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  1. R.I.P laptop 2008-2016

    1. RailRunRob


      That was a great run..

  2. I don't use this site on a computer often. But when I do, it usually isn't for a good reason

  3. I wonder if I'll get a medal or something for hitting 10,000 posts lol

    1. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      1) I'm still waiting in the mail for mine... Lol


      2) Turtle???

    2. Fresh Pond

      Fresh Pond

      It was a nickname I got in high school.Most people know me by that name anyway (especially in this community lol)...once Ifound out we was able to change our names, I thought it would be convient enough

  4. I brought my cat 3 different cat toys, but she finds much more entertainment playing with a ball of aluminum foil lol

    1. ttcsubwayfan


      Ah, cats... bought a scratching post for mine, she still prefers to scratch her nails on the furniture.

    2. peacemak3r


      Bring an Amazon box. No need to buy toys for life.

  5. Them Gerber baby food jars is pretty damn good lol

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    2. B35 via Church
    3. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      Some of these health nuts eat baby food as a method of losing weight....


      Like you (FP), they too can have at it... I start to gag when a can of baby food is opened up around me...

    4. Fresh Pond

      Fresh Pond

      Lol I was feeding my son a can of the strawberries & pears the other day and he wasn't too fond of it. I tried it and it tasted pretty good.


      ...the jars of vegetables are still gross (some smell worse than they taste), and I wouldn't dare eat those

  6. The person below me isn't me

  7. The person above me is me

  8. B-B-B-B-BANHAMMER!!!!!

  9. Still getting the hang of this moderator thing

  10. 8 years on this site...i should get a cookie or something lol

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    2. R110B


      7 years of being here pass me one too lmao

    3. Union Tpke

      Union Tpke

      you guys are making me hungry. I haven't been here nearly that long. May I have a crumb?

    4. SevenEleven


      You all can find your cookies at Insomnia Cookies.

  11. don't read this status

    1. Turbo19


      Too damn late...

    2. Quill Depot
    3. 4P3607


      How am I supposed to not read it without reading it first...

  12. shit, there's a status update section on here? Where have I been

  13. random internets trolling

  14. how about no lol

  15. chillin like a villian lol

  16. since there were so many variations on my username on here, i decided to remove it and become the original Fresh Pond lol

  17. Only for right now...didn't make sense to be called FP and have a GA logo lol

  18. I love it thanks abillion for it

  19. Now u jumping aboard the Mville ship...u damn traitor lmfao

  20. Its on June 14th but for some reason it says August 29th on here. I never got the chance to change it (I actually forgot about it)

  21. Lmao so demanding these days

  22. Lmao I'm mad u posted it on here instead of on aim

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