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  1. Hello Kat, welcome to the NYC Transit Forums, hope you enjoy the forums and get some valuable information!
  2. 5 Specific Routes Selected for each borough based on reliability and ride comfort. Bronx: Bx7, Bx10, Bx20, Bx34 and BxM18. Brooklyn: B3, B41, B62, B103 and BM5. Manhattan: M15 (SBS Inclusive), M16 (now SBS M34A), M31, M79 and M86 Bus. Queens (more than 5): Q12, Q13, Q23, Q27, Q30, Q31, Q38, Q46, Q50, Q64, Q65, Q88, Q104, QM4 and QM11. Staten Island (more than 5): S51, S53, S59, S62, S78, S79, S89, X17, X22, X22A, X30 and X31.
  3. From all my information from a February conversation with the Route Designer Rahul Kumar, they prefer New Flyer buses, I am pretty sure Veolia will opt for New Flyers considering it their purchase history and beyond...
  4. I am starting to hate living in New York City, these road designs are a piece of crap, and the city thinks it could get rid of cars, but what about if the transit systems can handle these new riders and what about shipments into the city? Bloomberg knows how to run a city, but he sucks at designing the transit system, NYCDOT even suck more considering many of the Interstate roads barely meet the Interstate Standard, even heard rumors of I-278 being downgraded to NY-278 in sections in Brooklyn, and oh great, now they're decided to execute a big dig - Brooklyn Style. If Bloomberg actually want to get rid of cars from the surface streets, he ought to explore a Mid-Manhattan Expressway (I-495) option that I promoted to be reinstated into consideration.
  5. I was there too, great to see you guys and a great non-violent day!
  6. Except Forest Hills Town Center, often things die down around 1AM, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, Maybe Astoria and Bayside too but I don't think so...
  7. If T4 is so useless and acting like a spur for the 7th Ave. IRT, then I think it should probably be removed and have T1 and T3 perhaps straightened out and the gap removed in Times Square. I thought it has a connection to T1/T3, but I guess not...
  8. I think Lhota didn't overreact, always had a small problem with Charles Moerdler since he acts like a NIMBY in certain senses and provides redundant unneeded comments on things that's already answered elsewhere.
  9. Good to see some spanky shiny new stuff on Long Beach Bus, heading down there to show some respect soon too, lol!
  10. LOL, but it's still a great discussion topic on the discovery of more solid traces of water on Mars. Obviously it's been mentioned before, but still we'll see which country gets to Mars first, hopefully us, but if the USA still think about money more than innovation, then we're back-a(beep)-ward as f(beep).
  11. Awesome photos, keep up the great work!
  12. Probably not feasible, but use a jetpack with a chopper and hover over the Clifton Yard, =P...
  13. I guess I'll be out in Nassau too, this is the most highly anticipated order in my stance. Even better considering I have few additional great photo op spots to go to!
  14. Welcome to the forums, always good to have more girls here, so it's not just a boy's hobby, =].
  15. A video from one of our fellow forum user Greg Grice (note, this was shot on the opposite platform):
  16. I would agree with more MVM's stationed at major Metro-North and LIRR Stops, as well as connecting bus stops, like the 7-Eleven at Queens Village where NY Trailways and Coach USA serve.
  17. Well, I'd agree with a Sunnyside Intermodal Center (which means Metro-North New Haven and LIRR All Lines can connect and stop at the Station), as well as connect to the Trains at Queens Plaza. and Queens Borough Plaza respectively, and rename Queens Plaza / Queens Borough Plaza to Sunnyside Intermodal Center. Also, create a free in-system transfer between the during these renovations and new builds.
  18. Well, I guess since people don't want the levee system built, I guess the alternative is move our corporate facilities to the Hudson Palisades - Newark, NJ corridor, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, PA corridor and White Plains-Stamford, NYCT Corridors...
  19. I smell Mangano and the Republicans who love privatization involved in this...
  20. I don't think LIRR can give up any more slots unless if half of Grand Central's lower level is gave up to the LIRR. I honestly have seen times where quite a few LIRR trains basically come on the same track few minutes apart from each other. Plus, this LIRR to GCT is basically freeing up traffic from the tunnels rather than the platforms, honestly T 16-21 will still be LIRR.
  21. Not with the people in the area, this will create more revenue losses and there will need to be more personnel around to prevent fare beatings. I think the Metro-Card system works perfectly for now, as for SmartCards, it should be the same as the Metro-Card system but without inserting the Card, but tapping the Card instead.
