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  1. Went this afternoon to 180 Livingston and was told that the last hired is still 1061 and that the July 29th class is still on schedule. I got home a couple of hours later and received the letter from them for the Pre interview and medical examination. So things are moving folks. Stay positive and things will come around. #1259
  2. So no real answer for the July class yet or will it be postponed? I took my DT 5/13 and still waiting on the call. Getting through to TA is not that easy but staying positive. Would love to start ASAP just like everyone else here. Thanks for all the advice and pointers you guys that are in already have posted here. I appreciate all the help.
  3. They definitely make a small run if the R142. I bought two and sold one set out if necessity for $1250. Yes folks people will pay that much for a 142 set. I do hope they make it a train because many of us who got the original could not finish the 10 car set because the add ins were sold out. So preorder ASAP if you want to make sure you will own one. Good luck everyone
  4. #1259 took my drug test on 5/13 and thank you so much guys for all your guidance and support it is very much appreciated! hope to join the MTA family very soon hopefully the July or August class for me. I will stay busy working until the call comes... Thanks guys
  5. how much more does this right of way extend? Why was it terminated? Could it be revamped for service?
  6. holland tunnel has only two tubes one for each direction. Lincoln tunnel has three middle tube is reversible. The approaches are horribly designed especially the west side highway and Varick st approaches. The hudson st approach is no longer until they finish the road work so everyone has been rerouted to either Varick or Canal sts...
  7. IND Man just a question for you, how many cars long will the train be this year? Thanks for sharing and answering my question.
  8. Just to have NJT items is a good enough reason to get them for me. I have the 21" bi-level cars and F59PHI engine from K Line for the sounder railway from Seattle. Since MTH only makes them in 19" but a six car set I got them. K line only made the 21" in a 4 car set only. I have a video of my sounder train on youtube look under aalamo12 videos and its in there. Good luck with your collection.
  9. Bus lanes are meant for all buses. However, not all drivers use them.
  10. ebay look under k line bombardier. I just got the 6 car set of bi level NJT. just waiting for the ALP46.
  11. You also have to mention Death Wish with Charles Bronson. This shows old school NYC in the 70s. Nighthawks with Billy Dee Williams and Sylvester Stallone, another 70s flick. The original Pelham was a great film. Beat street was awesome to feature the graffiti era. Die Hard 3 was in NYC. The Warriors, enough said.
  12. A GP8/9 is a classic four axle diesel locomotive from the 40s or 50s.
  13. I'm aboard as well! My list # is 1266 last time I checked but who knows... Good luck to everyone.

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