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  1. Thanks for that info, though I wish I could any info on the job protections with this position (layoff clauses, civil servant and such), can't find anything, not even a bargaining agreement! Also, is it known if you pass (outside of the tests) after serving the 12 months? Or someone needs to sign off on you to be bumped up to Engineer? I see it says a minimum of 12 months, so I wasn't sure if that means you "float" as a Trainee until someone retires or they call you into service as a full rate. Is the Phase two alone 12 months? Or is 12 months, including the Phase 1 training? I remember reading in the posting that you jump to the 100% pay scale after completion of Phase training, which is a minimum of 12 months, which helps, because you go from $26.xx to $36.xx, higher if their union gets a contract, which I think might push their hourly up to near $40 perhaps. Also, the original posting didn't say anything about a driver's license being required, but the initial orientation papers say you need to bring a copy of it. Though I wonder if that's just as a government ID or so.
  2. Hey, does anyone remember what the the starting pay is for Trainee? And what it goes up to and when? Can't find anything on this position, not even a CBA or contract for BLE and the engineers online, to see what the pay/salary is and job protections. And I can't check the job posting on BSC, since it's closed.
  3. Oh yeah, forgot to mention you can tell the difference between guard rails and EPRs by their distance to the running rails. Guards rails are usually no more than 1in-2in from the running rail. EPRs are usually 2ft-3ft from the running rails, laid in the gauge.
  4. Wow, the NY Daily News just did an article on him a few months ago, with the full story of what he did and what happened. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/man-posed-train-operator-reflects-teen-thrill-article-1.1335852
  5. You're getting guard rails confused with emergency protection rails (EPRs). Guard rails are installed on the low side of curves parallel to the running rail as to reduce the wear on the high side rail from the force of the train taking the curve due to superelevation. The inside of the flanges on the car wheels literally grinds against the guard rails and help to prevent side wear on the high rails. EPRs are installed in locations where there is no structural protection on the sides of the train in case of a derailment, to prevent a catastrophic derailment. Those EPRs are placed where there's no walls, benchwalls, columns or other structure (or land) that might stop a train from further damage or falling in a derailment. When a train derails, the car truck would hit either of those EPRs (depending on the direction of the derailment) and stop the car from moving further off the track or structure, a somewhat controlled derailment. EPS are placed on structure, open cuts in the subway and other locations in Transit. In that picture above, it's placed on the bridge to help prevent the train from falling off during a derailment. See how they bring the EPRs to a tapered end at the bottom of the picture? That's because they would no longer be needed after that point due to the surrounding land returning to the track at that point.
  6. I can't comment on the wait, as it all depends on the title and how quickly that Dept is hiring or starting classes. But when they do call you, it will be for the next step down at 180 Livingston with just a few days notice. It would be for a full physical and comparing that package they gave you with one they have and so forth. It's an all day process starting at 7:30AM till about 5 or even 7PM in some cases. I know there was a class that just came out this month, but I do not know if there's one currently or soon. You can try calling them, but I don't remember what the number is and it depends on who answers as to how helpful they will be. I'm not sure if you turn up dirty on the urine test if they send you a notice saying so or at all. Also, I would've sworn that that list was established back in 2007 (and not 2009), as I know plenty of guys who took that test in '06 and were hired in '07 and '08 at the top of that list.
