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  1. Facebook is blocked in China so please be aware I can't access my NICE Bus page and beyond...

    1. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      You're in China? Oh yeah, the censorship thingie. Eurgh.

    2. Threxx


      The way they've twisted socialism (which is a good idea on paper) sickens me...

    3. Brighton Express

      Brighton Express

      No Twitter or Google either that must be complete hell.

  2. Facebook is blocked in China so please be aware I can't access my NICE Bus page and beyond...

    1. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      Are you in the Mainland or Hong Kong?

  3. Okay check the thread again, a person just updated the info on the BeeLine NeoPlan Artics, =]!

  4. people got to keep track of what they read, or things will go not as expected.

  5. Note on profile revamp: All Images/Avatar courtesy of Wikipedia and It's respective users, it's used for decoration, no intention of copyright, thank you!

  6. i am go make openbve 9 train

  7. Hey, it's AceRunner, lols =D!

  8. So you poked me? LOLs...

  9. Huh?!? I don't understand what you were talking about on that post...

  10. Wish you remove that PP dude on Facebook, he offended me, :mad:...

  11. Just kidding Vinny, don't take it seriously, I am just saying that there are enough (W) avatars around, :drool::P:drool:...

  12. Go back to the (V) now, or I ain't fogiving you at all, :mad:...

  13. What did you post on my profile the other day? PM me dude, since Julio deleted it, :)!

  14. Advertising for Photobucket much?

  15. Well, I am only against lrg, Urbanfortitude is an okay person. I would just keep flame warring until they stop and get sick and tired of attacking me.

  16. I apologize that I misread you post, I do hope you described what you described afterwards, I believe most of the posters on the thread get removed from conversation. But it does seem to be a valid point, so FRD does not take good care of the O7's is what you mean right? Well, if that's the case, the O5's should go there, FRD could ruin the already old busses that could be scrapped someday in the near future, :P. But FRD management should take care of the busses, and if they don't they need to get a shakeup from the (MTA), :P...

  17. Okay, I'll do it as soon as possible, thanks for the tip dude, :)!

  18. Holy cow, yeah they do, they look like R-160 artics on roads, in my opinion at least, :P...

  19. Yup, got some RTS (NJT), Orions (NYCT), MCIs (NJT), Nabis (NJT), NeoPlan Artics (Bee-Line) and NovaBus LFSAs (Bx12 +~SBS~+)...

  20. In ways yes, to get some information, because it just is that the 'Walmart' or this Forum is better than the 'Mom & Pop' Forum, info-wise.

  21. Humm, in ways yeah, because I am lacking info and I saw tons of info I missed which are all located here, so I returned but will not get into an flame wars like the old days in the 'steam room'...

  22. ~I am officially off-line, use this Vistor Stream to keep me updated, thanks :)~

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