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  1. The hardest part of this job is working for a company that has ZERO respect or appreciation for the work you do and the sacrifices you make to do your job everyday! The second hardest is that the public is a bunch of scumbags!
  2. The MTA can and will do what ever they want. It doesn't matter what the court says. They still haven't honored the contract that law says they must. They will do nothing and keep fighting in court and get away with it as usual.
  3. I've always felt that reading comprehension is intelligence! IMO.
  4. My good friend and his brother both work in 2 different supermarkets and they each make way more money than me!
  5. You get 100% of the sick days value if you use it. You get paid for the day that is 100%.
  6. I could be wrong but I thought they pay you half of half of your days which is 25%.
  7. The thing is in the TA if you use your sick days you get paid %100 of there value. If you save them for retirement you get paid %25 of there value. That is why the TA wants you to not use them.
  8. I disagree. I think that he is strategically attacking only a few departments at a time knowing that the membership won't unify that way. If he went after RTO and Buses at the same time he runs the risk of the 2 departments that actually make money unifying and doing a rule book slow down. It has been said thousands of times if you work strickly by the rule book in RTO your train will be no less than 10 minutes late on every trip. The trains run on time because of the operators professional pride and because they want to have some "recovery" time after the trip. RTO will eventually get attacked by this clown too.
  9. You have that metrocard with you for the time that you don't want to be "tracked" by the TA.
  10. If you see something say something to who? If the TA gets there way there will not be any employees to say something to. And unless you have access to TA employee facilities you will have a hard time finding a cop most of the time, they are busy sleeping in the TA crew quarters or not in use towers.
  11. This system is not new, it went live in 2004.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. The big difference is that the riders of the LIRR and MNR actually appreciate the employees that get them to and from work safely and on time everyday. So bad mouthing them in the papers won't do much.
  13. You're correct! Painted on to make it easy to see if the wheels are spinning free.
  14. Shut your mouth little boy! You ARE a idiot!
  15. Racist? Against what race? You know less about me than about the TA which is almost nothing.

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