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  1. On the redesigned site, where is the member list? I also seem to recall a way to see a list of all the different badges and which members had them. That's gone too.
  2. I got an email today to report to an assessment on 10/3 for a *provisional* TMA-T position in the Personnel Testing, Selection and Classification Unit. I'm pretty darn sure I never applied to such a position on the MTA website. Perhaps they're already taking names from the exam...one of the specific duties listed was developing and/or proctoring the civil service exams...
  3. I think this person is asking what to look for in the MTA/BSC employment portal, and the answer to that question would be that it's highly unlikely for it to show up there, you'll have to wait for an exam. Note - this is not true for all civil service positions, Transit is short on skilled trades (maintainers, car inspectors, etc) and has resorted to putting up job postings in the system for provisionals.
  4. I missed the "you must email" deadline for the protest session by 2 hours...
  5. The Glen Cove Ferry bus never made it into the GTFS feed, so any app that has it is doing it manually. The fall GTFS has some oddities in the Saturday schedule...there's a bunch of trips that shouldn't be there. Includes 7 n6X trips, 4 n6 trips, 4 early AM n4 trips, 3 Mineola-Roslyn n23 short turns, and an 8:55am n22 out of Jamaica.
  6. Where do you see this? The September schedules are posted here, but I don't see any major n1 changes. http://www.nicebus.com/Passenger-Information/Customer-Advisory-Committee.aspx The HTC-Hofstra-NCC shuttle is now the n16X.
  7. Ferry was full? When I rode it there were only 30-ish passengers. There's no ticket collection, all they want to do is see that you posses an LIRR ticket of some type.
  8. Posting is up again: https://hcm.mymta.info/psc/HCPRD/SELFSERVICE/HXMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL?Page=HRS_APP_JBPST&Action=U&FOCUS=Applicant&SiteId=1&JobOpeningId=90569&PostingSeq=1 Note - unlike LIRR, external applicants must either be engineers from another railroad OR have 3 years of experience as a truck driver, pilot, B/O or T/O.
  9. I was in room 205. I overheard someone ask the proctor how many people were taking the exam, and she said 980, but wasn't too sure about it. Having no other exams to compare this with, this exam was not exactly what I expected, but not too far off either. I hated those "supervisor interaction" questions...the rest was pretty easy with a couple individual exceptions.
  10. Except that the site got the PM ferry times completely wrong. There's only two trips, arriving at 5:50pm and 7:30pm.
  11. Not on the GO, but it's here: http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/planned_servChanges_EF_weekend.htm
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