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  1. I found out that the number of side windows on BMT Multi-Section cars are different on the real things and on the drawings of the car in new version of "Evolution of New York City Subways" book written by Gene Sansone. The "New York Subways" book written by the same author has correct drawings.
  2. I know that the BMT Green Hornet subway car was made in 1934 and was scrapped in 1944 during WWII. The "Subway Cars of the BMT" book and the Internet don't have any color photos of the subway car. The book said that the subway car was painted in two-tone green. Was the interior in two-tone green or white?
  3. Thanks for the link. I don't know why I can't find link to SIRW in "Around New York" webpage. Because SIRW was once owned by Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and their passenger cars were usually blue with white window band, I thought that the SIRW cars were blue with white window band but they were all blue.
  4. Does anyone remember the colors of the SIRW "Standard" cars made in 1925 before they were painted black or dark brown? I thought that nycsubway.org website has webpages on SIR but I can't find them. I saw pictures of the cars running on some BMT routes in 1950s after NYCTA bought some cars from SIRW after SIRW abandoned two of three routes and they were red with white window band.
  5. Anyone know the colors of the marker lights on the roof?
  6. I think that there are no color photos of IRT Composite cars on nycsubway.org website. I don't know if the wooden interior parts were painted or stained.
  7. What kind of floors did pre-WWII IRT Composite subway cars have? What color?
  8. The R44 GOH cars for SIRW have a third type of controller. http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/show?22054
  9. Looking at photos of cabs in R44/R46 GOH cars at nycsubway.org website, I see two types of throttle/brake controllers. Which car has which controller?
  10. I wish to create 3D models of R142 and R143 subway cars for Auran Trainz Simulator but some dimensions are missing from R142/R143 datasheets. I need the distances between centers of side doors and distances from ends of car bodies to center of side doors. The distance is usually 14'7" between centers of side doors on BMT/IND 60-foot subway cars and 17'1" on IRT 51-foot subway cars.
  11. I visited the http://www.nycsubway.org website and found out that there may be two different types of R44/R46 pre-GOH side rollsigns. First type has route letter in color circle and terminals on black background outside and a route map on white background inside. Second type has route letter in color circle and terminals on black background outside and inside. Also, I found a photo of original R46 cab but I couldn't find photos of original R44 cab. I'm not sure if the control panels are same in R44 and R46. I think that GOH versions of R44 and R46 have different throttle/brake controllers.
  12. I need floor plans for R40, R40M, and R42 subway cars because when I tried to create 3D model of R40 subway car, I thought that I didn't follow the measurements on the drawings in the "NYC Subway Cars" book and the interior didn't come out correctly.
  13. I know that end doors and side doors were painted red on IRT R26-R36 ML & WF GOH subway cars. I forgot what color was the cab door. A search on the nycsubway.org website didn't find photos of cab doors. What color was the cab door?
  14. When NYCTA replaced the door motors with new larger ones in NYCTA R16 subway cars in 1970s, did they paint them silver with blue strips outside and beige with orange doors inside? I think that the one at the Transit Museum has blue interior. What color is its exterior?
  15. Late at night, some routes become shuttles but keep their route letters instead of "S". "A" from Euclid Avenue to Lefferts Blvd "M" from Metropolitan Avenue to Myrtle Avenue "R" from 95th Street to 36th Street "5" from Dyre Avenue to East 180th Street I know that "Q" replaced "W" and "M" replaced "V" a few months ago. I was surprised to find out that the new "M" route was similar to the "K/KK" route after 1967. Was the "K/KK" route discontinued in 1976 due to budget cuts or low ridership?
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