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  1. You bid what you need to do the service.
  2. It looks like a one way agreement because the only point of entry listed was 175 Street.
  3. Annualized cost Academy Express bid: $10,351,353 (12 months) Annualized cost Community Transportation: $10,800,726 (9 months + 3 1 month options) NJT got a good deal on this one. I think they will take the 3 one month options as well. This is the bid number to beat going forward on the next contract.
  4. CONTRACT FOR THE TEMPORARY OPERATION OF THE MIDDLESEX COUNTY LOCAL BUS SERVICE – Authorization to take all actions necessary to amend NJ TRANSIT Contract No. 19-068 with Community Transportation Inc., of Paramus, New Jersey, to operate the Middlesex County Local Bus Service for a nine-month base contract term from January 17, 2021 through October 16, 2021 at a cost not to exceed $7,978,911, plus five percent for contingencies, for a total contract authorization of $8,377,857, subject to the availability of funds and board approval of NJ TRANSIT’s operating budget. CONTRACT FOR THE TEMPORARY OPERATION OF THE MIDDLESEX COUNTY LOCAL BUS SERVICE
  5. In the general tariff book for NYCT and MTA Bus, there is a section called "Reimbursable Transportation", which contains the following provision for transportation due to disruption: "New Jersey Transit bus customers diverted to the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal as a result of major traffic delays at the Lincoln Tunnel will be permitted to enter the subway at the 175th Street Station for free with display of valid New Jersey Transit commutation tickets. New Jersey Transit will notify NYCT Rail Control Center prior to any diversion." I do not recall the last time that I heard something like this was used, but it is nice to see some actual regional cooperation protocols on the books. NYCT & MTA Bus Tariff Book
  6. Stupid question: Is the MTA running a school open or closed schedule on a normal weekday?
  7. Go ahead and start that discussion in a new thread. I would be interested in seeing that.
  8. The wheels have red chocks on them. That definitely looks like hardware to me. The front sign is interesting. How readable is it?
  9. The eliminated "supplemental service" can pay for all of it. If needed, you can use regular cops and police academy cadets under their supervision.
  10. I think WANT is a strong word. However, they are saving money that they didn't have to do a lot of capital projects. I expect a capital program special allocation in 2021 from the Feds, but imagine being able to push back bus orders 1-2 years or thinning out the initial delivery rate. I continue to say that the Rutgers tube should be closed 24/7 to cut that project's construction time in half. That would likely save money, keep bus drivers employed using something useful, and offload the costs of shuttle bus service to the federal capital budget.
  11. I mean, when the driver puts "Eastern Parkway" on the sign, the bus gets to Eastern Parkway, and you are wondering why the driver is kicking you off the bus Everyone wants a personal invitation for everything. I'll say it...PROFIT. In the private sector, it is the cold hard cash. In the public sector, it is the social benefits that extends beyond the cost of operating the service. It is why we look at an express bus route carrying air less favorably than a local bus route with the same economics, but many more individual passengers transported. We are spreading that subsidy over more passengers, so the social benefit of the local bus service is greater than the express bus. This is why there is a general outrage at the NYC Ferry's subsidy per passenger and overall. No one really likes the idea of a small number of wealthi(er) passengers receiving such high per-passenger subsidies. This is also why the subways operating between 1-5am upsets people. We are spending money to run trains that no one can ride. It is literally an "only in New York" kind of story where the government spends money on transportation services no one can use if they aren't special. I have no issue with the MTA completing their meeting schedules. In the pandemic era, I am sure the MTA is happy to make a ton of these meetings virtual once they are solvent enough to start doing these types of studies again. However, the MTA knows that they have to use a filter with special interests. There are a few people showing up to the meetings that don't want any changes in their neighborhood other than the new bus never to come and the existing bus to disappear. In addition, some of these smaller streets do create operational havoc with bus reliability and safety and that is a discussion the MTA needs to have. The level of service does impact future bus orders and the MTA needs to know what it is buying and where it is needed. Those folks tend NOT to show up to these meetings. It is easier to motivate people to action with a negative stimulus (i.e. we are cutting the BxM18 and turning the buses that were assigned on it into razor blades for shaving) than a positive one. It is one of those human nature traits.
  12. What troubles me at times is that anyone thinks there is a GOOD time to change a bus network. It is better to make changes when ridership is lower than when it is heavier. In addition, some people will complain about any change because they are used to the existing system. The plan is definitely a mixed bag, but people ask the MTA to improve service and then complain when they try. You can't make buses faster without removing stops and removing stops harms a lot of transit dependent people. Transit systems are a compromise and it is not wrong to look at how it can be different.
  13. I am waiting to see the final language before I celebrate. I am skeptical of bills that Congress agrees to before the text is in their hands. Remember, Congress flies...some of them on a weekly basis. When airlines start telling folks in DC they might have to transfer TWICE to get home, they get results. That motorcoach business...ugh. Get more caskets out.
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