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  1. I forgot the exact # but from what I heard from a supervisor they are short about1000 maybe more of TOs already. So they need to hire alot of people. They will definitely continue to have classes. So the many who are still waiting to get called you will get the call. Stay Positive and be patience.
  2. I made it just barely, to the April 29th class. Note: somebody ask about the eye chart, the electronic viewing machine basically replaces the simple paper eye chart. 64X
  3. Got the call for medical. Thought I had missed it waiting so long.
  4. Got the letter for pre-employment for conductor but not sure should I go since I'm still waiting for the call for medical for TO?
  5. Unfortunately no. Still waiting for the call for the medical. Hope I didn't miss it?
  6. Just went for urine test on Feb 1st and now hard at work filling out the 21 page booklet as quickly as I can. My list number is between 640-660.
  7. I got random # 5087. Wow I didn't even get this low number taking an actual test for the conductor & motorman. I hope someone in this forum actually get at least a low three digit number.
  8. Yeah got that letter too. Does that mean they are still going through eligibilty qualification for that this test even though the list number already came out?
  9. Me too I applied for the test 2 days ago and even got the confirmation email that I paid for the test. But when I checked today it also says payment status pending. I guess after reading through the posts I will have to wait until the filing period is over to find out if it changes.
  10. that's great news. I got a list # in the 900's hopefully I get called within 1-2 yrs. I am crossing my fingers

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