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  1. BrooklynBus

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    What I can add to what B35 stated is that the MTA is relying more and more on Metrocard data and less on traffic counters to determine bus passenger volume. The reason of course is that it is cheaper to do this. One problem with using MetroCard data is that it assumes all passengers make the same return trip and that no passengers combine two purposes in a single trip requiring three buses or using a combination of buses to save a fare. They have to make the assumptions they make since they have no way of knowing from Metrocard data where and when someone gets off a bus. This automatically leads to some inaccuracies in the data. I oppose short routes because although they may be more reliable, they lead to fewer trips being able to be completed using one or two buses. They also do not guarantee reliability. Last year there was a story how riders had extraordinary long waits for the short B42. You obtain reliability by having dispatchers who know how to do their jobs correctly. Often they make matters worse. Off course you also need better parking and road enforcement which DOT and the police are not doing. As I previously stated, the answer is long routes with many short services on those routes. That combines the best of both worlds. As far as drivers on split routes, the MTA doesn't see what you see because they plan asto what looks best on paper, not what works best in the real world. They assume that all drivers return to the depots on time so there is no delay on the second half of their run. It is this same type of paper planning that causes them to operate all those not in revenue service trips some of which can be ten miles long. They assume partial trips from the depot are not necessary because there is enough existing service to handle the crowding. The assumption is that all buses are on time. So the result is passengers waiting 20 or 30 minutes for a bus with a ten minute headway and them being overcrowded while a not in service bus passes after ten or minutes and doesn't stop. It makes absolutely no sense to have not in service buses at 10 PM at night when buses people are waiting up to 30 minutes and 10 seconds may be added to a not in service trip if the bus picks up a waiting passenger that could save them 15 minutes. One driver realized that and picked me up last year although he was not in service violating the rules. Bus Operators should not have to violate rules to do the correct thing.
  2. BrooklynBus

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Yes, the gap between 60th and (75 St as locals call it) was another one if his inaccuracies I pointed out, but he dismissed that also as a discussion he didn’t want to enter. Correction for you or typo. You meant turning right on13th Avenue. And as far as sending the B64 to the VA hospital that was also part of my 1978 proposal that was not accepted. I proposed it to go around to Poly Place, left on 92 Street right on Fourth Avenue, right on 86 Street, terminate there, and right on 86 Street and right on Seventh Avenue back to the VA. I didn’t propose and combination with the B70. As I stated to Around the Horn, the additional traffic on 8th Avenue in the last ten or 15 years needs to be considered in determining if such a combination is still a good idea or would negatively impact too much on Bath Ave service. I also combined B8 and B64 services on Cropsey in 1978 as I did in 2003 and 2006.
  3. BrooklynBus

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I certainly have no interest in having a flame war with anyone. I only want to have telligent discussions. You on the other hand seem to prefer to state your opinions and leave it at that even when you use incorrect facts as you did with Bay Ridge Avenue headways. Then you made an emphatic statement that a grid system just doesn’t work by saying you shouldn’t draw straight lines on a map. I tried to explain that sometimes a grid system works and other times it doesn’t, giving you some examples, but you wouldn’t engage in further conversation. I also explained that many times there is little travel by public transportation between two neighborhoods because the places are difficult to get to which needs to be corrected, not because there is no need as you seem to conclude whenever there is little travel between neighborhoods. I think I have more experience than you do as a bus planner. I know we used to once get along, once sending each other private messages, so I do not know what happened that you took such a dislike to me and now call my willingness to converse with you wanting a flame war. But as I said that is fine if you want to have nothing to do with me, there are many people here who do want intelligent conversations. But I will continue to challenge any conclusions you come to that I do not believe are not fact based.
  4. BrooklynBus

    Subway history question - B Division

    Non rush hours, the T ran as the TT. The northern terminus part time was 36 Street in Brooklyn. Think it ran further north at times but can’t remember right now.
  5. BrooklynBus

