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  1. Thanks WEM. Looking forward to moving on to the next phase but I will miss my classmates.
  2. Just want to give a head's up to all. I passed my signal test and all my practicals this week! Damn, it feels good! Now its off to yard posting for three weeks.
  3. Hey WestEndMan, I just finished my 1st week of orientation at PS248. Pretty cool. Looking forward to Monday when we will be broken up into our classes.
  4. I'm in this class. There's about 100 people in the class, about 55 for the T.O. position. After lunch, they brought the other set of people into our conference room due because they didn't have the space for them. They threw alot of information at us. The day flew by and people were still asking questions as we were leaving.
  5. I don't know if they have another exam coming up soon, but alot of guys have the time but not the age from what I hear. Once the age factor hits, I figure heads will retire.
  6. Hey Matt, I went in this morning to finish my final processing and was up and out of there before 1000am. My list # is in the 2700 range. Yes, my 2nd DT was because the 1st DT expired. Of course when they call you for final processing they tell you its a 10am appt but get there as soon as they open because they start everything at around 7:30am. By 840am I got called for the paperwork processing, then off for the picture for the ID and then the electronic fingerprinting. I was finished by 100am. I go for orientation in the October class. Now the hard part will be giving my current job the 2-week notice. I like my current job but I couldn't pass on a career with the MTA.
  7. I got the call today to return to Livingston St for final processing. I did the DT Tuesday Sept 30 and the medical on Sept 22. I have all my ducks in a row now. Anyone else get a call to come in on Tuesday?
  8. I received my second letter last weekend to come on on Sept 30 for the DT again. I just got released from a medical hold on Sept 24. I was placed on the hold back in July. My number is 27XX (low end). They told me to expect a call within 2 to 90 days. I'm cool with the wait.
  9. @ MTAHopefull Matt and Allday... I got a call from MTA HQ today and they said they're going to have Oct, Nov, & Dec classes. Like Allday stated they should be calling people next week for the Oct class.
  10. Anyone knows if they're still calling people off the list and when the next class will be called?
  11. WestEndMan... Low 271X Trainman... Thanks! Looking forward to it!
  12. I got my call back today to come in for the medical this Friday. My list # is 27##. Looking forward to having everything go well!
  13. It's been a minute since I last posted here. I went down to 180 this morning and I'm glad I monitored this thread first. I got there at 6:30am, got my number and everything went like LeonDoub described above. After the DT, they said everything will be a phone call anywhere from 2 to 90 days from now.

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