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  1. I am glad that the MTA is taking care of the R32's. They are the last classic, non door bell cars we have (except for a few R42's still in service.) I hope they do not put those annoying doorbells on the R32's. They did that in Chicago on the 2400's and 2600's El Cars. Long live the R32's. Wish they would come back on the line.
  2. The Staten Island Railway sometimes can not stop where it should and has to back up. It usually happens in the fall or after it rains, because the rails are slippery.
  3. It wouldn't surprise me to see the R42's on the line. Their are 48 R42 cars left in service and the 207th Street yard is home to trains that are at the end of their careers. In my opinion, I think there will be a 3 yard switch. Jamaica Yard will give East New York yard 50 R160 cars (which they would renumber and make into 8 car sets.) East New York yard would give the 207th Street yard all 48 R42 cars and the 207th Street yard will give the Jamaica yard 48 R46 cars.
  4. The other day I was reading that the Straphangers Campaign said that one of the low points of the MTA this year was to extend the life of the R32's. What is wrong with these people? The R32 is the best subway car ever built. Period. They could last another 15 years or more. (If they still make the parts.) I still love them because they remind me of my childhood, when I use to race to the front car and look out. Today most of the trains have annoying bells and recorded messages. The decision of extending the life of the R32's is one of the very few postive things the MTA came up with. Long live the R32 Budd Built Brightliners!
  5. I was told by a former MTA bus driver that Veolia Transport Co. was going to take over LI Bus from the MTA. I was going to ask you guys if it was true, but after viewing the forum, I see it is posted. If anyone has any information about this, please send me a response! Thanks guys!
  6. In the mid 1970's there was the line that went from Broadway Junction to 57th Street/ 6TH Ave. in Manhattan. It replaced the KK line. In 1976, the dropped the line. In 1985, the line came back as an 8th Ave. local, replacing the AA line.
  7. I see the K line, no number 8 train in the Bronx, and the EE line appears. In 1972, the map had the number 8 train in the Bronx, and the 1978 map eliminated the EE line. The E train ran into the Rockaways, and was replaced in the 1978 map by the CC train.
  8. Here are a few ideas to think about. S48 continuing down Forest Ave. past Home Depot. S59 runs to Bayonne, s57 re-routed on Port Richmond Avenue s59 runs to Tottenville at all times. Create a new stop at the Eltingville Transit Center (ETC) for the s44 and S61. Extend the s55 to Charleston. Bring back the s103s bus. They will renumber that line. That bus went from Hylan Blvd and Great Kills Summer Park Road (now called Buffalo Street) to Great Kills Beach. Summertime only. Create a bus line to Newark Airport from the ETC. Create a bus line going to Woodbridge Mall Create special event buses such as Jets/Giants games from the ETC. for a special fare!
  9. About a week ago, I was by the Meredith Bus Depot on Staten Island, and I saw a new MCI x30 bus pull out. The designation sign had LED lights. It had no MTA marking or logos. Has anyone else seen this bus or rode it?
  10. A little while back, I was lucky and I caught an R42 on the line from Jamaica to Broad Street. I took it about 4:30 and got to Broad Street about an hour later. I look out of the front car window, and did not see any other R42 on any or train the whole trip. I noticed only 2 other R42 sets in the East New York yard. Are they going to retire them soon or are they going to run whenever they are needed as a backup. The number of R42 is getting smaller and I am thinking they are near retirement very soon. My other question is: Will the run an R110A and R110B train on a fan trip? I was not lucky enough to catch them when they were in service back in the 1990's. I would like to ride them.
  11. The best way I can sum it up. The R44's are on the Staten Island Railway and the R46 serve the subway lines: and - Rockaway Shuttle. Besides that the R44 had glass between the doors and the seats and the end door was smaller.
  12. Anthony, how are you? I grew up in Eltingville and I moved to Illinois when I was 15 (Back in 1986.) I missed the people, good food (like Ronzoni, 4C bread crums, Wise Potato Chips, Chinese Food, Silician Pizza, Zeps etc.) and the sports teams. I know how you feel being away from it all. But, there are 2 things I know you don't miss. The 22 inches of snow we had and the people who can't drive. I moved back in 2000, because I missed Staten Island. I'll deal with the lousey drivers and the snow. It is funny, when I came back in 2000, they renumbered all the buses and got rid of the old fishbowl ones. I do miss them.
  13. That's funny, but Elvis is still the King!
  14. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I remember when both of my parents passed away in the fall of 1995. It was and will always be heartbreaking. If you need to talk (off the site,) let me know. I went through it! Rest in peace Dad.
  15. I lived in Chicago for a few years, and I saw they rebuilt their trains. They took away the railfan window and seat and built a cab (like the R44-R160's) and they added a PA announcements and door chimes that were not on the original cars.
  16. Thank goodness. I wish they kept all the other older car models too. I also heard that the remaining R32 and R42 will be overhauled again to last for another 5 years. I just hope they don't add doorbells or create a cab in the front like they they did in Chicago on the 2600's.
  17. Hey, just remember, I have not been on the website in a while, so any "old" news is new to me. Please respect that. Anyway, I saw a R46 (but it could have been an R44, since it was in the tunnel and could not see it too well) for the first time and I was shocked.
  18. I think the should bring back the old <R> line for rush hours to Chambers Street, like in the old days.
  19. Hello everyone, I am back after some time. I saw today for the first time a R46 on the train this morning. Looks funny on that line. I hope they are not getting rid of any more R32's.
  20. As I was taking the yesterday, I saw two R160 trains. I sure miss those R32's on the train. Oh by the way, what line(s) does those two R32 sets from Jamaica yards run on?
  21. I was at Home Depot in Staten Island the other day. I ran into a bus driver I know who drives the B64. He told me that The B1 and B64 bus routes are changing. Has anyone else heard about this, and if so, let me know. A lot of seniors ride the B64 and a change in the route will make many of them angry.
  22. Have any of you seen the Staten Island Railway R44's lately? Check by the doors. There are cracks on the side of them. They have to retire them ASAP or people will get hurt if the train "rips."
  23. Is it true? There are no more R42 at Jamaica yard? How many are left in service? They are at East New York. Let me know when the last day for the R42's are. Thanks. Are there any R32's at Jamaica left?
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