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  1. Those shots are looking almost real! I'm lovin them!
  2. I for one think its coming out nicely! its good to see some NYCT equipment coming to the MSTS side of the sims.
  3. as an administrator yes it is but I'm still working off of XP. Theres also that ORTS under development for MSTS so that maybe better for 7 and vista.
  4. I run it on my Acer Notebook and I've never had any problems with it.
  5. I'm still working on the Metro North for MSTS. Its a slow project since its all three lines and I just recently discovered open BVE, but its going pretty well. Most of my progress now is posted on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/duguid82
  6. That pic does look kind of fake. Sorry guys but the phase I P42 is suppoesd to be 156 not 158, there wouldn't be a red band going around the loco until phase V otherwise 145 would still have hers. And finally, theres no way a freshely painted ANYTHING could get that dirty that fast! Just saying!
  7. Your thinking of 231. this one was rebuilt and painted to PHIV then stored I think at Bear for sometime.
  8. There's another video of 406 being rebuilt and you can see P40DC 822 painted in the same PHIII heritage scheme as 145.
  9. are you just tickinf with the slants or will you be doing the R40M too? Also looking for a good R62 model.
  10. I remember you! are you still on Youtube? duguid82 captain82 on train-sim forums.

  11. Refering to all the snow we've been getting and unfortunaly, more to come. :cry:
  12. Well it looks like theres almost anything and everything New York related featured in TRAINZ and BVE so i'm hoping this new company will finally give us MSTS users something to look forward to.:tup::tup:
  13. does ConnDot own those P40s now? if so when are they going to paint them to its DOT scheme?
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