgot my name... but I posted it somewhere on this board...
  4. I cannot understand how ANYONE on this board as transit enthusiasts/advocates would even THINK about supporting this fat tub of lard. The Arc Tunnel was in the works for 10 YEARS!!! this was WAY before he got into office, and he just cuts it like he really put work into it. He didn't say hold it off, he didn't say not now, he just said NO! And he cut the WRONG things!! You don't take that much off of transit funding just because the state is broke.. Stuff like that makes the state MORE broke! I hate people who just come into office nd get blinded with power. And The people who support his work you might as well delete your account because clearly you don't like the idea of public transportation!
  5. Maybe if they SHUT UP and stop with that "Please Make Accessible Seats available to the elderly" and "Be aware of your surroundings, report suspicious behavior to NJT police at 1800-TIPS-NJT" and so on, maybe they could try
  6. If crowds are a problem... MCIs wouldn't fix it... they actually have limited asile space.... Maybe it would be better to just get 40 foot transits. and besides, they're getting 39 30ft buses but there are 80 30ft Novas. I'm surprised that no one caught that but this means that a the other 41 Novas will be replaced with something else.... a fail WAITING to happen? They BEEN had 30 footers in AC!
  7. I'm mad because that works on so many levels
  8. Thanks KeystoneRegional, you slobering monkey faced gorilla cheetah hybrid mutant on drugs!! You're getting a post too!! These PCCs are so epic, I love their sound too, they can pick up some SPEED which shocks me for their age!! Hey, if you ever go to philly, let me know and i'll remember to show ya around
  9. Must there really be an argument over whos a foamer anywhere? Sheesh, we all are whether we like it or not. And about this photo, its not shoop'd but the reason why controversy came up in the first place was because the original poster put up the wrong photo by mistake! And maybe RedBirdfan33 knew the photo was from last summer because THEY SAW IT BEFORE!!!!! Think before we act people... think before we act...
  10. I love how when a out of towner, who normally rides trolleys, brings up that trolley service should be brought back in New York, everyone laughs at the thought, but when a New Yorker who probably never rode a trolley a day in their life, everyone is all "yea," "i like this," "sure why not".... Light rail slow? Have you ridden the 101/102 lines in Philly? Slow my arse!
  11. Besides the ALP-45DP, there was another bit of good news for NJ Transit brought out today: NEW LOW FLOORS COMMNG TO SERVICE!! http://www.njtransit.com/tm/tm_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=PressReleaseTo&PRESS_RELEASE_ID=2676
  12. Epic night time photos and sign play
  13. Supposed to, but I don't think it will... this IS SEPTA We're talking about :tdown:
  14. only the older RTS buses are to be scrapped... there will still be some around after this NABI delivery is complete
  15. haha thanks and the world can't go on without me throwing things.... it's like if you tried to go a week without the Phillies You're goin DOWN!!!!
  16. As soon as I figure out who this is, I'm throwing mashed potatoes on your facebook wall! Thanks
  17. Since I-95 is to have a new exit/off ramp installed to serve the new Sugarhouse Casino, the route 15 trolley cannot serve The Richmond street side. Instead, a new loop was built at frankford and Delaware Avenues to temporarily service as the eastern end point of the route 15. Today, May 9th, 2011, Ground breaking history was made as the trollies tested the track for the first time. Here are the photos I took of the results. First Up: 2005 Brookville Rebuilt PCC II #2336 and now for the 1981 Kawasaki Series 100 SE LRV #9103 to try it out (funny how they refered to this as "the LRV" and 2336 as "The trolley") Enjoy the pics and the history that was made today
  18. AC Transit in California also operate a few Hydrogen Fueled buses built by Van Hool. ACT's version of that link: http://www.actransit.org/environment/the-hyroad/
  19. Sheesh so that means no more Flxible Metro-D Suburbans in service! :mad: there only 4 flxible Metro-D's left in service in the entire system (unless there were other changes over time) and I can also confirm that 3778 was saved as a NJ Transit official stated that 3778 is a "museum" bus.
  20. Welcome to NYC Transit Forums
  21. 1055 is the best in the batch, get more pics like that if you can! But all nice all together!
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