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  1. You may very well be right. I had thought of that too, but dismissed it knowing that Caddells Shipyard on Staten Island has done the bulk of the shipyard work for the ferries in the past,, but all it takes is to be under-bid on one job...........
  2. Anybody know whats happening with the Samuel Newhouse? Going to scrap? Sold to another operator? On our way back from Baltimore yesterday, caught her being towed south-bound off Atlantic Highlands. I know the Newhouse and the Barberi are slated to be replaced, but the new ferries havent even gone into the design process yet, so Im wondering why the city is getting rid of it early.
  3. Spotted this big car in Port Newark today, TTX's 12 axle depressed center flat car #130651. Gross cap. of 945,000 lbs., load cap of 665,000 lbs.. 32ft. center section, 108ft overall lenght. Dont know if this is the highest capacity flat on the TTX roster, but it has to be way up there.
  4. A quick shot of the non-profit NOPB working a manifest freight along the waterfront on St. Patricks Day. Some real clean power, they must've all just come out of the shop. http://youtu.be/HAK0BypgyZ8
  5. Green is reserved for volunteer EMTs. Blue is reserved for volunteer firefighters; they are authorized to have one light, not that anybody adheres to that. NEW YORK STATE VEHICLE &TRAFFIC LAW SECTION 375 SUB 41 Hmm, dint see anything about purple lights.......:cool:
  6. I change out the desktop pic every month, usually sticking to something to do with transportation of some type. From the past few months: Hell Gate Bridge Pride of Baltimore II passing Governors Island UPRR work train at Port Barre, La. Horseshoe Curve
  7. Just happened to catch this CSX manifest this afternoon as it was heading into the tunnel that runs under the campus at the West Point Military Academy. Sorry I couldnt be a bit closer. (note to self: ask for a camera w/ better zoom for Christmas, lol.)
  8. Thanks for the responses guys; a little Google lookup and YouTubing confirms the AC. The 583 is featured in a number of videos and is system wide.
  9. The lead of a northbound CSX auto rack passing Plaza Terminals, Newburgh, NY. Any guesses as to where this originated from? On the third engine (583) there is a lightning bolt on the cab side below the 583. Whats the signifigance of this? This was one long consist; if you have 4-1/2 minutes you wanna waste out of your life, I also made a video which is posted on my YouTube page.
  10. You are correct. A bit of diggin around on the innernet shows it as being Cross Harbors #25, Alco S-1, built 1946, aquired by CHRR in 1983. Ex Erie 307, ex Erie-Lackawanna 307, ex BEDT 25 (Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal) #25's 3 other Alco stablemates went to the scrap yard.
  11. Happened to catch this UPRR work train unloading a Herzog "Cartopper" tractor at the yard in Port Barre, Louisiana. Ive seen this done in videos, was really cool to see it in person. I talked to the operator briefly after he was done, he admitted the first time he did the maneuver he was picking seat upholstery out of butt for a few days afterwards. The work train was moved by this sharp looking hi wheel tractor
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