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  1. I did and it was posted on this forum and has its own discussion thread. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AMuE4L4GieYCDX0&cid=27B4793AC6019868&id=27B4793AC6019868!192&parId=27B4793AC6019868!105&o=OneUp
  2. There will always be bunching, not because of traffic, but because the MTA has no desire to reduce it. This was evidenced in April and May when there was virtually no traffic and few passengers to cause delays, but buses on routes with 20 minute headways were still bunched in some cases.
  3. I thought the reason was to reduce conflicts with cars turning right at the intersection which is the highest cause of bus accidents.
  4. Ìf they decide to implement the Bronx plan, do you think they will have to hold another public hearing (either real or virtual) given the time that has passed?
  5. The MTA promised they would replace overnight subway service with bus service, but in Brooklyn at least. I see no new bus routes. Borough Park is totally devoid of bus service except for the B11. No replacement for the D or N Lines. No subway or bus service between 5 Ave and 18 Av and between 50 Street and 86 St. Not acceptable. https://new.mta.info/coronavirus/overnight?fbclid=IwAR1lfkKza7oLqiyaB790uIqUXyHvwNyp_Ea4eO_rwwJAKqAO8Cv1BBloviE
  6. Where is the B46 SBS progress report? The route was started in July 2016.
  7. https://new.mta.info/bronxbusredesign/publicnotice?fbclid=IwAR24GafOYFODdRiwGsSiDIe3A1MRIwwA6Br6NJLbJ8vo9yFoYUEcOJn_G7c
  8. I think all are possibilities. Truncate the B63 at Barclays if they don't eliminate it. End the B103 at McDonald and Church. End the B103 at the Junction. The thing is if they do cut or eliminate the B103, you think they would have to come up with a good reason since it is so unlike any other Brooklyn route. Reasons like it costs much more to operate per mile than other routes which would be a possibility since I expect there is less turnover on that route with many trips similar to Express riders' trips with a trip average of 5 miles or greater instead of 2.3 miles for local routes.
  9. It is not meaningless speculation. Anyway, I never said they would succeeed in getting any of this done. Merely that they would try. And if the QT1 goes through, you know it would replace the B62, not supplement it. And I changed my B15 prediction to half the stops being eliminated and it running on Linden non-stop after Brookdale Hospital. I picked the B63 instead of the B37 because the community worked so hard to get it restored. If they try it again, it would be too obvious, they don't care about the passengers.
  10. https://patch.com/new-york/foresthills/forest-hills-commuters-decry-mtas-proposed-q23-bus-redesign?fbclid=IwAR2n39hEEVRf1tPvjfANzRlFKibkwAOXtMmsFIjrS9x8Rfu_6F-5ybVaBJI
  11. Yes there certainly is a lot of information there, but sone of it is also misleading like the map that shows everyone is within a quarter mile of a bus route which makes it appear there are no transit deserts. The map should show how many are within a quarter mile of an east west AND a north south bus route. Because if you are within a quarter mile of an east west route, but you need to go north south you may have to walk further than a quarter mile. If you first have to take the east west route to get to a north south route you need, you will need multiple transfers to get to your destination. Theoretically you could only have east west routes and no north south routes and that map would show everyone is within a quarter mile of a bus route when in reality most people couldn't get where they need to go unless they need to travel in a straight line. East New York is a perfect example.
  12. I agree that he did nothing to help the situation and was also disappointed in him. But still, I believe DOT is to blame expecially the Brooklyn Commissioner who lied to the Plumb Beach Association by flatly stating DOT never installs bike lanes unless the community asks for it, but at the same time installed them on Queens Blvd against community wishes. In Manhattan Beach, the community along with the councilman you mentioned asked DOT to move "pilot" bus lanes from Oriental Blvd installed in 2003 to Shore Blvd sidewalk where they belong, because there is a dual sidewalk that was actually built that way so it could be a bike lane. DOT has now been "studying" that for ten years and has tried to say it was up to the Department of Parks, not them. I think he is generally a good person and you are blaming the wrong person. DOT is the one who pushed it through without giving the community a say and that who deserves the blame. Anyway, when I asked him why he wouldn't help he told me that more of his constituents told him they preferred the route go straight on Ave Z. If he was telling the truth is your guess as much as mine. Though I can't see why he would lie about that. I can't answer your question regarding his political ambitions. I know my conscience is clear in that I did whatever I could including handing out stickers with the web address of my petition. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to use social media and was only able to get 60 signatures so I never even submitted it to DOT. I needed at least several hundred to make a statement. I am more worried about what the MTA will do to our bus routes and the bus stops they will remove. I have over 1600 signatures for that petition. We can't give up on that fight. When did they change the traffic on Avenue V? I was last there about a month ago.
  13. I won’t mention names since you didn’t. But what I would like to know is how you know this individual is the one who was responsible for this change? I also do not believe this individual to be vindictive to take the action you predict. This is how I remember everything going down. About three years earlier DOT comes to C.B. 15 with a proposal to make Sheepshead Bay one way for two blocks to supposedly relieve traffic congestion. That change would mean the B36 would have to be altered in the westbound direction to proceed directly on Av Z. The CB thinks this is a bad idea and tells that to DOT. Everyone assumes the proposal is dead since nothing happens for about three years. Then a lady crossing East 17 Street at Avenue Z is killed by a B36 making a left turn which has been made safely for over 40 years without any problems. The cause of the accident is never made public so we do not know of it was the drivers fault or the pedestrians. But since no one said she was crossing against the light, it is assumed it is the fault of the driver. But no information is giving regarding the bus like if the brakes were properly working, etc. DOT then gathers some facts that shows there were other crashes in the area in the past five years or so, but no other fatalities. So they immediately conclude that intersection (although that was the only incident there) as well as the entire area is dangerous. (You can go to any area and find a few crashes in the past five years and conclude if you want to that any area is dangerous.) No comparison is made to other areas, so no one knows how dangerous it really is or if it is dangerous at all. But that is how DOT operates. So they propose to close E 15 Street to traffic and convert two blocks to one way which necessitates that the B36 operate straight along Avenue Z. The MTA is asked by DOT if they have any objection. Of course they wouldn’t because it means they save a few feet of route mileage. Riders aren’t happy so they approach the individual in question and ask him to intervene. That individual has told me he has an excellent relationship with DOT so he doesn’t want to jeopardize that by opposing them. His solution is to get them to install a few lights under the train, because some claimed it would be too dangerous to wait for a bus at the new bus stop in the dark. He obtains the lights and considers the matter closed. The MTA is asked what they think and their response is the buses are no longer getting stuck in traffic so it’s a good thing. That is an outright lie, because there was no traffic during the evening rush hour one week before which I have on video. The bus spent a maximum of an extra minute serving the station with the sixth highest bus subway transfer volumes in the city. Now several thousand a day must walk an extra block, some running dangerously across Avenue Z to catch a bus and others just missing a bus or train because of a change where half the passengers on every bus gets off or on at Sheepshead Bay Station.
  14. The term of the ads used to be every three months which if it still is would be reasonable in terms of labor costs. I think the problem is the minimum number of buses you have to advertise in. A chain store or internet company could advertise in every bus in the city. But that wouldn’t make sense for a local business with a smaller audience that perhaps would only want to advertise on buses in a single depot. I don’t believe the MTA lets you advertise by depot which is why local businesses would not be interested in advertising in every bus in the city. Also, the rates they are asking are probably too high since no one wants to advertise inside the buses anymore.
  15. But when the MTA puts in artics with more capacity, they also reduce service to compensate so the buses stay just as crowded.

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