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  1. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/ixaNClPJpxH6ZmDT4KXCNFqs7NcIGtoAh07nw1vpPtv
  2. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/N2neqkefVrlaH3pDyiz5shabdVy08bCWF5xlLZMu6T3 Just leaving this here, oh & this. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/ixaNClPJpxH6ZmDT4KXCNFqs7NcIGtoAh07nw1vpPtv
  3. 281,114 to be exact & I can confirm without a shadow of a doubt, the auction ended. Propertyroom.com can't relist something they no longer have...
  4. That auction ended. Was 9207 assigned to 126th street for its 1st depot?
  5. That makes more sense, it was sold off the roster & not for scrap. Now what is its current disposition, that is the question?
  6. I know, it never was on any scrap list MTA or otherwise, but we know the truth,Trainman!
  7. Prove to me it's scrapped, I have irrefutable proof it is certainly not. Remember I'm The Hat, Roster or not it is NOT scrapped, it furthest from a scrap yard that it ever will be...
  8. You can now officially take 9207 off the scrapped list.
  9. The larger issue, though is the fact that NYCT charges MTAB money to lease these EOL buses. The embezzlement/fraud is the greater issue with handed down buses. That is for another time & discussion, what fans, buffs & the riding public should be angry at isn't what buses are where & how old? It should be why & how much $$$.
  10. Firstly, signs mean things. Not only what they say , but also what shape or color. White & yellow signs have different meanings. Whit signs in the NYS VTL for height are for the absolute height at that sign or arrow posted thereon & yellow for the lowest point on that structure, but may be taller at other points. Lastly, Now there the issue of CP transverses use by motorcoaches is of a franchise license by the NYCDOT, if so then the violation of posted heights are subject to what the the highest point is. I have taken MTA D4500 through the 66 St transverse (height 11'- 5") without issue. The key is "small points" that is not an overheight violation if the vehicle conforms to the appropriate signage or lack thereof at taller points of the structure. Just to clear that up.
  11. The swap of the Bx39 & 41 is the opposite of what should be done. They should send the 12 to KB in order to only have one depot with a segregated fleet. These swaps are the result of implementing +Stupid Bull Shit (ahem) +Select Bus Service. KB will have in the future +SBS on the Bx1/2 so make KB the +SBS fleet for The Bronx. The Bx1/2, 12, 40/42 & 41 can easily be available from KB. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  12. The u-turns are legal & have signs posted at the location or are listed in the traffic rules for NYC. NYC or some Westchester municipalities have removed or never provided a bus layover area. NYC in particular have been reducing or totally removing bus layover areas since the MTA Bus take over. NYCDOT feels that the last stop or first stop is a suitable stand location, then they combine a MTA stop with the same, then MTA complains to Bee-Line & in turn are not allowed to layover at a location that was suitable since buses & wheel. NYCDOT & MTA do not provide a remedy, so what is left is chancing on double parking as that won't generate an inter-agency complaint. Where should the bus lay over? What in "your opinion" constitutes an illegal u-turn? Because your perception IS NOT the traffic rues of NYC, enabled by the home rule statue of the laws on NYS. I can name the location & you can check those rules that also include the height of every single overpass & elevated structure & the device governing such. It was one of those books that the NYPD handed me when I became an APO. It even states what buses are permitted otherwise prohibited turns & u-turns. W242 St & B'Way has a sign that even states buses may turn from the outer roadway S/B to left turn ON RED. Riverdale & Ellsworth Aves. in Yonkers permits U-turns at that location as it is NOT a commercial business dist. therefore U-turns are legal as per NYS VTL thus not signage needed also MYA NYCT & Bus company use that location, more often. Bivona Pl./ Secor Housing enabled by the traffic rules of NYC & NYS VTL same as Riverdale & Ellsworth. Hope this all clears up your "opinion" opposed to the facts stated above. Maybe we should crack down on the NYCDOT for creating the bus parking conditions & not remedy them as their enormous budget dictates. Or simply just require the NYCDOT do it's job working with public transit instead of against it as "ZERO Vision" has continued to do. Thank You MHV9218, I appreciate your kind words & well wishes. As I say to the MTA when dealing with their criminal actors, I say "MTA ain't found a way to kill met yet!"
