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  1. Hi All, I have a question on the 21 page book. In the section for the traffic offenses i had 2 moving violations from 2008 and 2010. When i got a copy of my abstract from the DMV it only showed the the 2010 violation. I'm guessing the earlier one is gone from the record, Should i still list the 2008 ticket in the booklet or leave it out? Thanks
  2. Grand St. B,D Grand St. L Metropolitan Ave. M Metropolitan Ave. G
  3. this would be great give the graffiti writers more free space to work with. The first night after these things would come online they would be covered in graffiti, and the lights would be broken and vandalized. And most people aren't looking out the windows between stations anyway, there reading their ipads and kindle's.
  4. Thanks for the info, I'd figure with three weekends and a bunch of late weeknights with no service they should be able to relay all the north and southbound track with concrete ballast from prospect park to Atlantic then Atlantic up to Dekalb. Oh and for future reference where would i find this press release does the MTA post them on the website somewhere?
  5. Does anyone know what the project is that is shutting down the Q train from Prospect Park-57th st. the next few weekends? I'm guessing that it has to be something major between Prospect Park and Atlantic Ave.
  6. primomjr78: Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I got the paper in a shoe box along with the other city tests i have taken recently. C/R & Police. I'm also going to do the Court Officer exam in the winter as well. And in the mean time figure out a new full time gig for myself while i wait on these things. While i have always wanted to work for the TA i'm at the age where whoever calls me first will get me first.
  7. Hi all, so i got my official results and list# on sat, Scored i think it was 95 and change and my list # is 934. I do know that now is the published but not active yet. i'm just looking to see if anyone thinks i would get this call some years down the road or if this is too low down on the list to worry about at all?
  8. WillBx718 Member Station Agent I totally get where ur coming from, i agree 1000% not all TA people are like that. I got to know a TO on the B line back in the day cause i would leave work about the same time everyday and get to West 4th st. and ride the R40's and catch his train almost day so we started talking and you could go on forever with him. I see what ur talking about with keeping the crews on a tight schedule especially during the rush hours. This was in the middle of the day on a weekend, and not that this guy couldn't speak english. He was an american just from the west coast so when i pointed out what to do for him on his map he even broke out a little pad of paper from his bag and wrote it down. I was like this is the easiest directions i've ever given to an outsider. I can understand if he was not even from this country and couldn't really speak english, there's not much he could have done with that. But i was thinking at least tell him to go up the escalator and talk to the station agent and he can help you. This guy just came across as an abrupt j.o. I'm with you on that you don't see everything about a job till you work it, and i'm not claiming to know it all i would never do that. While having seen some messed up shit in the subway while growing up here i know it's just the tip of the iceberg. But i still wanna do it.
  9. I can understand making it competitive that's fine. but i have witnessed in the subway where the people who get called for these don't really care about the job and just use the job as a means to end. (example) like 4 months ago i was the Lex/53rd station waiting to catch a V over to Roc Center. I was at the middle of the platform and an E train came in and a tourist was standing a couple of feet from me with one of those pocket sized maps looking over it. He went up to the conductor and asked how to get to 81St. Natural History station. The conductor tells him after making his announcements that he doesn't know and closes the doors and goes on his merry way. I was standing there thinking what the f**k, questions like this are on the damn test for job and this a-hole had the balls to tell him he didn't know. So i went up to the guy and told him exactly what to do and he thanked me like 5 times and went on his way. Then i thought this is why people complain about TA employees being d-bags and JO's cause things like this must happen every day. Now i know that not all of the TA people are like this, but the few that are a-holes f**k it up for the rest of you guys. These are people that the TA needs to get rid of and put people in those spots who actually give a shit about their job of being a public servant.
  10. ( It worked out to 95 on the TO test as well when i worked out the preliminary grade with the online answers. Needless to say when i saw that after seeing my list# from the conductors exam i went through the roof again, And i studied so much more for the TO exam.
  11. ( Thank God! I'm overjoyed to hear that. Now i can start counting down my time in this shitty job i'm stuck in now and do something that i've always wanted to do and get paid better for it. I did take the Train Operators exam to but haven't gotten the results yet. I'm hoping to see that grade and list # soon.
  12. I got a 95 and i'm #2562. Is there a snowballs chance in hell i can called?

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