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  1. I guess since there are photos of 1816 floating around, think anyone can do a Orion VII VNG in NICE colors?
  2. Happy holidays everybody!! I have a request: A Neoplan AN460 (not 459) in MTA current colors, in NJT specs, BUT with the SEPTA rear grille, everything else in NJT specs (of course with the MTA front fog/emergency lights...) Thank you!!!
  3. Can anybody create an Orion V CNG and the Orion VII NG CNG in the upcoming new NICE colors, please? Thanks
  4. wow, that actually looks good in SEPTA colors. I am gonna have to post this in PTV. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone make a Nova LFS HEV and LFS-A without the rear window in the SEPTA scheme, please? thanks!

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