  13. Well Firstly This talk about Yonkers closing down is getting old, 12 years old on January 3rd. This remaining to be seen is not being seen. The City of Yonkers lost their eminent domain case against NYC & MTA Bus. LOST the case about 8 months ago, the argument by Yonkers was flatly denied in the Judges' decision. Also the judge ruled that this was solely for private gain, not public. This was based of the business plan clearly aimed at non-Yonkers residents being the target market for the new project, also the fact that the depot would pay more in taxes that the new property owners for at least a 10 year period the loss of depot employees would be consisting of a majority of Westchester & Yonkers residents. Further the judge recognized that there is no financial backing for such a property due to being (after Hurricane Sandy) designated by FEMA as a flood stage A. No bank or insurance company will insure a flood plain of that type (Yonkers Depot flooded up to 75 ft from the MNRR Hudson Line). The City of Yonkers would have to pay for the depot, land & temporary depot while the new is built, which they have said NO f**kING WAY (Yonkers is still a corrupt city, "the city of hill where nothing is on the level")! because the MTA has quoted Yonkers to cost about $75-100 Million & $150 with the temp. depot! Most runs on the BxM11 do NOT Start a BxM4's, just 3 Weekdays & 2 on Saturday, runs run on to the 4 from the depot or DHD to 28th (in the PM). It has gotten nasty already, Yonkers is getting cops to pull over MTA Buses & parking tickets for buses parked in bus stops(there are no bus layovers in Yonkers that are signed as such, so MTA buses are getting tickets in the bus layover area in Getty Square and even in one case servicing the first stop with passengers boarding. Don't have an incident in Yonkers, the Yonkers cops take the other persons side every time. You should've been concerned when the MTA took over in the first place, Eastchester is the least of your worries. The MTA ruined service the day they took over. No this isn't anything to do with the amalgamation of Yonkers & NYC over a century ago, NYC doesn't hold that type of grudge. The MTA on the other hand does. On the another subject go ahead write the Gov., I'm sure he will give a shit about RTS buses. Soon as he see that they are more reliable MDBF than the POS Orion hybrids, he will understand that a 20 Y/O bus is the best example of a perfect bus $$$ wise, especially when a hybrid package cost $98,000 when it shits the bed. When I was division shifter, I cost MTA Bus about $800,000 in blown hybrid drive components in 6 months. Because when you have to drive a hybrid from Queens to Ronkonkama for engine work, on the LIE they blow traction generators and or traction motors. So VG8 keep wishing the RTS gone, you'll get a nice hybrid that will shit the bed on the Johnson Ave or Riverdale Avenue hills & with twice the cost of maintenance now that they are all of warranty & very costly to repair so they sit for weeks at a time waiting for the parts at such high cost, that they blow depot budgets apart, ooh & the NG's loves to break engine cradles from new. Now with that said, I am announcing my early retirement due to disability as a result of a very serious terminal illness. I just wanted to get somethings straight before my value to this board is non-existent as no longer being an active MTA employee. My hiatus from this board was due to both illness & working lots of OT. Most OT was on LIRR & MNRR shuttles on weekends, leaving little time for posting. However I did monitor this board & will continue to do so. Fantasy is one thing, but I was in the reality of how the MTA runs things. Seeing how they run things & many of the complaints directed at employees who get to suffer as much & more so than those here of the "customers", played a part in my hiatus, because amount of the posts here are just too monuments to react to. Also, the MTA does discipline & monitor such forums as this for inside information, provided by employees. The MTA believes that once you sign to take the job, you sign your rights away & they own every aspect of your life. In my case I have to be dying to be free & have my rights back. The way the MTA operates MTA Bus is wholly criminal in nature & tantamount to a RICO defined organization, that is why I have yet to see a pension check since I put my papers in August & they have stopped my medical coverage in October. The MTA felt they can administratively terminate an employee while they process that employees disability pension. Not challenge the decision of the Social Security Administration, but simply just not fulfill their responsibility to do what they are required to do. There was no problem with paperwork or timeliness of submission, no questions of merit, fraud or eligibility about the severity of my illness & no denial of such application of request. The MTA just doesn't follow the laws, rules & obligations that afford me my pension & continued health benefits. The desperately medical needed coverage for treatment that keeps me alive are used as retaliation for challenging my discipline, through the proper channels in the contract for absenteeism during medical episodes, including the time I was in a coma. The MTA spends taxpayer money to attempt to suspend an employee for being in a coma, or even for being absent on disability, workers comp. & FMLA. This agency takes an arbitration ruling to simply pay an employee for work they did. Yes the MTA tries to get out of paying employees for work that was actually done. They are fined thousands of dollars regularly for not paying court ordered workers compensation cases. They spend thousands more following employees who are (in my case terminally ill) out sick. I had an AGM who felt that I was fit for duty coughing up blood & subsequently in a coma. This while that AGM was intoxicated during the hearing. When the MTA says that employees are where the money goes, that is where. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on hearings, arbitration sessions & IG investigators following sick employees, that their own medical staff say are not fit for duty. Rant over, now I return you to you regularly scheduled programming.
  14. Which span on the Triboro, the Harlem River, The Bronx or the main span over the East River?
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