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  1. nice pics and vids, i got a MTA map yesterday, has the Brown (M2) on it and and
  2. I HAVE A MTA MAP FINALLY... but it has the (M2)... I'm a bit late lol oh and BTW, GAME!!!!!
  3. the brighter colors are easier on the eyes :tup:
  5. nice pics there, look cool but because off my computer settings i can't see what you wrote at the top... lol
  6. Cool pics of the RiverLine cars... love them to death one of my favorite rail cars
  7. I don't see blinkerdoors whining or anything.. I just see him posting that 2 of the NOVAs he rode on the 73 didn't have working AC and thats it.. theres really no reason for calling him out like that :confused: Btw if you've seen his past posts you'll see that hes not complaining about the operators at all... he is just naming one of the problems with the NOVA RTSs.
  8. http://thesource.metro.net/2009/11/15/video-gold-line-ride-to-official-dedication-ceremony/ http://thesource.metro.net/2009/11/14/photos-from-dedication-ceremony-of-gold-line-eastside-extension/ - More I'm always the bad guy Nice pics btw
  9. Maybe not Manhattan, but other boroughs... if theres enough room to add new subway lines theres enough room for a trolley line Well look at the NJT Riverline, that was built off of railroad tracks mainly.... and parts expanded... Anywhere where a Subway line could be built, a light rail line could also be built Now don't get me wrong I am not pro ETB or pro light rail or anything of the sort.. I am just stating some facts in this matter... I personally would rather MTA not get any of these modes because they'd find some way to screw it up... money wise...
  10. Well there are diesel light rail vehicles... no need for overhead wires Hybrids... hmmm Diesel on the highway: 5MPG Hybrids on the highway: 6MPG wheres the difference? (btw this is the average it may not apply to your current fleet but you get my point)
  11. Nice pics, when you see flxibles you should get pics of them too because once they're gone... they're gone.... :cry:
  12. idk if you are the person to be talking to on this, but I think NOVAbus should test alternate fueling technologies like CNG, LNG, Gasoline-electric and whatnot for both current LFS models, and maybe Diesel-Electric Articulated buses. I'm sure lots of people would enjoy that :) Also, there should be a 30 foot and 35 foot LFS, and even a 45 foot version available. I'm sure I am asking for alot but its still something to think about

  13. Basically, as everyone else said, the NABIs are replacing the Flxibles and RTSs. So they will be doing the same runs that the RTS and Flxibles used to run as well... Every day back when 1872 and 1870 were at Newton Ave, there would Always be Metro-Ds serving 2 specific runs on the 409. And when the NABIs took over, those runs started being taken over by the NABIs Flxibles on the 409 here and here And yes, my camera was crap
  14. I'm back for this one post and then I am back to not posting Anyway, here's how it stands at NJT Greenville is receving buses from Newton Avenue as Newton is recieving new NABI transits. So far Newton has 5569 and 5570 (at least that all that was confirmed). In return, Greenville is getting NABI suburbans from Newton Av. (listed in this thread). I am trying to keep up with the assignments myself. This was a big shocker with Newton recieving this batch of transits since they already just got the Suburbans so there must be more to this story. If anyone finds anything more out let me know B) -
  15. Nice Pics mike @TheKorean They were made in the late 90s
  16. towards the end, he looked like he was about to get slapped by Ghetto Fabulous... untill he blew the horn buahahahahahahahahahahahaha :cool:
  17. I'ma FIRIN MAH LASAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I don't think that this one person is gonna make the entire hobby look bad. Everyone should just get over it and move on :tup:
  19. wom wom wooooooooooooom :tdown:
  20. Tall buildings, lots of rich people, and no schools or transit service
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