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  1. I guess it was pretty easy! but like locomotion69 when i took the conductor test I thought I did better than I actually did! I took mine in some HS in the city at like 1st ave and 15th street ! my test was suppose to be at 10 but didnt start till after 11am..
  2. 100 divided by 75 is 1.3333333 so in essence thats what its suppose to be so 1.3333333 times 69 is 91.999997 rounded is 92
  3. 1 and 1/3 each... so basically you do 1.33 times the amount right and you get your answer mines 91.77 and im assuming the round it to the next so 92%
  4. yeesh i got six wrong thats bad so thats a 92% i did pretty bad and it was such an easy test! Oh well maybe its still decent compared to the regular people taking the test! but it was an easy test no clue how i got 6 wrong i knew i had like at tops 3 that i wasnt sure of!
  5. quick question. If something is protested and its found to be badly worded or whatevers will everyone get the points or do you have to write in or does it just work for whoever protested it..
  6. I believe that one couldnt have been the covered coffee because it said something about only closed bottles could be allowed and also the fact that the person left it on the control panel which wasnt allowed
  7. I also put speak louder i figured he has a hearing impairment hes not slow lol
  8. lol yup thats me! and Id definately prefer dsny over conductor but I dont think there calling anytime soon if they even reach my number so I figured mind as well take a few different tests! and there was a horrible delay in sheepshead bay we started 920 orso when it was schedule for 7:00 insane! ps: i went to tgifridays after i finished with my girl and when we were driving back home i seen 2 cop cars and a fdny emt there! anything happen?
  9. so it was all common sense right? any advice?
  10. I just read the back. Thanks I was going to bring pencils anyway because when i took the dsny test it was the same. anyways thanks and Good Luck to everyone taking the test today and whoever took the 9am test !
  11. Hey All!! I have my test tonight at 7pm in sheapshead Bay HS In Brooklyn! My girls gonna drop me off and pick me up so it shouldnt be to bad.. Im assuming like someone said before its just common sense! Do we have to bring pencils? it doesnt say anything!
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