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  1. @danielhg121 lmao, I'm deadass, it is the right thing to do. There are a couple other reasons as to why everyone goes to 106 but I don't want Quill killing me for giving away trade secrets. System pick coming up. @EastFlatbushLarry pretty much nailed it. On the TA side of things, dropbacks are more common on the hawks. Think I've only seen one paddle that had a dropback and a swing.
  2. Because the right thing to do is finish the trip out.
  3. They gotta get a new safety tip to you eventually.
  4. Other than depots, the only lines they can fit on are the SIM8 and the 22. They did clearance testing throughout the island before it went into service.
  5. They have fire suppression systems. It depends where the fire originated. They're only really good for fires in the engine compartment.
  6. The readers work with any code (that's obviously not NIS or anything related to). Guess they didn't get around to taking it out.
  7. No alcohol test, just the usual panel of drugs. Weed, coke and all that.
  8. Open trips are able to be covered by all depots here. I did the first half of the 74 hawk last week. (With a new Nova at that)
  9. And if you do go switch titles after probation, you only have a year to come back to your former title. Within the year, you don't lose your seniority as T/O. Anytime after, your spot is lost and you'll need to take another exam to go back.
  10. I swear everytime I go thru the wash, I think I'm gonna come out without a mirror.
  11. They don't hit OMNY installs til the overnight. It's already flagged to get installed ASAP. And it's a free ride, btw. I had 8711 with no OMNY.
  12. I'm pretty sure she was instructed to do this after the fact. There's no way a trip isn't been done with 5 dispatchers and a superintendent at the ferry.
  13. All of the overhauls are fresh paint for the white and the doors. The stripe is still vinyl.

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