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  1. Gowanus has HOV lane which needs to be in effect for more hours.
  2. You obviously hate all drivers because I notice how you carefully edited out my comments about cyclists going the wrong way, cycling between the double yellow lines and going through red lights. And the time I noticed a cyclist in the regular lanes, there were other cyclists in the bicycle lane. So yes, if there is debris or the lane is in poor condition, the cyclist doesn’t have to use it, but not because he wants to travel faster than other cyclists, because it is too slow for them. I see that you can never admit that cyclists can do anything wrong. As far as drivers going faster than they should, yes of course some do that, but by far most drivers drive safely and conscientiously.
  3. Yes. This is not a new idea. Cities have been doing this successfully for over ten years, perhaps close to 20. And the shoulders could even carry a diamond logo as is done in those cities with bus lanes on shoulders. When I proposed this, I wasn’t even aware of cities doing this. Incidentally, on Flatbush Avenue south of they Belt Pkway, where the right lane is striped off, I saw Q35s unofficially using it to pass traffic which was gridlocked due to beach traffic several weeks ago. It made perfect sense for them to do that although they were not following procedure.
  4. Improving on time performance is good, but can also be accomplished in other ways as I outlined in my report. I just don’t like splitting routes usually especially without an overlap because you greatly increase the need for transferring and turn two bus trips into three bus trips which is a great deference to ridership.
  5. Most routes have a lot of turnover. That is not a good reason to split them. Would you recommend splitting other long routes like the B41 or B46?
  6. I can't address your comments now. I will only say that I would oppose a B46 Q24 swap on Broadway because having the Q24 merely parallel the J would be less useful than what currently exists.
  7. I highly respect your experiences with Staten Island. Since I have little personal experience, I have made my comments strictly from media reports. Anyway, you admit that many problems still exist after one year and there are still standees even after the MTA tried to eliminate standees. I still believe if the initial plan was a good one, all problems should have been resolved in three months by the next pick. As for the MTA goal being not to cut expenses, why has the latest Brooklyn schedule revisions resulted in an eight million dollar cut instead of being cost neutral?
  8. Let me ask you one question. Have you ever driven a car at night and encountered cyclists? Well, I have, and they are very easy to hit when they show up unexpectedly like at night without headlights or reflectors and cycling between the double yellow line or traveling in the wrong direction. What about cyclists who have a protected bike lanes and instead choose to use a traffic lane instead because they consider the bike lane too slow for them? I have seen that too. I have also seen cyclists at night who were only visible because of reflective strips on their sneakers. So quit blaming drivers for every crash with a cyclist, giving them free reign to do whatever they like, like 90 percent if them going through red lights. The more we encourage cycling, the more traffic fatalities there will be regardless if the rate of fatalities decline. It is not the solution to improving travel for the single reason that it is not an all-weather solution. The answer is improved mass transit with better service levels, not continuing to reduce the frequency of service as we are doing.
  9. Thank you for the recognition regarding the amount of work. As I previously stated, since the reconstruction of part of the Belt Parkway, the shoulder could become a busway for part of the trip with some restriping and minor reconstruction in a few places. I assume you mean the B5 LTD. It also avoids the Belt Parkway using service roads where possible for part of the trip. When the Kosciusko Br is completed in two months, there will be additional traffic lanes which shoukd ease much of the traffic congestion. The B62 to DUMBO is to replace the B67 as explained on Page 28. I tried to stay out of Queens as much as possible. Brooklyn is a handful by itself.
  10. Bedford is very slow and Ocean Avenue is lined with apartment buildings for virtually every block.
  11. There would be no service on Bedford. Remember, there only is service on Bedford now because Rogers and Nostrand were converted to one way operation in the mid sixties. And the only reason why service was provided on two adjacent streets anyway was that two private companies were after the same clientele.
  12. https://www.qchron.com/editions/queenswide/can-we-trust-the-dot-on-buses-and-bicycles/article_b3bc0694-ca63-56b2-8e51-bac89237a796.html
  13. As promised, I am releasing my bus network redesign for Brooklyn after many months of work and revisions. It does not include the express bus network. It consists of about 20 pages of text and about 75 pages of maps. And, yes, I am aware there already is a thread for Brooklyn proposals, but I think this deserves its own. It also discusses the MTA's planning efforts in the other boroughs criticizing the approaches being taken. It also contains much system history. I would be pleased to hear comments, and of course it is subject to revision. This is Version 3.0. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmiYAcY6ebQngTlAmfX--m_QpWMr">

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