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  1. lol Yea the R142 thing was mine. Thanks! I started with the R160 signs too but since everyone has one now I thought I might change it up for a bit lol.

  2. Well it kinda depends who you talk to when you ask if it's worth it. I'd say it is, and yes the lines can be long, but since it's winter and tourist season is kinda dwindling down now I think the lines should be quite shorter.

  3. The sig is all custom. I started with one square pixel and multiplied that to what you see.

  4. Yep that was me lol. I was getting pics of the train leaving with those uber gray clouds in the background. I heard the battery run when I was walking home and I was like "...dammit" I always hear those trains hauling some serious arse when they go express.

  5. Hmm what time did you see me?

  6. Happy b-day Tristen!

  7. Well I got my custom avatar cause I donated to the site and became a Site Supporter by doing it, which gave me some extra perks to go along with it. As for KR, i'm not sure.

  8. Happy Birthday Curtis and many more!

  9. Site supporter is a title you get when you donate to the forum. When you donate $$ you get the title and a few little extra perks.

  10. yea I had too many messages. I'll PM you the details.

  11. I'd love to see those fonts in a font file i.e a TTF (TrueType font) file, if you know how to do that. They look great.

  12. Thanks, but i didnt totally make it. The template was made by someone on bvestation, i just filled in the blanks lol.

  13. Ahh yes I see it too, and np.

  14. I'll PM you what I use to start off with, which is a blank thing with no text.

  15. I made all the templates for them myself. I could PM the template images if you want.

  16. Your a little obsessed with the game now..................

  17. Curses lol. THE GAME!

  18. Your welcome. And I made the sign in Photoshop.

  19. Ohh ok. I guess I had sent it in to NYCsubway.

  20. Hi :) Btw, did you get your profile picture from my photobucket?

  21. lol i love that sig of yours.

  22. O_O whats happened.

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