  7. This year's FasTrack is different from last, as when FasTrack first started, they were REALLY coming down hard for good numbers and productivity. We gave it to them, but we also didn't stay till 4AM. Yeah, that ended when Supt's came out to the job asking where the men were. End of "Get it and go" from then on... Now, as you said dp142, across ALL departments, it's normal productivity and work now. The bean counters downtown make the numbers look great, everyone pats each other on their backs and smoke their cigars. That guy you mentioned from Safety, you probably already know, but he is not with the Office of System Safety. He is the union's shop steward and safety officer/liaison. The West Indian/Guyanese looking guy, right? He tried coming down onto the tracks once and a Supt got him, as they are NOT allowed onto the tracks, GO or not, without supervision. That's why most of the time they stay on the platform and yell into the hole after guys. I always says show me the rule that they're supposedly breaking, the actual numbered rule, if not, get off the job. They have to write the rule on the writeup, but they usually try to throw their weight around. I understand safety, it's important, but it's Local 100 guys trying to write up other Local 100 guys, why? And the safety rules aren't the life and limb ones either being quoted. Don't read me the wrong way, I'm not against safety, but these guys come down, see everything is cool, but still come up with these "rules" and others to bust balls or nitpick on other things. Where were you the other night when it really was dangerous? I've been on pretty much every FasTrack since it started and I have not ONCE seen OSS come out to check any jobs, whatsoever, at anytime. We speculated that upper management must've said something to OSS to keep out, since this is a pretty big, important, public media event, and let the work go as it does. Which is unfortunate, as there would be plenty of writeups, banging ins, days on the street, hats taken and given in and more on these FasTracks. They've been telling us they don't want us off the track till 4AM at the earliest, and ON the track by 11-11:30PM! It's not even so much as the work as the resemblance of work, but still work nonetheless. The Pelicans on wheels you mentioned are usually just called "suitcases." And they're never charged, start flashing after 5mins of use, EVERYTIME! There's some foremen who like to rush and cut corners, which is stupid, since you gotta be down on the track till 4AM, why take shortcuts??? And there's foremen who do it genuinely safely for their gang and even standup to the Supt when they come strolling along asking why we're still setting up in the pitch black when we could use our helmet lights! Get to work! Yar yar! YAR! Yeah, it's getting worse down here each day.... No one looks out for each other anymore, safety wise nor job wise. Becoming more and more a dog eat dog place own here. And it's only gonna get worse...
  8. You are correct, that it is both. I've seen people climb onto the train via the car ends, between cars, when they just missed the train, mostly on the R32's and older, not so much on the 75ft cars or the NTT's. And I remember hearing about that DJ, climbed down between the cars at 241st, got electrocuted and then run over when the train pulled out.
  9. Actually, it's to prevent C/R's from mistakenly thinking the train has made a full station stop and opening the doors, with half the train out in the tunnel, passengers possibly, and most likely, falling onto the tracks. Yes, I know they're suppose to point at the C/R board, but that rule is supposed to be for the ONE time a C/R doesn't, looks up, sees the station and pops the doors open with half the train in the hole.
  10. I have NEVER seen the cat walk grates used as ANY emergency exit whatsoever. More often than not, they are the heavy steel doors painted yellow with the words "SUBWAY KEEP CLEAR" around it. There are some that are actual doors on buildings, little outhouses or pop out onto other passenger platforms. BTW, not only are the emergency exits wired with motion sensor alarms, they also have a magnetized alarm system on the doors themselves that set off an ear piercing alarm when they are broken/opened. The alarm desk is suppose to send PD out to investigate ANY alarm, but, yeah... There's something in particular about that Bowery video that I won't mention, but I did bring to the attention of the AD, but alas, still nothing done. Those who use EE's know enough about them to "use" them.
  11. We can work in open cuts, such as Prospect Park on the Q and so forth at night, I've done it before. Of course, you gotta watch out for the canned vegetables and BB guns... I've also seen work done out on structure at nights, using portable site lights to light up the work area. But that involves a noise mitigation plan and lotsa other variances... Last I heard on June 28th, this July's Concourse FasTrack is still on. Also, reason FasTracks fall off during the summer has nothing to do with ridership. It's due to the weather (hot, humid) and its affects on workers, but its affect on workers is more about decreased production and NOT the actual worker's well being, in as much so as it relates to productivity. Plus, more workers are on vacation during the summer, less of a workforce to utilize, therefore in their eyes, shutdown costs aren't being used wisely. But they're scheduled this summer because they have more set this year and the summer is slowly becoming the only available slots. BTW, there's gonna be 40 FasTracks scheduled for next year. Yay... It was originally suppose to be 45. Guess we're lucky...? Believe me when I say MTA is in LOVE with FasTrack. It's here to stay.
