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  1. I believe he got it from one of the proposed rail options in the Tappan Zee Hyper-Regional Planning document, the rail line would branch off the NHL and run along the Cross-Westchester Expwy (I-287 NY) and operate in a subway-like fashion in White Plains, another proposal was a line branching off the Hudson Line just south of the Tarrytown Station. I personally won't mind a White Plains <-> Suffern line with a transfer to the 13 Bus.
  2. Well, I've crunched some ideas and theories out lately, you could say both +SBS+ and BRT since niceBUS accepts the MetroCard so it's still kinda affliated to the in some senses. Either way, regardless of the fancy names of the BRT Services, I think ridership can be put in perspective, however if the riders consistently delays the buses because of payment thing or there are riders scattered in many bus stops as opposed to just one, I'd suggest a Bus Rapid Transit-styled fare system. I overall have 4 routes that I believe could make use of off-board payments: n4, n6, n19 and n24. Why? These routes are commonly delayed because of passengers, they could utilize 60-foot articulated buses as well, this will create shorter travel time and easier placement of strollers and wheelchairs (strollers being a common sight on the n4, n19 and n24 routes).
  3. I disagree with Governor Christie on anything transit related despite agreeing with most of what he has done elsewhere. These perks are one of the most encouraging things for not only railroad employees, but also light rail, bus and beyond. I think this actually helps the employees perform better since they won't have to worry about spending money to the place they serve, plus it also promotes the use of public transit instead of using car. In-fact, this makes Christie look pro-union instead of his anti-union stance, so all this is just plain crazy to me...
  4. Well, based on my experiences, the Q38 is great, and all buses are Air Conditioned comfortably and the ride is smooth and always enjoyable in the quiet streets of Queens. But indeed, it's based on opinions so yep...
  5. Here is a YouTube video of Mayor Bloomberg, NYC DOT and The MTA announcing the SBS S79's start. Feel free to merge because I can't find the thread, nor Google Search...
  6. Well, looks like T-Mobile *cough* MetroPCS *cough* customers can finally get the iPhone, full price, but warranty void, on perhaps smooth LTE with Pink sparkles flying all over I guess? Good for them!
  7. The Verge - "Whether you think it's a post-PC or a PC-plus era, Intel's motivation for scaling down its processors for use in smaller devices is clear. The past few years have seen the mobile and tablet market grow and grow, and Intel has been very slow to react. Finally, after countless failures, Intel proved that it could power a smartphone earlier this year with the release of the Orange San Diego. The phone was one of the world’s first to feature an Intel x86 chip, a cousin to the silicon that sits inside your laptop or desktop PC. It put to rest longstanding worries about performance and battery life on the x86 platform, but was thoroughly dull and, despite largely passing our extensive app-compatibility test, was unable to run quite a few high-profile games. Our review of the San Diego found Intel capable, but still in need of a truly competitive smartphone. Last month, at a relatively low-key press event in London, Motorola and Intel co-announced the RAZR i, an x86 version of the mid-range Motorola Razr M, the first ofnumerous collaborations between the two companies. The RAZR i represents a unique opportunity: we finally have two virtually identical devices, one powered by a "traditional" ARM processor, and the other featuring an Intel chip. Can Intel’s effort hold its own, and has the company found its perfect partner in Motorola?" Source Link /// Read More: http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/4/3447984/motorola-razr-i-review-intel-smartphone
  8. Okay, this video is very disgusting so proceed at your own decision, but from the looks of it, this person is an attention grabbing sl6t... http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh9V1DMqj35qZNmh47 Oh ghetto problems... How you make New York City look horrible!
  9. Well, I'm just waiting for the arrival of MetroCard in Suffolk County, I still think it would be beneficial in certain senses considering that Suffolk has so many routes and span such a large area, perhaps one system is better to manage than many different satellites. However, I am hoping that there wouldn't be any drastic cuts like what happened to Nassau County.
  10. Wonder how this will work out for the B7 using Q Route buses... Thank you!!! Sadly, I lost one of my sources thanks to someone who decided to leak him out earlier this year but, that's another story...
  11. Awesome content on the lovely D4500CT #2251 and glad to see some awesome new buses on Queens Express runs!
  12. Amazing photos, and some of them make me... ummm... nvm... lol!
  13. Don't think nice will ever get a Bus Rapid Transit unless if the Nassau Hub gets a big redevelopment that'll bring tons of ridership, and maybe niceBUS will have a fancy name for it's Hub Service.
  14. Blaming one doesn't do justice and doesn't solve anything. At least he recognize his fault like several other TSA Agents caught doing the same act. In fact a lot do it under the radar but yet to be caught and believe me, this is not limited to TSA Agents, also local police and other "enforcement" agencies around the nation and beyond.
  15. FOAM FOAM FOAM FOAM FOAM FOAM!!! I am at my Maximum Geekery Radius!!! OMG!!! I'll get it when it does come out or did it?!?
  16. Thanks for Pre-Warning Me before I also get so damn confused. I would probably be like ooookay, and go ask a Booth agent about what the heck is that piece of plastic. But, seems like I'll be making my way to Grand Central Station this week to just get a hold of one of these, looks stylish still!
  17. I actually was a bit different, I know my way home and around New York during 7 years old and actually usually arrive at the doorsteps or at the destination, before my parents did, if I arrive home early, I often had to stay at neighbor's homes because parents were still in Manhattan or somewhere else, lol. FAQ?!? Frequently Asked Questions?!?
  18. I feel lucky I didn't do public school for the majority of my years in School, all private school, and one residential school that actually the staff would eat the things in the cafeteria. So yeah, no sh1tty lunch other than summer school that's not in the said residential school.
  19. Got my copy at Bus Fest as well, and have to say, the new night map looks sexy! You might ask what sex a map has, it's sex is map, k! Enjoy it! Because the ®ocks! Just sayin', lol!
  20. I agree with this move, I've already seen the fair share of "said" people making it their homes, and others making it as a hall for protests, promoting an agenda, product advertisements and product sales which are often illegal. For now, a out-of-system transfer will do until civilization gets back in order...
  21. The Q44 definitely needs the Select Bus Treatment from Parkchester to Jamaica, I can't believe people are still saying it doesn't. I literally almost missed my stop because of the load of people and the PM Dismissal of High School Students along the corridor, even the novaBUS LFSA's seem packed.
  22. Welcome back, long time no see! I'm formerly MegaBus and AW.
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