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  1. It wouldn't surprise me to see the R42's on the line. Their are 48 R42 cars left in service and the 207th Street yard is home to trains that are at the end of their careers. In my opinion, I think there will be a 3 yard switch. Jamaica Yard will give East New York yard 50 R160 cars (which they would renumber and make into 8 car sets.) East New York yard would give the 207th Street yard all 48 R42 cars and the 207th Street yard will give the Jamaica yard 48 R46 cars.
  2. The R32,38,40 and 42 are the last great subway cars we will will ever see. Period. Riding the subway should not only get us from point A to point B, but should be fun. When I see pictures of these trains on barges, it breaks my heart. I really miss the old blue interior of these cars, and wish there was one or two left. I will miss the fact the these trains have the railfan window in the front and they do not have those annoying doorbells when the doors are closing. It was sad to see the R27-30's to go in 1990, the redbirds in 2003 and now the R32, 38, 40, and 42 in 2009. I wish the MTA would announce the last run of these great cars. Oh, I just want to thank everyone who welcome me to this site. I see the members are one big family. Thanks guys.

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