  12. Ummm... No? Trk A1 is used for layups/storage with the A/C. Matter of fact, they had a R32 C stored there just last night on A1, right up to the bumper. BTW, trk A2 was the layup they NEVER used. It was just recently cleaned of loads of garbage and waste, was literally about 5ft high mound of refuse, stretching about 15-20ft just before the E Exit, approximately 150ft from the bumper block (would prohibit train laying up there). I do believe that that was the reason why they didn't use A2 and will shortly. Damn cleaners just dumping all that refuse out the open car doors onto the trks.... They were wrong railing the C out of A1 into Euclid, then down the yard leads and then back over to trks A2/A4.
  13. I know of that damage, this is not in the station but in the TUBE. It just happened a little over several hours ago.
  14. Expect further delays in resumption of N/R train service via the Montague tube. Portion of the tube collapsed onto track last night, confirmed with management. Unsure of extent of damage, but Structure to perform another inspection of the tube and quite possibly other tubes that had been flooded previously. No further details at this time, only occurred several hours ago.
  15. Some people don't seem to realize (not saying anyone in particular on this forum, generally), that the MTA seems to think that it is a military organization, which it isn't. With that mentality, comes the arrogance. Those who work with the MTA know exactly what I am speaking about. The strict rules and adherence to them. Not safety and well-being rules (those should be ALWAYS be followed), but attendance, sick call-outs, paperwork, uniforms, various other multitudes of nit-picking rules and regulations. And all the First-Strike-You're-OUT! disciplinary actions from supervisors and the level up managers. This management culture of the MTA that is fostered and reinforced on new management, that leads to friction and tension with the hourly work force due to higher management (or the many consultants they hire) coming out with some asinine policy instruction. It did improve under Sanders and Roberts, but reverted quite a bit (at least in my Division) with Walder. It's the lack of respect and decency from management on hourly workers, despite the risks, dangers, harassment, abuse, stress and all that we experience, and are ordered, to take in stride, daily! Yet that means nothing when you forget to button your cuff, straighten your hat, removed your safety glasses to wipe your sweaty brow after dragging a rail. No, you're caught! GOT YA! You're out! This isn't a military unit or division. This is a transit system with blue-collar workers trying to make a living for their families (and futures) in a job/position that is vastly different from a desk job or other. People generally afford great leeway to the uniform services (PD, FD, DSNY, EMS, DOC) due to the extra stress, harassment, fatigue, environment, etc. They also get 20/40 for that specific reason as well. But the public does not associate TA workers with that same perception at all! Meanwhile, we endure comparable stress and harassment and a dangerous work environment DAILY! But we have 25/55 and work in conditions that are worse than coal mines... And whether or not we get a raise, giveback or get back, TA deficit or surplus, the MTA will ALWAYS raise the fare no matter what when it wants to. And they will always be short, just out of reach of a balanced budget. No doubt about, and those in employment for a bit know the tactics the TA uses come contract time. They release news reports and budget meetings listing service cuts and changes, draw downs, shortfalls, operations increases, all a few months before contract time. Just before the Union lists its demands. Then the TA says those demands will cost xxx dollars and the TA is already xxx dollars short, making them xxxxx dollars short if the Union gets what it wants. Then, wait for it.... Public outcry, mayoral outcry, governor outcry, kittens outcry. Damn dirty, greedy, slimey TA workers! Damn you! And we just do the best that we do, always try to do, day in, day out. Get through the crap of the day from the public and from management till clock out time and pay day. And hope for the best. That doesn't mean I'm docile, uh uh. At least in my department, I get to stir the pot up a bit at times when supervisors get out of hand. I take the hit, but not DANs, but other hits, but I know they're coming and weigh it against the hits that can be given against supervisors that deserve it. But that's another point entirely. I understand what Via Garibaldi 8 was originally saying. That despite these months of posturing, and the months more of it to come, that it generally boils down to in the papers to the TA saying what the Union wants comes out to dollars and cents. And the Union saying what the TA wants comes down to respect, decency and underhanded title changes and broad banding (most times for "productivity" and at a cost to rider safety at times, never mind worker safety). It also doesn't help that the local papers are vastly anti-labor (outside of The Chief) and alter public perception considerably. It's the same Three Year Dance Act, just with different actors/actresses taking part. Of course, it all depends on which of the cast plays a stronger part...
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