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  1. That, I would definitely agree on and make that platform straight so it wouldn't cause people to misstep and trip, and from that I think everything has been clarified on and perhaps it should be locked or simply we stop posting.
  2. Was just about to say Carroll St. because it has to only non-revenue Express Tracks, but alrighty then...
  3. So St. Albans is not SE Queens? I don't get your argument, if you want them to stop in other stations, they can but it would be a bit awkward considering that it's not that important for a certain line to stop in a certain station since there is already a connection available for SE Queens customers at Lynbrook for customers going to points east on the Babylon. The Commuter Railroad is not your subway dude, keep in mind the operations are so much more logical on the Commuter Rail. This New Haven Line thing would definitely benefit considering that it can create a vital transfer point for customers going from the Eastern Sections of the Bronx to Grand Central but prefer to use it by Commuter Rail or Queens and Long Island to Westchester, the Bronx and Connecticut but prefer to use it by Commuter Rail. Why not built it! I am pretty sure you got enough education on why they shouldn't integrate MetroCard into this, plus I wouldn't want to deal with city people someday so I take the LIRR or Metro-North to certain places, as well as the Express Bus, so heck no to $2.25, I'd pay $5.50 without a second thought and on weekends $3.75.
  4. I would agree with Garibaldi, not just on the environmental standpoint, but also the economical standpoint. In fact many companies like Eastman Kodak are suffering because of the high taxes set on them by Albany. That's why cities like Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany itself aren't really exciting towns, I know Syracuse is trying with it's Carousel expansion and revitalization projects. As well as the constant promotion of the Crossgates Mall in Albany. Still, there are tons of potential yet to be explored in UpState New York (meaning North of I-84, I don't count Westchester, parts of Orange, Putnam and Rockland Counties as part of UpState). Personally, I have visited many places in UpState New York in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and all visits turned out positive. I can have a list full of destinations to go to. I'll state a few, some are already in the posts mentioned above as well as the destinations I mentioned in the previous paragraph, New York Side of the Niagara Falls, Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, State Capital at Albany, Crossgates Mall at Albany, Carousel Mall at Syracuse, Woodstock during the music festival, Finger Lakes, The Outlets along I-90, Lake George, Lake Champlain, Adirondack Scenic Region (believe me, it's a very great ride along I-87 in that area, I love it over there), Hiking and Recreational activity areas along the Hudson Valley north of I-84. Mohonok Mountain House and much much more! I know I haven't visited at least 70% of these spots.
  5. I am hoping MV Transportation will bid on it, if not Liberty Lines, had good experiences from both companies.
  6. I am pretty sure most of the entire picture is out there, so I say go for it, and if you need any information there is always that n21, n23 and n27 thing to discuss!
  7. I'm still not watching the show, it's not going to affect their god damned bottom line. X-Factor is also on Fox so it doesn't make a difference on Fox's financial thingy...
  8. Tis' the season for wonderful colors, pumpkin pies and more, however are you ready for the cold weather? There is a surprise this Friday & Saturday, the NY Metro area will experience near freezing or below freezing overnight temperatures, especially higher elevation areas such as the Hudson Valley and Poconos. Expected overnight temperatures will be around the Mid 20's in the higher elevation burbs, 32 degrees Fahrenheit borderline around the lower elevation burbs and Atlantic Coast and Urban areas will see overnight temperatures in the mid 30's. Stay bundled my friends! Source: WUnderGround & The Weather Channel.
  9. Philly Inquirer - " SEPTA riders soon will see the first faint stirrings of the future, as workers begin measuring, marking, and testing at subway stations around the city. Crews are preparing the way for SEPTA's long-delayed "smart card" fare system, which is to go live late next year on subways, buses, and trolleys. For Regional Rail, the system won't be ready until 2014. Since SEPTA awarded a $129.5 million contract in November to ACS Transport Solutions Group of Columbia, Md., much of the work on the new fare system has been invisible, with designers and consultants drawing up plans and timetables. SEPTA has set up a laboratory for testing prototypes of new fare equipment on the 18th floor of its Center City headquarters. A hallway there is lined with poster-size sheets detailing about 5,600 steps that must be completed to make the smart-card system a reality. So far, only about 30 have been completed." Source Link /// Read More: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/local/20121009_Changes_to_start_soon_for_SEPTA__smart_card__system.html
  10. Babylon Trains STOP at Queens, I always ride Babylon Trains from NY Penn to Forest Hills or Kew Gardens using CityTicket, they usually stop at: Woodside, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Jamaica, St. Albans and out into Nassau Co. CityTicket is mainly for people who like to go shopping with friends, go to a dinner, a night club or a weekend event in Brooklyn or Manhattan. $2.25 will not sit well for me and fellow LIRR riders, literally! I'd rather pay $5.50 for a comfy and de-stress ride than pay lower priced and deal with society sometimes. Either ways, I still would be diligent and solid on my Sunnyside Intermodal Center [ /// MTA Regional Bus /// LIRR /// Metro-North /// And select NJTransit/Amtrak trains.] idea
  11. Get the Acer, I visited a lot of electronic stores recently scouting for deals on a camera, whilst at it, a lot of people were complaining about Dell Laptops, so I highly recommend you get the Acer instead of the Dell. I went for Samsung, but Acer is a long-time computer manufacturer so go with them.
