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  1. Duhhhhhhhhhh......... Since when have C/R's operated trains? Get your facts str8 b 4 u post. U sound like the Daily News & Post when they write stories about transit. TA will never get CBTC/ATO to work 100% on the . You can dress a whore up, but it's still a whore. I refuse to work on the as long as TA insists on operating CBTC/ATO. Did it once and I'll never make that mistake again. The hade several station overuns right after that. Makes u wonder what would happen if C/R's were permanantly removed from the trains. Why does it take a major disaster to occur (death) to get TA to have
  2. Almost makes me want to go to O scale. :cry: Why can't us HOer's get this stuff? How bout it MTH? Love my LL R17/22s but now it's getting rediculous. HO scale is falling way behind on transit prototypes. :mad: BTW Very Kool mods. :cool:
  3. Instead of complaining about how "good" we got it, try walking a mile in our shoes. Take the next test, pass with a high enuff score and then see how EZ we have it. Obviously you work 9-5 M-F. Try doing the overnite shift, work weekends,Holidays and have to miss most of your social life w/ family & freinds, b'days etc, Not a small sacrifice on our part to keep mooks like you moving around NYC getting your butts to work,home and wherever you need to go. So shut your pie hole, stop complaining and focus your attention on the real culprits: The MTA Board & Upper Management, Bloomburg &
  4. I agree on the overnite but run it thru to CTL and let the be Qns EXP. Have the run out to Lefferts on the late nite and EXP thru to Far Rock. merger :tdown: Z, you the man. :tup: I pissed my pants
  5. Oh Crap!!!!! PATH going CBTC ?????? Guess those C/R's are going to have to put in their papers soon. So much for NJT trainmen getting parody w/ PATH. :cry: HEH HEH HEH.
  6. How about we just go back to 1968 or 1978 when all the lines had their own color? retained their colors and were carried over to the current map. http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/caption.pl?/img/maps/calcagno-1968-system.gif http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/caption.pl?/img/maps/calcagno-1978-system.gif (NJT) :nec:
  7. Huhhhhhhhhhh??? You don't really believe the mooks read signs, do you Mark? (NJT) :nec:
  8. DOA. CI shops pulled the traction motors b4 they went to the museum. Those cars are towed in by diesel work motors. (NJT) :nec:
  9. :tup: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toussaint & Co. a bunch of Dead Ducks. We're mad as hell and we ain't gonna take it anymore!!! (NJT) :nec:
  10. As bad and horriffic as the Willie B accident was, this is far,far worse. The cab ends of the R 40's were crushed in a similar collision but the trains remained upright after the derailment.The motorman of the was the only casualty. The anticlimbers really worked here considering the speed of the was almost the same as in this collision. Probably the worse accident to compare this to was the 14th St wreck. The R62's were twisted like pretzels resulting in many passengers being killed. After seeing the pictures you can see that the head end car of the 2nd train sheared off the chassis an
  11. "Fun" isn't the word I'd use to describe a typical day. There are good days and bad daze. Hey its a job and somebody got to do it. Wouldn't have it any other way. (NJT) :nec:
  12. Where did you find the Bluebirds and who manufacured them? K-Line? Chancy laying those tracks directly on the wall supports w/o the wood bracing to supporting them. I'd hate to see the track collapse w/ the equipment on them. Excellent collection.
  13. Originally, the ARC project was designed to serve several purposes. First, the plan intended to create another tunnel into New York. There were other important goals, including providing New Jersey commuters access to the Grand Central Terminal and the East Side of Manhattan, creating a backup tunnel for Amtrak that would service Penn Station or the new Moynihan Station, and enabling trains to travel from one area of the metropolitan region to another. For example, the original design allowed trains from Long Island to pass through New Jersey and vice versa. Unfortunately, this tunnel now
  14. As a one time NYC resident and long standing Yankee fan, it saddened me to see the ole stadium in the pre demo condition when I went to the recent Yankee/ Phillies series. The new stadium was very nice but it will never replace the House that Ruth Built. No ghosts of heros past haunt those hall across 161 St. Something of the Stadium should be preserved and Gate 2 is as good a candidate as anything. I have many fond memories of witnessing sports history being made at the ole place and cannot fathom NYC without Yankee Stadium. The powers that be have decreed a death sentence to another ediface
  15. The R179 it still a fig newton of your imaginations. Fugget bout it. The next R contract will be the R188 for the A Div and will run on the line. Despite all the bad press that the line CBTC has been getting, will be applying CBTC to the once all the bugs are work out on the . The R188 is just a modified version of the R142 so all the technology is off the shelf. Anyone seen the new building at Corona yard? I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the R179 to show up. If any more equipment is needed once all the SMEE are gone, will extend the options on the R160. There's no reason to have to

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