  22. What a typical people don't get is that dieting is hard, my aim is to cut 50 pounds to the dietitian recommended weight, but I only succeeded to cut 20 pounds. Also, sometimes being big is carried from genes to genes, she might have a gene causing her to be a big girl and this is what I learned from two assistants in my Sophomore year in High School who has these kinda genes. In fact, the two assistants in my Sophomore year eats very healthy and less yet still be big. It's hard, but still, the viewer shouldn't have said it like that, it's ridiculous. She has a job to inform people on news and topics, even though it is kinda like PR for a community in some senses, still people shouldn't be judged by the outside, that's whats wrong with society today! Too much about the outside appearance, not the inside, so this is why bullying and hate is surging yet people say legislation pushed out is too harsh. Well if parents and kids continue this practice, our nation would be broken and going to the bottom. The viewer who sent this hateful message is such a disgrace to the United States.
  23. USA Today /// 12:08PM EST /// October 2. 2012 - ""Brutus bashes Buffalo" -- now there's a headline just waiting to be written. Several decades after hurricanes first got formal names, some blizzards in the USA this winter will get their own names, too. The Weather Channel will assign the monikers, "the first time a national organization in North America will proactively name winter storms," the network reports. Most of the names on the list have a Greek/Roman theme -- the first three are Athena, Brutus and Caesar. "On a national scale, the most intense winter storms acquire a name through some aspect of pop culture and now social media; for example, Snowmaggeddon and Snotober," says Weather Channel winter weather expert Tom Niziol, referring to big snowstorms that blasted parts of the Eastern USA." Source Link: http://www.usatoday....hannel/1606531/
  24. This might be the length of an article but... The iPhone 5 is a great phone, iOS 6 is a great OS, but at the end, it all comes down to preferences and what you need. I'll break it down to many sections regarding each of the specifics. iPhone 5 Okay, you might be considering this device, so what's my recommendations? If you are a person entering the smartphone market, love iTunes, and love the overall feel of iOS 6 or if you are a person who owns any phone before and including the iPhone 4 (NOT THE 4S) and love Apple's system, then the iPhone 5 is right for you. However, if you own a 4S like me, I wouldn't upgrade because the only thing you're getting is LTE, slightly faster performance and an extra row of icons, battery life is on par. Also, if you didn't upgrade to iOS 6 just yet on your 4S, you'll still have the lovely Google Maps and Ad-Free YouTube Experience right at the palm of your hand. Also, if you are considering Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, then I suggest you to wait and make a final decision. So what's the trade off with the iPhone 5? Your old 30-pin cords and such, including those in your car, your home entertainment system and all the accessories and travel cords are going to be useless if you don't have another iPod or iPhone around with the 30-pin connector or the Lightning to 30pin Adapter. Also, the headphone jack is relocated to the bottom of the phone so if you like the original position of the headphone jack, then you're outta luck. Also, all the pricey cases you invested in will no longer work. Let's dig deeper into iOS 6 shall we? iOS 6.0 So you love the iOS platform, Siri and the clean and clutter-free iOS experience. You might have also checked out blogs, perhaps the WWDC 2012 and September iPhone 5 launch event and such on the iOS 6 platform. But you might also have heard about the new Apple Maps problems and YouTube's new app being buggy as hell. Well, you still love iOS don'tcha? Well, if you wouldn't mind to have a slightly bad maps experience, and perhaps YouTube experience, then you'll be fine with iOS 6.0. If you actually live on Google Maps or use it frequently, and like an Ad-Free YouTube experience, then I'm afraid you have to do a run to several AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile or Apple Store to get an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.1. For Canada, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Koodoo, Virgin Mobile or Apple Store for an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.1. And the amount of device is limited because people are frantically rushing into stores to grab a device with iOS 5.1.1 thanks to the Mapsgate Fiasco. The Verdict It all comes down to preferences, I have the iPhone 4S, I expected this Mapsgate thing to happen, and I expected the new YouTube app to make more money outta ya. Surely I am currently iOS, but Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry are all on par but each OS is good at some stuff and bad on some stuff. I might not know it all, but I do know better is relative, and it all comes down to personal preferences. Happy Phone Shopping! If you want to use my post as a source for your friends, refer to this link: http://windxcelsior.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/iphone-5-ios-6-a-brief-recommendation-break-down/
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