  12. Sure it'll be very NICE to have MetroCard in Suffolk! And indeed I seen quite few of those frustrated moves by B/O's, it's nuts having to deal with bills and coins when a simple card can do all this.
  13. PATH's most easy comparison is to PATCO, both are more close to inter-burben railroad than a true railroad, though PATCO just have larger cars than PATH. just like the easy differences between the B Division and A Division in the Subways.
  14. I'll say, after very detailed analysis of the infrastructure of the Canal Street Corridor and Manny B area, that the LoMEx (I-78) project will be a very challenging and complex build due to the fact that both scenarios would be wild. The whole Canal Street landscape will change and I'm not quite sure if that project will sit well being elevated, though perhaps the non-elevated construction might work well, they still have to work their way thru a very complex underground structure of numerous subway lines as well as utility lines.Though perhaps the climb to the Bridge will involve a steep grade and the entrance ramps to the bridge would require a complete realignment.
  15. My take on the Q46 - No, it does not need +SBS+, but every other bus should be an articulated bus during peak hours. Still the route is sufficiently fast and there are only riders at select stops most of the time. My take on the Q53 - Though it is ideal for Articulated Buses, it doesn't need +SBS+, basically the ridership has a slow but steady drop as it goes south on Woodhaven Blvd./Cross Bay Blvd. Mainly, the two routes above are mostly heavy in certain sections, Articulated Buses would relieve the route and help improve flow of passengers. I don't necessarily believe that speed is a sufficient factor for the Q44 to not get SBS, I dislike the dwell time as mentioned, too many students and Bronx <-> Queens commuters use it, and I can safely say that route needs SBS as much as the route needs a subway, but that's a much more expensive thing, so SBS can do since there are a lot of riders in almost every stop. As for Artics, there are currently only two routes in Queens that has it full time, the M60 and Q44, so they have yet to prove on other routes, like those mentioned above.
  16. I strongly suggest he stay where he is unless if he has the money to sustain a switch and a start over.
  17. I quit watching even a bit of the show because of Nikki Minaj, she is a horrible singer either way. I would watch it if Nikki Minaj isn't on there but still X-Factor FTW!!!
  18. I was just sayin' no need to meltdown, flame or anything, there could be storm-water run-off, sewage or water main breaks and other stuff that could happen, so hope this station is constructed as weather proof as possible.
  19. LOL, I was kinda replying to your comments earlier but yep!
  20. I wouldn't necessarily say everywhere, just places like Stop & Shop and CVS (major chain stores), e.t.c., just like other transit agencies like WMATA and MTA Maryland,
  21. I am calm all along;;; Wait... Are we promoting the removal of T4 and the connection to 7th Ave. IRT or not? I am kinda confused...
  22. I don't think it'll be too high, but the unlimited's prices will also go up either way.
  23. @buswizard: Same here, definitely won't want a Snowstorm Maggedon here in New York too.
  24. 5 Analysis on this video. 1) As said, it's staged and the speech conducted in the video is clearly showing that it's a planned thing. 2) As said, it's not normal for one person to carry an entire shower collection onto the train and start bathing after said person peed on herself. 3) She is wearing an one-piece clothing called a Romper, however she could have not wet her legs and boots in the process, by lifting the pants section to a point where it basically wedging onto the "you know what area" and start releasing. Search: discrete peeing. 4) She refuses to "go" between the cars, which could have prevented the mess in the train car, plus the video taker is also communicating with her, so it's another thing that this is planned by these three people, 5) I feel ashamed being a New Yorker after watching so many worldstarhiphop clips, I want to move out of this hell hole!
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