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  1. My full fantasy map is here. I was working with two principles in mind: (1) that the result should actually be nice operationally speaking — generally lines should be self-contained and branch just once at each end, unless they're serving particularly far-out areas; and (2) that any extensions should make sense in ridership terms (I deviated from the latter in one place: trying to rescue the hopeless Rockaway Park branch). There is one small mistake on it (I forgot about one local station somewhere on the 6).


    I'm in the process of drawing version 3, as there are quite a few things I'd do differently next time — and there's no next time like the present!


    Oh, and I've now made my signature clickable, so that the full map is more easily had in future. Hopefully clicky images won't annoy the powers that be.

  2. and |I just noticed--you are in Cardiff--great place, a number of my mates live there.

    I'm in Derby....

  3. do you have a full-sized map that goes with your "signature"?

    If you did, I'd like to see it.



  4. Hey someone said that you made a nice map on the Third Avenue Elevated Thread.

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