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  1. Ive been to Toronto a few times, and the first photo up above is an H4 (1973 built) which was negated from passenger service on Jan 27, 12, and the railcars on the Yonge Spadina ROW are 1976-80 era H5s while the other SMEE cars on the Bloor Danforth ROW is a 1985-87 era H6. And yes, while the TRs (which I haven't ridden yet) have transverse cabs, they possess an RFW to see out the head end, like the SRT, but it can only be done on unenclosed outdoor areas including the Prince Edward Flyover. Also, the T1s were built from 1994-2001
  2. Boston's Red Line 01800s also have NTT dash consoles, however, there's only two braking modes unlike Washington's Metro. Their MCH (master Controller Handle) consists of the following top to bottom: P (power) 4 P3 P2 P1 ----Neutral (Coasting) --B1 (Min Brake) --B2 max brake Notch Position 3 (BIE) Brake in Emergency NP4 Auto/Store (otherwise known as ShutDown) And these also have the provision for automated train operation but the MBTA does not do it, it's all manual but with ATO Signaling Their Dash consoles also features dual screens, one for train diagnostics and next sto
  3. I think they should do this also, just like the old days of the 70s and 80s when we had the "Subway Court" This will make it better for such crimes that happen on MTA Subway Property to be prosecuted by them. Also, MTA Police only provide security for MNRR, LIRR, but In My Humble Opinion, they should also have primary juristiction over the New York City Subway, also just like the old days.
  4. January 27, 2012 seemed to be the new December 12, 1994 (date of last 01400S revenue use) when TTC made the last revenue run for the H4s!! TTC H4 January 27 - YouTube Enjoy the various H4 last Revenue Run movies...
  5. I loooove those shots of the T35A08 cars! And yes, you can see out the front of them, they have the RFW in the cab access door, and the motorpersons cab looks like WMATA's 6000s and upcoming 7000s. I really wish Washington Metrorail had obtained this model in concert with Toronto, same design, with side exterios Destination signs so that these could sooner replace the 1K Rohr cars sooner. Id love to see one of these Rocket T35A08 cars go down Vienna's way or Franconia-Springfield and Grosvenor flyover-Shady Grove. Next tie Im visiting Toronto, I am definitely boarding these Rocket Trains and b
  6. http://www.thestar.com/news/transportation/article/1049970 I was hoping they instead were headed to Washington metrorail, but I guess TTC decided to give them to a foreign transit agency.
  7. If I were there and had caught the R32s at 116th-B road Channel with my Camcorder, I would have easily gone bananas filming the whole ride, then I would have walked up and down the trainset at Rockaway Park/B116th with my videocamera filming it as if I were in Seashore Trolley Museum!
  8. Oh Man!! It would have been nice if I got that R32 on B 116th Train! Reminded me of the Early 90s especially when I saw the letter designation which is still somewhat in use! This is just as good as getting the 01400 MBTA Red Line train to Braintree!! I wish certainly the latter were reality, they still have one 01400 set that can run as a shguttle from JFK/UMASS down to Braintree, similar to thee Rockaway Shuttle R32
  9. Yeah, it is, named right after the city it's called for. And Roadcruiser1, you're pretty much in the ball. Taunton rhymes with Taunting.....
  10. A Division favorite line: The to Woodlawn B Division Line: The Rockaway Park Shuttle and the BMT Culver from Bergen Street to Stillwell Ave
  11. Supposedly 8277 is being rebuilt at the Kawasaki factory in Yonkers NY, but thats been like that for three or so years now, so I hope they have 8277 back and re-link it with 278, 279 and 280 so that they can get a full train again. Also, 277's tri-mates should be tested regularly with some R160s without passengers thorughout the B division rails just to keep them fresh in their legs and running so that they dont rust out at 207th St Yard.
  12. http://www.thebostonchannel.com/r/28176437/detail.html An MBTA (Boston Red Line Subway) inspector (equivalent of MTA Train Service Supervisor) is accused but not yet prosecuted of ripping off his own union by $256K
  13. By CHARLES WINOKOOR Staff Writer Posted May 17, 2011 @ 11:50 PM Taunton — Three female Taunton High School students are facing assault charges in connection with a fight on school grounds early in the school day Monday that slightly injured two female teachers, police said. Read more: http://www.tauntongazette.com/community/x956202876/3-students-face-assault-charges-for-fight-at-Taunton-High-School Lovely, Lovely and lovely, three female students gat into a Facebook fight after they taunt each other on a Facebook chat room and it escalates to this. this happened j
  14. You're addicted to the subway when you compare the R32s to the MBTA 01400s which are the same age or the R46s to the 01700s which are a decade apart respectively You're addicted to the subway when you like to see a Slant on the Culver for the first time since 1980/81 You're addicted to the subway when you want an R46 with an uncovered RFW and see the motorperson operate that Newtran-built Cineston type master Controller handle on them especially above ground. You're addicted to the subway when you like all or most A-Line trains to go to Beach 116th Street/Rockaway Park ionstead of
  15. Washington DC's Metro also uses smart cards (The SmarTrip card) which is similar to New Yorks proposed Card and MBTA's Charlie Card

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