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  1. Looks like the new order of 35 Orion VII EPA10's are starting to be built. Photos can be seen here:
  2. But at the expense of losing a planned 500 LRT cars and 7 LRT lines.
  3. 10 cent fare hike and service cuts to almost 50 routes coming our way just cause Rob Ford wanted to end the war on cars.
  4. Time to chase a Fishbowl thats not supposed to be out on a Sunday!
  5. On Thursday, the TTC unveiled the first of the new information screens that are going to be placed just by the entrance of the station. LINK
  6. Fleet Updates: - 2008 Orion VII NG 1517 and 1999 New Flyer D40LF 7308 have both officially been retired. Reason for retirement are Arson and Engine Fire respectively. Both are first to be retired in their series. - 71 GM New Looks remain - TRs are starting to be delivered. 5391-5396 have been delivered and are undergoing testing. They will be relieved to the public tomorrow morning at Downsview Stn at 11am.
  7. Mayoral Candidate Rob Ford has released his Transportation Plan for the city if her were to become mayor. One thing includes scrapping streetcars and replacing them with buses. It can be seen here He seriously expects money for all this will fall from the sky. We'd have this all plus more if there was just money. I seriouslt don't know where he got his facts from. "Buses hold the same amount of people as streetcars, Subways cost the same as LRT and Streetcars pollute the city." From what I've calculated, 411 buses are gonna be needed to replace the streetcars. 2 buses for 1 CLRV and 3 buses for 1 ALRV. 411 buses replacing 247 streetcars... I don't see a cost saving in that.
  8. The TTC Customer Service Advisory Panel has released a report on how to improve the TTC. It can be viewed here. An interesting quirk is it mentions Transit Enthusiasts as "Transit Lovers" in Section 7D (Page 51).
  9. Most if not all of them should be gone by 2012. They are being replaced Orion VIIs. 95 are to be delivered by the time the Fishbowls retire.
  10. Some Updates: - The Fishbowls have been dropping like flies. 15 have been retired in the past 48 hours. - 1999 New Flyer D40LF 7308 caught fire. - Noticeable construction has started for the Sheppard East LRT Line. - Station designs for TYSSE have been revealed for 4/6 stations. Sheppard West Station York University Station Highway 407 Station Vaughan Corporate Centre Station - An RFP has been issued for Open Payment - And the TTC is close to closing a deal on new Headquarters and a Transit Museum.
  11. My local garages (Mt Dennis and Wilson) has GM Fishbowls, Orion VIIs (DSL, HEV), Orion VII NGs (DSL, HEV), and Orion Vs.
  12. TTC officially launched the Next Vehicle Arrival system by Text Message for Streetcars today. Buses go active in Early 2011. Link: http://www3.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Projects_and_initiatives/Customer_Information_Initiatives/Next_vehicle_information_system/Text_Messaging.jsp
  13. Some recent news: The St Clair ROW project is finally wrapping up and currently streetcars are running the full length of the line. All that needs to be done now is the construction of shelters at Old Weston Rd, Keele St, and Gunns Rd/Loop. The TTC also brought out a PCC to run on St Clair a couple weeks ago for a festival. TTC is also participating in today's Pride Parade by bringing out VII NG 1791 and an unknown Friendly Bus as a float.
  14. IIRC, 5 sets are supposed to be delivered by the end of this year and the 1st set is due to arrive next month and be in service by fall.

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