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  1. I never liked ADA... cause wheelchair passengers be getting on and off at the dumbest places... Like someone would take their time to get on the bus, then get off 2 blocks later... when all the time it takes to load these people is the amount of time it takes to WALK 6 blocks!! I strongly dislike when they catch the bus and especially when the bus clearly wasn't built for them... like one day, a wheelchair person cursed out a SEPTA 10 trolley driver because the Kawasakis don't have wheelchair lifts They make a trip that normally takes 5 minutes last up to 15 minutes.. then they get mad when the driver can't fit them on a crowded their bus Of course, i can understand that it's not their fault they are in the wheelchair, but if they gonna keep treating people like that then they don't deserve all those rights... maybe they should just be treated like normal passengers like everyone else
  2. The seating in LFSAs are better Plus the way MTA painted the LFSA is better than the LFS soooo LFSA it is!
  3. look how the bottom of the bus is leaning yet the top of the bus goes straight up... dead giveaway
  4. I prefer the 12 hours cause it circles around noon... so I know 3PM means 3 hours after noon meaning the sun is starting to go at a certain spot 1500 tells me nothing
  5. you forgot the 3 NABis B) thanks lol why thank you B)
  6. It was a warm day in Philly today... 75 degrees high :eek: Here's some shots to cool ya down I had fun the weather was just perfect for foaming... enjoy :tup:
  7. this thread was an april fools joke gone wrong... but you're right, the 2011s are hybrids and unless funding is approved, future orders will be diesel I personally wouldn't mind since diesels run better IMHO... hybrids tend to be slow unless they're set correctly
  8. Nothing more, nothing less... enjoy this Photo I took today of a 2005 New Flyer D40LF
  9. Thanks for putting March 2011 in the Watermark Like I asked you :mad: Nice Photos
  10. The April fool is on you, sir, dman1455 was being sarcastic and BZGuy called shenanigans!
  11. Vistauss beat me to it, but alot of foreign buses are 100% low floor. It is possible, but American bus companies (no offense to you Flyer, Nova, and NABI fans) are too lazy to try that. Orion attempted with the VI but then quickly gave up. Not much follow through eh? The original design for the D40LF was to be fully low floor as well but they gave up (explaining the delay between 1989 and 1994 for the production buses to roll out)
  12. Due to the recent budget cuts (Screw you new Govn'a) and finacial problems, the new 2011 buses that were part of a 4 year bus order will be diesel SEPTA Recieved their first fleet of D40LFRs just last week and they are expected to be in service by the end of next week. The buses look very similar to the DE40LFRs that came the year before except some slight differences. I'm not sure what the powertrain is but I'm totally looking forward to seeing these on the 56! Callowhill is confirmed to get the first couple, with Midvale due for some later on.
  13. Hi, I live in Philadelphia and this would bother me too.
  14. i can't help it!!! I just need to foam O(M) I just decided that i should make a new system map and make all the trains only serve lower Manhattan
  15. Good Idea, Though, in therapy, they have photoshops of R160s on the wall and its too hard for me to not go "OMG R160 (A)" and die from a foam attack
  16. "Are you a foamer? Dial foamers anonymous now at 1800-FOA-MERS thats 1800-362-6377 Train Operators are foaming by!" I sorta kinda have this number on speed dial B)
  17. Epic Photos and recording you sneaky pants
  18. It depends... If the whole line is shut down and the buses are running shuttles, then yes, but if the shuttles are just to take you from one station to another just to transfer you back to the line, then no
  19. Yea, I took a major Fan trip around the SEPTA Service area yesterday and here are the pics as a result! Torresdale and Cottman Academy and Byberry Roads Frankford Deopt 11th St and Chew Ave Fox Chase Loop Holme Circle Roosevelt Blvd and Cottman avenue Torresdale and Bridge 22nd and Venango 22nd and Erie Front and Market 12th and Market Broad Street near the stadiums Enjoy the Photos!
  20. Lol yea All with the GE! Thanks mark1447!! The sign was broken on that bus and the system froze. According to someone who was out there earlier, the sign was like that all day! Basically, for SEPTA, if a subway line is down, they take buses from all the city depots so they can have enough to try to pick up EVERYONE. The shuttles have priority over some regularly scheduled routes meaning that some buses may be out serving as a subway shuttle instead of a bus route that comes every minute. For the trollies, they usually only take buses from Southern and Callowhill and run them along the affected route, but when all the routes are affected like yesterday, they have to treat it the same way as the subway shuttles, priority over other routes and they have to have enough buses to pick up EVERYONE Both situations fail because first, the subway shuttles usually are usually so packed that people would have to wait for the next bus which is also packed, and for the most part, they're one behind the other... In the trolley case, the trollies are usually SRO but they're longer than the buses, so when you put a 40 foot bus out there and run it on the regular schedule (which durring rush hour is every 30 seconds) the bus cannot handle that at all!:cry:
  21. Everyone knows about the shenanigans that were pulled on the trollies, but if you don't, 33rd Street had major epic fails and then the trollies and MFL service was halted. By the time i got out there, the EL was running, bus the 10 and 36 was completely bused, and the 11, 13, and 34 were diverted to 49th & Woodland. Know what that means? EPIC SHUTTLE BUSSING AND DETOURS!! I have some Photos to share, please save your foam for after the photos 49th & Woodland 40th & Market Enjoy!!!
  22. No, but then again I'm biased Nice Photos N-Trizzy2609, *Frankford btw
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