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  1. Ah I c! Thanks! That person was acting like it was in service!

  2. I'm good here, same shit different day!

    Thanks BTW! I read on SubChat that a person saw a O5 CNG on the Q38 just the other day!

  3. I have seen U around in different spots along the QM1/QM1A line. I thought I responded before but I guess not!

    BTW did the new pick start @ CP yet?

  4. Agree with Orion!

  5. Well that's very good to hear! Hope you enjoy the R142A's!

  6. Ah ok cool! Enjoy the A Division while you are there!

  7. Ah cool! Hope you enjoy it! Still waiting for the 1st day of the R160 R! It be strange if I ever run into you!

  8. Everything is pretty good just getting my life in order! Sorry for the late response as I don't get an E-mail alert on whatever reply's that is posted on another person's wall! So how's life on the V treating you?

  9. Hello Dave How's Everything going?

  10. It's all right. We all have our dirty laundry to do! lol! Well I have been good here just on my way to getting a move on with my life and getting a job before the year is over!

  11. Hey how's everything going?

  12. That is awesome! Thanks Amelia! :) (Hugs)

  13. Hey Happy Birthday!

  14. LOL! Funny that you say that! That QSC pic was from 2004 that I did not even know I had. I don't really have much it just looks like it! The pic of me in that O7 Hybrid was back in the MTA Bus Roadeo about 2 years ago! I am hoping to be a B/O in the next few years.

    And you are welcome!

  15. Hey I just want to say Happy Birthday even though I am a day late as always! LOL! Have a good day on the Q100 now!

  16. Hey Kevin What's Up?

    In regards to your comment on the shoutbox, those buses are Neoplan AN459's. NJT got like about a little over 30 Transits (9500's) and about a bit over 30 Suburbans (9600's).

    The 1 you may saw may have been a suburban unless you saw the lone transit unit that is based out of Fairview Garage as that Garage got all the Suburban Neos. The Neos normally appear on the 158 and 159 lines with some that pop up on the 156 line in terms of the suburbans and the lone transit bus from Fairview (9501).

    Hope this helps! Have a good day! :)

  17. Yep! Hope you enjoy this nice day! :)

  18. YEP! Got home a little while ago. My day has been crazy but not bad

  19. That's good I guess. I am doing pretty well here just getting ready to go to CitiField and Riverdale to take care of stuff!

  20. Hey whats up? How's everything going?

  21. Hey whats up and how you been lately?

  22. Yea Z100 tends to do that pretty often, mostly @ night. In the morning not so much. I normally listen to a mix of old and new music. Well everything has been quite good just in the process to get ready to go down to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to see a friend.

  23. Ah I c. I am kind of into old stuff as well depending on what it is. I hear that song alot on Z100.

  24. Hey whats up? I love that youtube video you got up! That's 1 of my favorite songs!

  25. So how's everything been going so far?

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