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  1. When you no longer enjoy doing something, it's time to walk away. I thought that joining internet transit forums would enable me to interact with railfans who shared my interest. Instead, over the past 9 years at Straphangers, Subchat, Transitspot, and here, I've encountered cliquish, vindictive, and bigoted people. I regret joining Straphangers back in 2002 since it all led to this. I will always be a railfan but it's time to walk away from an abusive relationship. The internet is full of evil.

  2. Everything on the internet is a facade. You meet the biggest phonies and fake gangsters on the internet. Maybe I should spend more time interacting with real people instead of cowards who hide behind a keyboard.

  3. They can't just purchase new buses, like the Nova LFSA?
  4. Today I headed to Valley Stream to take pics of the Cannonball. Too bad Mother Nature couldn't wait 15 minutes to rain. I took a shot that was blurry due to the rain (which I won't post). Had it not been raining, I would've easily nailed it. I'll have to wait till next week, but at least I verified that the Cannonball travels via the Montauk branch.
  5. If the MTA can't even function in the NY Metropolitan area, why would they become a statewide agency.
  6. You're right. I was delusional. I once considered you like an older brother, but unlike you my real older brother isn't chickensh*t. Your comments hurt more than anything Terrapin Station has done to me over the years. However, I'm glad I finally saw your true colors instead of thinking you were this cool guy who respected me even though we had our differences. And I don't know who the f*ck you think you're talking to, calling me dumb. I don't care if you're bigger than me. I'm not scared of a pompous, wannabe gangster, and mediocre rapper. It's clear that you prostituted yourself in order to gain LRG's and Grand Concourse's approval. Very well. BTW, I shopped at Walmart tonight. You can go f*ck yourself.
  7. I'm not an Uncle Tom. I'm not Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. FYI, I was born in Bushwick. My mom came from the Marcy Projects (that's right, the same projects that Jay-Z came from). Up until she passed away last year, my grandmother lived in the Marcy Projects. My dad was born in Harlem. Once again, you're missing the point. I didnt' say that a retail job was the ideal job. I merely intimated that a retail job was better than NO JOB. You mentioned that your cousin hooked you up with a job. Not everyone is that lucky. In the two years between the time I finished college and attended law school, I desperately looked for employment at Workforce 1. I'd wait on line for an hour and fill out all of those stupid documents. It was to no avail. I even joined the military briefly, but it didn't work out. By the grace of God, I got into law school. Ideally, everyone from the projects would have the opportunity to attend college and law school or graduate school. In reality, that's not the case. You speak from the perspective of someone who has a job, but if you were unemployed you'd rather work at Walmart than be broke. If only you knew about all of the times I was falsely accused of shoplifting. If only you knew about this lily white, blonde professor at my law school who gave me two D's and put me on Academic Probation. The Dean has made it clear that she wants to increase the minimum LSAT score and GPA required to attend the law school. I'm actually part of a black law student group that's advocating for more minority students at the law school. So yes, I've dealt with discrimination. However, this isn't about me. The fact of the matter is that we used to be tight, but since you want to look cool in front of LRG and your other buddies here, you figure that antagonizing me will make you more popular since I'm perceived as an outcast due to the fact that I don't always state the popular opinion.
  8. I never said Mr. Andol was a racist. I was merely talking hypothetically.
  9. Truth be told, as long as the express bus had cushioned seats and was not a low floor model, I wouldn't mind any type of bus that ran on an express route.
  10. As soon as they debut, I will take Megabus or Bolt Bus to DC and ride them. I think that the exterior is a bit bland. They should bring back the brown stripe. However, the interior looks very nice. I like the LED displays.
  11. 1) Derek Jeter's Flip in Oakland was spectacular, but Torii Hunter makes plays like that almost everyday yet it's no big deal. I didn't say Jeter was complete garbage. He is Hall of Fame material. What I'm saying is that people treat him like he's the baseball version of Jordan when in reality he's the baseball version of John Stockton. Drag racers in Brooklyn drive cars really fast. Are they athletes? I'm sorry. Are you someone important?
  12. NASCAR is not a real sport. I have to get back to class, but I'll comment more later...
  13. So you would rather have $0 in your pocket than $7? I didn't say that. I said that there's blatant employment discrimination. A white ex-con has a better chance of getting a job than a black college graduate. These mom and pop stores refuse to hire black males. At least Walmart hires black males.
  14. No summer jobs and kids are bored. Still, that doesn't justify stupidity.
  15. All of the people who desperately come to Workforce 1 every single day would beg for a job at Walmart. And maybe it's merely a facade, but whenever I go to Walmart, the workers look happy. Yes, the store is dingy and the line is long, but it does not look like a dungeon full of indentured servants Again, only a liberal elitist would think that he can decide what's best for other people. Do you honestly think that the average Walmart patron cares about GDP, Keynesian economics, or any of that other crap? The West Indian single mom with 3 kids simply wants to buy Eggo Waffles for the cheapest price. She couldn't give a rat's @ss about China. And as for the projects, a Walmart job is not the ideal job, but I'd rather see someone from the projects working at Walmart than selling weed. In order to get these ideal jobs, you have to start at the bottom. Many of my law school classmates worked in retail prior to attending law school. Incorr...screw it. If we're really going to bring up sweatshops, then let's talk about Nike. I'm sure the same people here who antagonize Walmart have no qualms about wearing Air Jordans. So if you don't want to work at Walmart, no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to work there. But don't prevent other, willing people from working there. And I'm sure Mr. Andol will hire plenty of 6'4" black males with cornrows...
  16. Jeter didn't win the titles by himself. He had a supporting cast (Bernie, O'Neill, Tino, Mo Rivera, Teixeira, CC Sabathia). What makes me sick is that somehow Jeter supersedes all of those guys. wrong If Derek Jeter hit .350 with 35 homers and 120 RBI's then I could understand him getting this much praise. But the fact is, he never won a regular season MVP and he only reached 100 RBI's once. IMO, Jeter is not as talented as Bernie Williams. 1) After Jeter signed that ridiculous 10 year, 189 million dollar contract back in 2001 it was IMPOSSIBLE to trade him, even after his mediocre seasons in 2002, 2004, and 2008. It had nothing to do with loyalty 2) So does Ichiro, but Ichiro isn't worshipped like Jeter 3) Anyone who would choose Jeter over Albert Belle needs their head examined
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