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  1. Good thing the train seemed to be going slowly and the damage was minimal. I've always noticed the speed restriction at Flatbush Ave., trains really creep into and out of there. You can hear the traction motors on the M7 spooling up and down constantly in and out of there.
  2. I would like to add that sometimes you will see trains to/from the Babylon line stopping in Valley Stream. I've seen this several times on peak trains to Penn Station stopping at Valley Stream, Laurelton, & Locust Manor. I've also seen this several times on late night trains for connections to Long Beach/Far Rockaway where the Babylon train stopped at the Westbound platform at Valley Stream and the other eastbound connecting train was across the platform.
  3. Hey Guys- I used to ride the to work a lot. Back then the was almost exclusively R32's. When waiting at 34st Penn Station, the used to stop between trains and the train cars used to look exactly the same. I only realized that they weren't R32's by reading this forum, and then later spotted R38 markings on the cars after looking around a little. What are the differences between the R32 and R38? As a passenger, I can tell you that inside and out they look almost exactly the same to the untrained eye. Used to hate those cars, and now that the R38's are gone and the R32's few and far between, I find myself missing them...
  4. I've heard from several friends that the LIRR just "stopped running" last night from Penn Station. Nobody seems to have an explanation, but it would seem like a pretty significant failure if there was no service out of Penn for a few hours, even in an off-peak period like late last night. Anybody know what happened and what the cause of the failure was?
  5. LMAO That is so wrong and yet so funny! I agree, totally stupid - let the irresponsible parents have to deal with it instead of train crews. People don't realize the trauma it causes train crews to deal with this kind of stuff...
  6. Another quick video I shot back in March of an M3 consist departing Penn Station. Enjoy!
  7. This is a video of M7's I took at Jamaica back in March of this year. Sorry for some of the focus issues, but it's kind of neat to see the sparks flying from the third rail gaps. Enjoy!
  8. Hey All- I have passed by Morris Park several times on the way to Flatbush Ave. from Jamaica and have noticed several DM30's lit up and can sometimes hear the engines idling out there. I am curious how often the DM/DE30's are shut-down and started back up again. Or is it routine to keep them idling overnight? I would think this is not very economically efficient due to fuel costs & consumption. Also, I am wondering if anyone has seen any videos online of the DM/DE30 startup/shutdown process or perhaps a DM changeover from third rail to diesel power. I watched a few old-school loco startup videos on youtube and it is wicked cool Maddog
  9. Since it hasn't been mentioned yet, that is the Arch St. shop where warranty work is carried out on the M7's for both the LIRR and MNRR by Bombardier. I believe MNRR has them transferred over via Amtrak and Hell's Gate since the M7A's have a different third rail config. I think that Arch St. will eventually be turned over to the LIRR as the warranties run out, but that's the story on that platform, it's employee only. And yes, you are correct, Hunterspoint Ave. is right on the other side of the tracks, however, it definitely doesn't look as nice as that platform!
  10. Cool pics! Slight OT, but what exactly is burn testing and how is this performed on R160's?
  11. Just curious if anyone has an update as to where the East Side Access project is these days. What progress has been made? What are the big milestones still left to complete? Just curious for any info. Thanks!
  12. Just to update you guys, I rode from Jamaica down the Babylon line yesterday past the freight layup leading to Hillside and there are now 4 un-mated M7's that appear to be lined up for re-mating. Each car was lined up to it's mate but separated by yellow work vehicles positioned between each un-mated car. I am sure these are from the derailment incidents back in November and are coming back to be put back in service. Just thought that info might be helpful.
  13. Whoops, looks like I botched the title! Rode the LIRR along the Babylon line into Penn Station this past weekend and took some photos. These are from my Point & Shoot, so the pics aren't great, but at least you get an idea of what's going on at Valley Stream on the weekends. Valley Stream Construction Valley Interlocking Tower MP15's Construction Car Parked Cars/Engines along the mainline leading up to Jamaica 7255 with an interesting sticker next to the engineer's suite Some Jamaica Switches & Hall Tower Jay M3 in Penn Station Rusty M3 Wheels Thanks for looking! I'll have better pics from my other cameras next time.
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