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  1. When you no longer enjoy doing something, it's time to walk away. I thought that joining internet transit forums would enable me to interact with railfans who shared my interest. Instead, over the past 9 years at Straphangers, Subchat, Transitspot, and here, I've encountered cliquish, vindictive, and bigoted people. I regret joining Straphangers back in 2002 since it all led to this. I will always be a railfan but it's time to walk away from an abusive relationship. The internet is full of evil.

  2. Everything on the internet is a facade. You meet the biggest phonies and fake gangsters on the internet. Maybe I should spend more time interacting with real people instead of cowards who hide behind a keyboard.

  3. Thanks for the support. I posted some express bus pics in the photo forum.

  4. Hey what's up? It's nice to see another express bus fan at NYCTF.

  5. I know what stop you're talking about. It's a typo. The correct stop is next to the parking lot.

  6. There are some people who will hate me no matter what I do. They're just vindictive and hateful. They have the devil in them. I'm done trying to placate them. I only care about people in my inner circle-my family, the guys on my softball team, and the patrons of the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.

  7. Arrive at the stop a half hour before it departs

  8. There's some Forest Glen-bashing going on at Subchat:




    All of the haters can kiss my @ss. Subchat was a bad memory. I'm happy at NYCTF.

  9. I just created a Facebook page. Feel free to join.

  10. It's ok to disagree with me, just as long as it's done tastefully.

  11. It means someone should be banned.

  12. Before 2005 Straphangers was the top transit website. In early 2005 a bunch of trolls started posting at RD. People at straphangers flamed the trolls. However, instead of banning the trolls the moderator named Belmont banned the people who flamed the trolls. People started leaving Straphangers in droves. Many former Straphangers joined Subchat.

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