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  1. If you mean for Big Tree, they only have 5742-5756, 5760-5796 as of now. If you mean all together then 5501-5811 is on NJT property as of now. Hope this answers your question...
  2. Allergies: PLEASE DIE! That is all.... Tired of getting all sick off of plant sperm
  3. Thanks!!! Thank You, and I left Philly for ya too Oh my, you're leaving stains lmao thanks
  4. Hey, hush up, I had alot of free time and inside info, k? That was my original intent I'll admit, I'm addicted to NABIs, New Flyers, Orions, Novas, Prevosts, MCIs, Van Hools, and Gilligs... that is all ^^^You know you're addicted to buses if you know all the designs made by each company listed above
  5. SEPTA Service from here to Jupiter, arranged by date May 4th, 2011 May 3rd May 2nd Joy!!!
  6. In '09, people took double takes when they seen these rolling down Market, cause from a distance it appeared as a SEPTA vehicle, but now everyone's used to them and they just blend in
  7. I've been to Olney, it looks nice but the area... not so great
  8. It was real, SEPTA had one from MTA and one from NJT for Service on the 124/125 http://www.philadelphiatransitvehicles.info/oddballs_IV.php
  9. Really, nothing else... My one Nova RTS photo came out bad, so all we have are MCIs and NABIs.... Awesomely Epic NABIs....
  10. Today, Routes 17, 33, and 44 were detoured around City Hall due to a water main break (seen in the April 18th Thread) but before we get to City Hall photos, I'll show some other Photos around the City... 17th Street and Erie Avenue 16th and Cherry Streets Okay, and Now the detouring buses! 15th and Chestnut Streets (Route 9 is not on detour) 15th and South Penn Square (Route 31 is not on detour) 15th St and JFK Boulevard Broad St and JFK Boulevard (Routes 17 and 33 normally come down JFK bus some were comming down Broad Street instead) Broad and Arch Streets (Got sick and tired of standing at JFK lolz) Back to 15th Street and JFK Boulevard and now for some annoying regular service Cheltenham and Ogontz Loop
  11. S. Clinton Ave Bridge over the Trenton Transit Center Railroad Tracks Nice Photos there
  12. Shenanigans from today including new signs and epic angles arranged in no particular order... Yea....
  13. Soap operas were hard for me to get into because I would have to watch every episode for a week to even have a clue as to what the flip is going on....
  14. You do realize that to stop talking means to not reply right?
  15. Clearly there are two types of people on these here forums... idiots and foamers... Choose a side
  16. Do you have ANY idea how many counties theses routes cross? the express route theory is a tad on the extreme side don'tcha think? And having a zone fare fore EVERY county is extreme too... the 409 would cost about 24 dollars to ride the full length (currently it only costs 9) The 452 which only costs 1.50 to ride would cost 3.50 full length....
  17. Haha give them about a week and they'll have enough ads to satisfy your needs Really, it doesn't take long lmao
  18. As of Yesterday, the 2011 New Flyer DE40LFR's entered service out of Callowhill District. They have been spotted on routes 21, 38, 42, and 44. This Thread contains photos of videos of one of these vehicles on all but 1 route, the 21. Enjoy the Photos guys and here is a ride on video!! The engine in these are Cummins ISL and the transmission is an Allison EP40 "Hybrid Drive." They are VERY similar to the 2010 versions except the rear destination sign is further to the door side. This new rear sign is "flatter" than the normal signs, and it is lined up with the sides. The rear exhaust pipe is smaller, and on the door side there is a vent where the bus number would normally go. There are some other differences, but the ones mentioned is how you can tell a 2010 from a 2011 while in motion (Besides the fleet numbers being 8460-8559 for the 2011s and 8340-8459 for the 2010s).... Any questions ask away, otherwise enjoy!
  19. Are you mad that it was found? You could have easily corrected it yourself but instead you choose to point people out for jokes they make.... Not cool
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