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  1. Fordham Rd( Fordham Rd(4) Woodlawn(4) 59th st.(
  2. what im saying is that you can ride the Bx12 SBS without paying and get away with it 99.9999% of the time. i dont do this but i easily could
  3. i've never actually seen any MTA employees on the bus checking receipts
  4. I agree with threadstarter. most of the station clerks are useless and a waste of money
  5. I think being the guy driving the subway train would be an awesome job. Anyone know how much they make a year? My grades at college are starting to go down the sh*tter and I was wondering how much they make and what you have to do to become one. Thanks
  6. yea, there's a lot of pedestrian tunnels underneath the city hall/center city area. and of course the pointless passageway from City hall station to Walnut/Locust
  7. I road the SIR for the first time this morning. It was pretty cool. I got off at Eltingville to hit up Burger King, then got back on to Tompkinsville. The 30 min headways suck and the inside of the cars are a little dirty. there was a pigeon in our car but it was pretty chill lol
  8. Hello all, ive been lurking for a few weeks and finally registered. I'm from the Philadelphia suburbs (Septa R5 represent!) but go to college in the bronx. I've always been a fan of Septa and Amtrak, but now I've really gotten into the MTA since moving to the big bad BX. I also like to snowboard. And the R32 is by far the greatest of all time.

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