    Subway history question - B Division

    And the BB terminated at 34 Street.
  6. BrooklynBus

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    You are incorrect again. The proposed 65th Street route is not based on the gap between the B9 and B64 which is only nine blocks for the Bay Ridge Avenue portion. It is based on the gap between the B9 and the B4 which is 15 blocks. The purpose of extending the B2 or B31 westbound to make them more than a single purpose route of taking passengers to and from the subway for four hours a day. The rest of the time those buses are virtually empty. If they connected additional neighborhoods, there would be more of a reason for their use during middays, evenings and weekends which is much more than just four hours a day. You are implying that there is no need to connect Marine Park and Gerritsen Beach to any other neighborhoods because they have nothing in common with other neighborhoods so there is little travel between them by bus. Part of the reason there is little travel between them is because three buses or indirect subway travel through Downtown Brooklyn is required to make those trips so consequently auto use in those neighborhoods is very high. May I remind you that prior to 1978, I bet you would have made the same arguments against the B1 stating there is no need for a bus from Brighton Beach to Bensonhurst or Bay Ridge because those neighborhoods have little in common and there is little travel between them. That also was due the fact that three, four or five buses or long walks were required. That all changed by making a one bus trip possible and turning many three and four bus trips into two bus trips. Now those neighborhoods do have something in common and there is much travel between them. Also prior to 1978, there was little travel by public transit between Borough Park and Midwood because three buses were required. The B11 extension changed the entire complexion of Midwood turning into a primarily Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. So available public transportation has a lot to do with the number of trips between neighborhoods. i disagree that Bergen Beach has no need to get to Avenue N. Yes the reason they use the Flatbush Nostrand Station is because they have no other choice if they live between Avenues J and Avenue M. How do you know they wouldn’t prefer the Brighton Line if that choice were available to them? You don’t. I am not saying that a connection to Flatbush Avenue should be completely severed. Perhaps rush hour service should be maintained. But I see no reason to keep the connection at other times. You also have to consider that if the B9 were extended, it is not only Bergen Beach residents and those going there who would use it. It would also make the B9 a usable route to residents of East Flatbush and those traveling there by providing a connection to the B46. Currently and in the past B46 riders cannot use the B9 without taking three buses and perhaps paying double fare which most riders will not do. I am not saying that a grid system works in all instances, but in this case and many cases it does. That does not mean the MTA should get carried away and not make exceptions. You remember we both opposed straightening the B36 to create an unnecessary walk to the Shedpshead Bay Station. But which do you prefer, a B36 along Ave is Z and a B4 along Neptune/ Edmond, or the pre-1978 Neptune /Z B36 and the Ave Z / Emmons route? Spaghetti like routes like that are confusing, make connections difficult and discourage occasional riders not intimately familiar with the routes which is why I changed it. The only thing I agree with on here is the planners need to get out more and ride the buses and talk to passengers. They only do that now after they design the routes, then they talk to passengers so they can select stateme to publicize that support their pre-drawban conclusions. if you don’t want to discuss this intelligently, I can understand a quick statement of dissmissal like you did this with my other comment. Even though you are incorrect regarding when Bay Ridge Avenue service was reduced.
  7. BrooklynBus

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I disagree with you about the proposed B66 being worse for riders. You have to remember that any change will inconvenience some riders. The goal is to make things better for more riders than you are inconveniencing. Yes some B64 riders, those going from Bay Ridge Avenue to Bath Ave would be inconvenienced. But how many riders are doing that now or are most Bay Ridge Avenue riders getting on and off on 13th Avenue with 13th Avenue riders replacing them and getting off on Bath Avenue? And what would be the alternative for those who are riding through. Two buses instead of one. But what about those now taking two uses and would now be able to ride a single bus because of the B66? All that has to be weighed before changes are made. The MTA did none of that when flip flopping the B1 and B64. I also disagree that 92 Street traffic is any worse than 86 Street traffic between 4th and 5th Avenue. Yes, 8th Avenue traffic has considerably worsened since I made that proposal, and that also needs to be considered now. Also, what I would do now with 65 Street service is have it stop only on even numbered avenues since there is service a few blocks away on 60 Street which is what I proposed in Sheepdheadbites about six years later along with different routings. I will try to find that link later.
  8. BrooklynBus

