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  1. Probably, and it minimizes extra transferring. But it costs more so it's not MTA policy.
  2. Bad decision. Means more transferring. Long routes if split need to overlap.
  3. The only good thing I heard about the M15 SBS was that it runs quickly after 7 PM. There were also many complaints from local users claiming severe deterioration in local service forcing some to use the SBS when they preferred the local. From what I have seen on the weekends, I think there is too much service in the route compared to demand. Given the politics of it all, it will be interesting to see if Manhattan bus service is cut as much as Queens service will be cut.
  4. The thing is the MTA will declare success no matter what even if ridership goes down as I have previously started.
  5. So for example, someone who lives near 122 Avenue and Francis Lewis who doesn’t want to take two buses to the subway will have to walk three quarters of a mile instead either to Linden Blvd or Merrick Blvd for a one seat subway ride.
  6. Some new opportunities and new ridership will arise but the question to ask is will more be helped or hurt by the changes. I believe white a few will benefit, many more will be hurt.
  7. Look at the QT73. It goes to the 7. But what if you live in southern Queens and want the E, F or J/Z? You will now need two buses to get to those subways under the plan. Who would want to travel halfway across Queens to get to the subway?
  8. I predict they will take back about six of the proposals, and to pay for that, they will claim they need to remove a few good parts of the plan that people like. As far as bus stops, they will put back about 50 they intend to remove, but in the end, about 80 percent of the plan will remain in tact, and half the bus stops will be removed and it will be a bad plan for the majority of riders. The politicians will claim victory saying that compromise was a good thing. The MTA will claim the process worked. The riders will suffer. Ridership will decline. The MTA will declare success proclaiming the buses are operating 25 percent faster and resources were allocated more efficiently. They will dismiss the ridership losses claiming it was caused by the necessary fare increase, saying without the redesign, ridership would have declined further, also proving the redesign was a success. Meanwhile traffic will increase and Uber will flourish causing the MTA to yell they need more bus lanes at $6 million a mile. And that's how the money from congestion pricing will be wasted, but the city will be happy because revenue from fines will be greater from more drivers violating the bus lanes. The MTA will then make further service cuts because of the reduced ridership. Remember these words.
  9. Riders confront the MTA in Jackson Heights. https://www.pix11.com/news/local-news/queens/riders-confront-transit-officials-about-changes-to-bus-routes-in-queens?fbclid=IwAR25kHo_T1GLFkxdLpbhhpSFKXNCjd1nuO-DBDSNJZdM0kTF17Ns86K4uV8 I hope the same thing happens in Rockaway on February 6th at the YMCA.
  10. I agree with the need for gridlike north south service, but during rush hours they need to maintain one-bus access to the subway.
  11. More reactions from Rockaway, Maspeth, Glendale, Middle Village and Jackson Heights https://www.rockawave.com/articles/simon-says-457/?fbclid=IwAR2wpCKI1xsDxFxX8AnJBo9G-CymjH-K5DPZMfMawRgzo97-mlhNOlp2fP8 https://qns.com/story/2020/01/10/maspeth-glendale-and-middle-village-residents-share-concerns-over-bus-redesign/ https://qns.com/story/2020/01/08/jackson-heights-residents-dismayed-with-bus-service-cuts-proposed-by-mta/ We now have over 100 signatures on our petition to stop the MTA from removing half the bus stops in Queens. Please help us get more and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other transit forums. Thanks. https://www.change.org/p/mta-oppose-the-mta-s-plan-to-eliminate-bus-stops
  12. It's funny you said that. When I started with the MTA IN 1981, those were among the first words my boss said to me, "Don't come to me with problems, come with solutions."
  13. I think you might have misunderstood what I was saying. I was not saying the MTA should advertise its services. I was saying they should get advertisers to advertise inside the buses. I don’t know if there ever was an advertising department. I always remember it being contracted out. I don’t know where you got the idea that all ideas originate from the top. The MTA had a very successful Suggestion Department whereby suggestions were evaluated anonymously, and employees who saved the MTA money received cash awards which sometimes were substantial like up to $30,000. Employees in the department where I worked complained to my boss that it took too long for suggestions to be evaluated and sometimes worthwhile ones were rejected, so he started his own suggestion program and I was the head of it. Suggestions were evaluated by a committee of five. We could only give $100 rewards, but still received many suggestions. When I retired, the program ended because no one wanted to continue it. I understand that the NYCT Program also ended which made no sense because it was a good program but never received the prominence it deserved. It should have been headed by a Vice President. Instead the person in charge was not even a manager and had no power to see suggestions were fairly evaluated. There was an appeals procedure to the Executive Vice President, but nothing was really re-evaluated, and appealed suggestions got a rubber stamp rejection. What I learned from this was how easy it was for the MTA to save money. Changing one simple procedure how something was done had the potential of saving $100,000 annually. It made sense to give the employee a $10,000 reward to encourage other worthwhile suggestions. Just think how many procedures could be improved. The amount of money potentially saved is limitless. So without the program, maybe you are correct that now all suggestions have to come from the top. Without the Suggestion Program, when someone had a good idea, the bosses usually stole it anyway claiming it was their own and getting credit for it, leaving a bunch of disgruntled employees.
  14. The plan to end the Q53 will be scrapped and there will be some changes in Jackson Heights because of all the opposition there. They will also probably be forced to return some of the proposed bus stops slated for removal. But in the end they will still remove far too many bus stops than necessary, and will also cancel some of the good parts of the plan that people like, with the excuse that they can’t keep them because of the additions they are putting back because they have arbitrarily decided the plan has to be cost neutral. Also, I believe some of the cuts to MTA Bus Co routes have been forced upon the MTA by NYCDOT to reduce the subsidy the city has to pay the MTA so the city can use that money to expand ferry service.
  15. Articles and letters from today’s Rockaway papers: https://www.rockawave.com/articles/the-mta-cannot-be-trusted/ https://rockawaytimes.com/index.php/columns/6059-mta-s-proposed-queens-bus-redesign-could-give-the-q53-the-axe Letters 2 and 3 below: https://rockawaytimes.com/index.php/columns/22-we-get-email/6044-a-hero-remembered
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