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  1. Thanks for using the breast cancer ribbon as your avatar! Let's get in it to end it!!!

    1. 8thAveExpress


      Thanks! I hope we can finally end this horrible problem. I've had/still have too many family members and friends affected by it. The Relay for Life and Light The Night events really do bring out the best in people

  2. Just wanted to thank you for putting the breast cancer awareness ribbon on your website as I am a huge supporter for the program. We are in it to end it!

  3. I agree with your signature. R68s used to be great, but now they suck. Since May, I have been late to school nine times because the (B) train in front of my (Q) train broke down. I removed them from my list of favorite subway cars recently. Hope (NYCT) does the right send and swaps some the R68/68As on the (B) with the R32s on the (A)(C). It would be a huge upgrade for all three times.

  4. nice R46 sign you made for Luis1985. too bad they will never run on the (Q) as they are banned from the Brighton Line.

  5. that railgirls.com site hot!

  6. yeah, Wikipedia has been trashed a lot since those summer service cuts and car assignment changes went into affect.

  7. you learned quite a lot about contributing to Wikipedia in such a short amount of time.

  8. looks like someone hacked into this account. Art Vandelay's most recent post makes no sense what-so-ever!

  9. ur profile picture is so true when it comes to wikipedia.

  10. yes, i wear nail polish. how do u know?

  11. cool nail colors in that default pic. i wear some myself

  12. yeah, but so far it has been really hectic to get to school. i am almost always late because the B train has last priority at the DeKalb Avenue and 59th Street junctions.

  13. i just edited my post on the Manhattan Bridge service disruption thread to reply to your post. read it if you want.

  14. good morning! enjoy your columbus day weekend. i am going to shop for boots later today and start wearing them on tuesday.

  15. u are right, and right now, i refuse to believe R160s going on the (R) and (V) or R32s going on the (J)(Z) until they actually happen, though R32s to ENY would be a good thing.

  16. right now, i am too busy with school to hang out. hopefully, things will lessen in november and december. i decided to take a few videos of the Brighton Line renovation project whenever i can. i also want to get a video of an R46 C when that happens, but other than that, im done with railfanning unless big car assignments come in the future.

  17. in the morning. then i guess you were not there.

  18. it was heading northbound in the morning.

  19. we might have saw each other this morning and not even know it. i was on the fifth car of the R32 B train you took pictures of this morning on my way to school.

  20. ok. thanks for letting me know

  21. obviously, i would be really mad to see those tin cans on the brighton line. thankfully, they are not allowed there since residents complained about vibration and earthquakes they cause back in the 70s.

  22. welcome to nyctransitforums, how are you?

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