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  1. Explored the PAT system yesterday: rode the entire East Busway, the whole light rail, and both inclines. A very nice system, with a bunch of quirks, and a slightly significant learning curve especially if you include the fares I wasn't paying!

  2. Learning PAT (Pittsburgh) slowly...all these suffixes and schedule combinations remind me of NJT. Unfortunately its a system I have to be able to rely on on a whim for the next 4 years...

  3. Lesson learned: Always carry a fare on you, even if you're sure you won't need it.

    1. CDTA


      I ususally have about $1.50 on me in change cards, but I just decided to spend it heading down to New Scotland today..

    2. lilbluefoxie


      if you get an EasyPay Express card you dont have to worry about that ;)

    3. User


      Yup, I use the Easypay

  4. You know that Subchat "Train2104" is me, right?

  5. Sorry I've moved on, Kristen Lewis should be able to do some.

  6. The cost and subsidy per passenger were derived from the per hour and per mile figures listed above the BxM4C report at the end. I presume they apply to all Liberty Lines routes, but in writing that post I forgot that 16/18/31 were PLTA routes and used different figures.

  7. I'm thinking about starting a website to put up all this data, any ideas for a domain name?


    Request out to Rockland, data back from Westchester if you didn't see my post already, NJT contract routes clarified, thinking about asking Dutchess/Putnam/Ulster. Can't seem to find one for CDOT. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask.

  8. ...still waiting on the NYCT Service Standards. The letter had an estimated ETA of 01/20/2012, so I expect it any time now.


    And what other agencies do you want/think I should do? Keep in mind that most other agencies don't have online FOIL and require letters.


    Sending a letter to SCT tomorrow.

  9. Did you get the map?

  10. Got your PM. I happen to have 3 copies sitting around, I'll send one to you but will have to go to the station to get another one for Brett. BTW, MNR released the station data. I'm still waiting on the train data.



  11. Metro-North replied saying to call to "narrow down your request". I guess that's because I also included West of Hudson and they don't have that data.


    Should I call or just send in another request with the title "Re: (incident #)"?

  12. I thought every profile had a YT link....I guess Harry removed this feature, since I remember filling in a text box with YT name.


    Anyway, it's youtube.com/LIRR175 I don't have that many videos.

  13. I don't know, they say they will state the amount of the fee in another letter, then send the document when they receive the fee. Of course I can always cancel when I get the fee letter.

  14. NYCT confirmed my request by snail mail (which is odd, since neither LIRR nor MTAHQ did so)


    They said it could take 4 months and they emphasized the 25 cent per page fee.

  15. Request filed (NYCT service planning, MNR station and train counts)


    LIRR data here:



  16. What cost data? Bus routes? I'm not requesting historical data, sorry.


    Anything else? (don't forget about MNR)

  17. LIRR replied to my FOIL request. They sent this:


    -LIRR tariff

    -The same 2006 on/off counts that I already have

    -2010 Ridership Book with counts for every single train.


    I wonder which one I should send next? The coveted NYCT Service Planning Guidelines?

  18. You can try, PM me if you want editable PDF (specify which sign). Do not take requests yet.

  19. For yourself only, or to make requests?

  20. To make what?

  21. According to Harry, all sigs are to be deleted on Wednesday at 9PM!!!



  22. According to Harry, all sigs are to be deleted on Wednesday at 9PM!!!



  23. Have a look at this:


    Controlling System Costs: Basic and Advanced Scheduling Manuals and Contemporary Issues in Transit Scheduling


    If you want a free printed copy, give me your name and address and I'll place the order for you (I have an account and I don't want you to have to create one).

  24. You're just like me ;)

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