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  1. The car(s) that will have no seats will be clearly marked outside the car. It's safe to assume the first, last, and middle cars of the train will retain the seats just for those people.
  2. A 4 car train of 179s would be SHORTER than the 4 car sets of 68s they already use
  3. During the GOH era, the 32s were rebuilt on the basis of how bad they were, so the worse ones were done first. Not all of them were done with its respective mate, so there were many mismatched sets. Not counting the few that were mismatched because of accidents.
  4. It's not rocks per se, it's the parking garage built above it that is crumbling onto the yard below. It made the news months ago
  5. Yeah the order got changed. Gun Hill is getting the piece Grand Av was supposed to get.
  6. Seems self-explanatory lol Training the shop guys to apply/remove the SBS wraps without making it look like a disaster on wheels
  7. No decals, no radios, no fareboxes They were legit there
  8. He's an operator out of Yukon. It was probably an internal memo that was sent out
  9. If it's anything like they did with the experiment in the only the B cars (no cabs) will have no seats/flip up seats. The A (cab) cars will retain the seats.
  10. There's no standees allowed on the CNG cruisers because of weight restrictions.
  11. Yeah it has the multicolored version of the signs in the Prevosts
  12. That was in the before era, back when the site host had to change. You should remember, you've been here just about as long as I have lol Haven't had a good thread purge in ages, might just look into that
  13. Skip-stop is still being done east of the junction
  14. To be safe, use one per person. Don't even have to be anything on it lol
  15. In a rather odd move, 6845 and 6846 are both sitting in LGA
  16. Lol you would think they would get the Franklin shuttle first since there's only 4 stations and 2 entire trains on the line
  17. Lol my bad, I was thinking of the Bx6...Bronx is No Mans Land to me
  18. He wants only the Limited trips to use artics, and that just isn't feasible without completely changing the way every single run is set up. I'll use an example... Operator X starts his day and his first trip to Hunts Point is on the local. Going by his logic, he naturally should get a shorty (we'll say 7746). He finishes his first trip, and his next trip going to Washington Heights is also a local. Finishes that trip also with no problem. Now his next trip to Hunts Point is a limited trip. Once again, going by his logic, he's supposed to have an artic. Operator X has 7746 and has a limited trip to do to Hunts Point. Now what is he to do? That's the whole point I'm trying to make...
  19. Local routes and their respective SBS counterparts are considered separate routes for a reason. Your whole day is either on one or the other. Besides, the entire line is 100% artics I've already explained to you the other day about local and limited routes
  20. It's not feasible given the way many of the runs are set up. You could do a trip one way as a limited, and your next trip out could be a local, and vice versa.
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