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  1. An overnight network would definitely work for Brooklyn. The danger is that the MTA probably would want the overnight network to be the daytime network to reduce coverage.
  2. They are only illegal if they pick up off the street without any pre arrangement. They are legal if people subscribe to the service by arranging for trips beforehand. You can guess which category most vans fall in to.
  3. Here is the link to my letter which maybe easier to read. It's about City take over of the buses and subways. http://www.qchron.com/opinion/letters_to_the_editor/should-city-run-transit/article_ac060675-2617-5cf9-92c8-3e998504ecaf.html I didn't realize this discussion turned into one about the BQE. I have my own thoughts on that one. Looks like another letter is coming.
  4. Well it sure sounded like an accusation to me. I know I’ve caught flack here and I don’t need you or anyone else to point that out. There is no reason for anyone to question my motives since I have never lied with statistics, distorted them, or omitted relevant statistics that I knew about. I have always been clear what my motives or agenda is. Yes I know he was one of my detractors, but since I have nothing to regret regarding anything I have said here, there was no reason to bring up his name.
  5. I have no idea what you are talking about. First you virtually accuse me of lying with statistics when I warn others to beware of those who do lie. So when I ask you for proof you take a step back saying you are not accusing me of lying but of having having a guilty conscience about lying. I have never lied with statistics so I certainly have no guilty conscience about it. Anyone who might believe I do lie with statistic, has no basis to come to that conclusion, other than that they disagree with me so I must be lying about statistics. That is exactly what happened on Streetsblog and why I was banned there. The truth seemed so far fetched to them that they couldn't possibly believe what I claimed was true. But I will tell you who does lie and I have caught them at it. It is DOT. After they put in the exclusive bus lane on Woodhaven they issued a report showing that travel times for cars increased by 38 percent along a portion of the street. They showed this in terms of minutes. I pointed out to them that if you do the arithmetic, it calculates to 38 percent. They had no idea it was so bad. I also criticized them at the meeting for stating they had modeling data but included none of it in the report. Guess what they done? They removed the pages showing a 38 percent increase in auto travel time and replaced it with modeling data showing predicted data. Then they backdated the report to claim the revised report was what was shown to the community. Luckily I took a snapshot of the page they replaced before it was removed after I pointed out to them what the percentage was when calculated. As far as Andrew, I haven't been in contact with him for several years. I don't even know why you would mention him.
  6. So exactly what are you saying? That I have been lying with statistics I have used? Give me one example. I am now beginning to regret all the nice things I have said about you all these years.
  7. I am glad you at least recognize the problem with DOT narrowing the streets. Add to that the hundreds or thousands of parking spaces they eliminated with cutibikes and daylighting that causes people to look longer for parking spaces. Have you looked at Corey Johnson's report? He is asking for a bus lane for every redesigned route, even if the bus runs infrequently. That won't benefit bus riders but only will make traffic that much worse. He is acting as if no one has a reason to drive anywhere and every trip can be easily made by bus subway or bike. He also wants to give the mayor unlimited taxing ability with no oversight from Albany. Don't vote for this guy when he runs for mayor.
  8. I was shocked because the delays were only in one direction and not both ways. That's why I take the train to my appointment and walk. Going home I don't mind the slow traffic.
  9. I was on the 57 Street local bus a few weeks ago during the week midday. While traffic was okay westbound which is where I was going, for some reason, it was at a standstill eastbound.
  10. I didn't check the schedule but the principles I stated are still valid. Only the waits would not be so long unless there is serious bus bunching.
  11. You should be aware of anyone's motives when quoting statistics. The Bus Turnaround Coalition is in favor of SBS. Therefore, they will quote or manufacture statistics to make SBS look good. They claim there is a 66 percent reduction in Q52 bus bunching and a 45 percent reduction in Q53 bus bunching. Think about that for a while. How do you define bus bunching? it is when buses are running in clumps rather than individually. A very high percentage of riders along those routes can take either route. I would estimate the as many as 80 percent of riders would not care if a Q52 or a Q53 came first because either bus would do. So wouldn't measuring bus bunching on both routes combined make more sense than measuring bunching individually? Consider that for 20 out of 24 hours day, buses on each route operate only every 20 or 30 minutes. By using bunching statistics for each route individually, it is grossly under estimated. Lets say between 12 and 2 PM, if buses are scheduled for every 15 minutes; buses arriving as follows: Noon - Q52; 12:02 - Q53; 12:15 - Q52; 12:16 - Q53; 12:31 - Q52; 12:31 - Q53; 1 PM - Q52; 1:03 - Q53; 1:14 - Q53; 1:15 Q52, etc. Under that scenario, while some buses may be considered late depending on how lateness would be defined, none of the buses would be considered as bunched because two buses with the same route number arrived together. But from a passenger's viewpoint who could use either route, all of them were bunched. Similarly, many B82 riders going to the Brighton Line could also use the B7. What would you tell someone who just waited a half hour for a bus to the Brighton line and a B82 local, B82 SBS and B7 all arrived at the same time, that none of the buses bunched? Yet, that is what current methodology would say. As for comparing local speeds to SBS speeds to show SBS success, that is also misleading. SBS has to be faster because they make fewer stops. The proper way to measure SBS success or failure would be to measure speeds with the Limiteds they replaced, not the locals. As I said, you need to be aware of someone's motives when they use statistics.
  12. They are not knew. There was talk of extending the R7 over 40 years ago to 59 Street but as usual the MTA rejected it because it meant extra bus mileage. The R7 later became the S7 and then the S53. When an idea is kicked around for so long, it usually means there is some merit to it.
  13. I typed “never tried to correct the problem” Autocorrect changed it to “nevertheless” and I didn’t see that before posting.
  14. So I guess little has changed over the years. When I was head of Brooklyn planning almost 40 years ago, a chief dispatcher in the office reported to me. He told me that drivers are often in cahoots with bus drivers. The reason Is that most or all dispatchers were once bus drivers and knew the bus operator when they were both bus operators. The MTA must know this and nevertheless tried to correct the problem. Also, several years ago I witnessed a bus dispatcher holding a bus at the terminal for 30 minutes just to give him overtime. I know that was the reason because I confronted the dispatcher who told me the operator completed his final trip of the day. I notified management and never received a response. My guess is that they ignored it because they didn’t even say thank you.

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