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  1. My handle is my first name combined with the number of the first bus I had assigned to me 5 days a week when I became a full time Bus Operator in Miami in March 2002. Bus 9032 was a 1990 Flxible Metro-B and it was assigned to the route 1 in the mornings back then. I was only on that run for the remainder of the lineup then I went to afternoons and I drove 9032 a few more times before she was retired in January 2004. She wasn't the fastest bus out there but she was all mine for a while. I also go by "BuswayLocal" on a few other places like YouTube, that's the route name of MDT's route #31 which runs on the Busway between Dadeland South station and Southland Mall making all stops at all times during it's span of service.
  2. Good work Trevor. It's hard to tell that 9345 is a 19 year old bus now! WMATA really seems to take good care of their stuff.
  3. Good work Trevor. I'm glad you snapped some of your beloved Orion 1's. That '93 Flx looks immaculate! Compare that to Miami's '93 Flxes when they reached the end of their lives...9703 looks like she's just beginning hers. Fernando
  4. His name is Jacinto Villavicencio and I think he drives out of 475. I've never really met him, but I met his brother Victor Villavicencio when he was still driving for B-L back in '98, my dad, brother and I rode a round trip on the 4 with him during the PM rush one day. He had Flx #833 and it was the usual ridership for the 4...sitting load going down to Woodlawn, jammed to the gills like a train in India on the way back to Getty Square LOL. Victor had to retire due to some incident he had on the 25, but last I heard Jacinto was still driving.
  5. Funny story. That happened to me a couple of times, but unfortunately with fans that are in their 30's that used to sneak onto buses that I was relieving, on the street, to play with the brake pedal before I even got to the bus :eek:. Since I was friendly with them, I just told them to not do it without me being there first. I like Bee-Lines buses since that was my hometown system when I lived in Yonkers, I still remember riding the Fishbowls up South Broadway to Getty Square in the late 80's when they were at the end of their careers. I had relatives that drive there and I believe my dad's cousin still does.
  6. Great job, Trevor. It can be lots of fun photographing in dumpy weather! Fernando
  7. Great job, Mark. West Farms Square is a familiar spot to me, I've stayed a couple of times at that Howard Johnsons next to it and I was able to railfan without even leaving my room!
  8. Beautiful twilight shots of the <7>'s home! That's a mandatory stop for me whenever I visit NY. Fernando
  9. Hi everybody, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Fernando, I live in Miami and I work for Miami-Dade Transit as a technician at the Metromover division and I was a Bus Operator for 5 years. I was born in Yonkers and I grew up with Bee-Line's Fishbowls, RTSes, MAN artics and MCI 102A2's. I hope to return to New York someday soon as a Train Operator. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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