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I have had limited internet access for the past two weeks and was unable to respond but will do that now in the order of the comments made. You are incorrect. First, we do not know if there is a market until we try. That is one of the faults of the bus system. There are never any trial routes which can be discontinued if u successful. The MTA retains all routes even if they fail. Second, your facts are wrong. The ferry was discontinued when the bridge was built, but the 7 minute headways on Bay Ridge Avenue was retained until 1978, not because a ferry once existed but because those headways were needed during rush hours due to heavy use in both directions to the 4th Avenue subway and to Xaverian High School. When the B1 was created in 1978, the new schedules reduced service on Bay Ridge Avenue to save money reducing the market. In 2010 when the B1 and 64 were flip flopped, service was reduced further because the B64 ran less frequently than the B1. So the increase in automobile use was a result of the MTA’s reduced service and not altering bus routes to meet demand such as for B2 and or B31 extensions westward. Also, I agree that the B1 / 64 flip flop should not have been done and a through 86 St route should have been properly created as I recommended in 1978 and again in 2003 and 2006. Infant from my bus survey of 8,000 riders in 1975, the flip flop was the first solution I eliminated after I saw the high numbers of B64 riders who would be inconvenienced with a longer trip to the 4th Avenue Subway by having to use the Bay Ridge Avenue Station instead of 86 St. That was before the B8 was extended to 95 Street from the VA Hospital.
  9. BrooklynBus

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    You should have asked her why her Woodhaven SBS report states that only three minutes are saved with from the bus lanes AND by paying your fare in advance but only if you travel five miles or more. Does she think that is worth $250 million? And why she is comparing the change in traffic times using BEFORE data from AFTER when the bus lanes were installed. She is not going to get the true traffic delays from the bus lanes by comparing AFTER to AFTER instead of BEFORE to AFTER.
  10. BrooklynBus

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    And of course they distort the statistics to show the bike lanes work by comparing how many biked 20 years ago to how many bike today neglecting to mention the increase in bike fatalities and injuries. And when that is pointed out, their response is that they need more protected bike lanes. A few months ago de Blasio praised Vision Zero because no pedestrian was killed this year on Queens Blvd. When there was another fatality this week, his response was that Vision Zero still is a success but more work needs to be five. What work? Lowering the speed to 20 mpg? Elimination of another traffic lane? Create more pedestrian space? Reduce more green time for cars and buses? Put a bus lane in the main road because buses were greatly slowed by putting in a bike lane and reducing traffic lanes? Love the way they added a protected bike lane to 9th Street in Brooklyn to increase pedestrian safety there after that horrible accident last year. DeBlasio and Trottenberg need to wake up and start telling the truth for a change.
  11. BrooklynBus

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    When they blame traffic, Trottenberg should be put on the spot to answer what she is doing specifically to reduce traffic at the chronic locations where buses are delayed.
  12. BrooklynBus

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    I wonder if any of this shows up on the MTA's Performance Dashboard. You should find out. If it doesn't or performance shows to be much better, that would mean that it can't be trusted to measure performance on any route, local or express.
  13. BrooklynBus

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

  14. BrooklynBus

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Great. And yes we have to start holding elected officials accountable.
  15. BrooklynBus

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Congratulations. Keep working with the elected officials and the media. Greg Mocker is a good person. I've addressed Trottenberg at meetings several times and she remembers me. Would be interesting to hear what she says, because unlike other MTA Board Members, she can't blame traffic congestion on DOT, although I believe they are responsible for much of it due to screwed up lights, not implementing bus priority signaling fast enough, taking away much parking due to citibike stands causing drivers to circle the block more looking for parking and not allowing parking in perfectly good parking spots, taking away traffic lanes, shortening green times, etc.


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