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  1. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    There's no residency credit for TA exams.
  2. MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    You'll more than likely start on the Extra List, where you will do something different every day. They will try to keep you either AMs, PMs or on the hawks. But if they need you somewhere, they will schedule you to work as long as you have at least 8 hours in between work. @LeoSimmy Street parking is available at Zerega but you have to come early around 5-6am to get it. Like @mtawife mentioned, you'll only be reporting to Zerega for the first day and for a few after the 10 day training.
  3. No Heat on Express Buses?

    The blowers will always blow cold air, same on the Prevosts. Idk if maintenance adjusts these valves at a specific time of the year. Again, I can't remember which way is heat, which way is air.
  4. No Heat on Express Buses?

    Prevost or MCI? On the Prevosts, it's fully automatic. It's 72 however the bus wants to go about it. On the MCIs, they may have to adjust the temperature valve in the operator area to allow the heat to come on. (Forgot how it works, I just know it's there) If the bus sits for an extended time outside (i.e. overnight) and it's the first trip of the day for that particular bus, it's going to take some time before the water temperature reaches a level in which the heat will come on. I've driven buses that's taken anywhere between 30 minutes to over an hour before the heat kicked.
  5. License suspended due to child support

    You should be okay. You already have your CDL which qualifies you under #1 in that section of the NOE. What you referenced is for applicants coming in with their CDL permit. Also, their definition of valid means something that allows you to drive in NY.
  6. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It's literally a sensor that sits above the doors that tracks the movement of the passengers.
  7. The annoyance of wheelchair boarding at busses

    I mean it is ADA law that we board mobility impaired customers first but okay. *shrugs* What adds to the delay of assisting wheelchair customers is that everyone who is able bodied doesn't want to move out the way so that the process can go a little bit quicker. There should be no reason why I have to turn the bus off to get people to move the way I need them to move to facilitate the boarding. It's not always the person in the wheelchair, it's your fellow passengers holding up the bus both times.
  8. Statan Island Express bus

    Only thing I've heard was that they were going to start phasing in the changes starting July 1st. Nothing else though.
  9. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    You can take promotional exams only for positions that your position promotes into. For example, Bus Operators can promote into Surface Dispatchers but not Track Workers. If you want to switch to a title that your current one does not promote into, you will have to take an open competitive exam and get in that way.
  10. MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    Pay attention and don't make the same mistakes that your classmates are making in the same day, especially if you drive after them. Read your instruction manual every day, if you have any questions ask them. When in doubt, ask! You know your pre-trip and brake test which is good but your instructor and the manual will let you know specifically what you need to do and point out during each. Also, eat and get some sleep. Makes the days a lot more easier.
  11. MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    You get paid for 40 hour weeks at the starting rate ($23.84), until you start line training.
  12. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Loonnnnnnnnnnnnngest hour of your life, I bet! Congrats and welcome!
  13. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Focus on correcting your weak points with your superintendent. You're going have to see what they want from you. Otherwise, just take your time. You will be in thick traffic in Harlem. -Scan your mirrors and scan sidewalk to sidewalk for any bikes. Call them out before they get to your bus. If you're moving, monitor them and update as you go along. If and when they pass you within 4 feet, you must slow down and stop. This goes for anything within your 4 feet. It's either they're moving or you are. You can move over or speed up a bit to get away from them but in most cases, slowing down is what you need to do. Other than that, call out your signs, white, yellow, blue, red and hazards. Doesn't matter if it has relevance, it just shows your superintendent that you're looking around and paying attention. Of course anything relevant that will affect your driving, you will need to adjust. -Anticipate everything and call it out. Got a taxi next to you? You might get cut off. Slow down and keep an eye on it. Pedesterian in between cars? They might be Jay walking or returning to their car. Call it out and adjust. There will be a portion where you will be in the left lane a few times. Gradually move over and just be aware of what's around your bus. When it comes to the lights, if you're unsure, start coasting and try to look at the light at the next block to kinda judge your light. If you have a few seconds before your light goes yellow, slow down on your way there so by time you have like 3 seconds, you'll be stopping. -If there's traffic preventing you for performing what your superintendent wants, wait it out. It's better to sit it out at an intersection and wait for everything to clear up (if it does) as opposed to getting stuck in an awkward spot and then getting trolley braked because you're trying to get through with pedestrians and bikes coming at you. -You might be taken along the M96 where you have to make a right and then the first left to head towards Central Park. It's a tight left turn, you may have to split the two left lane lanes to be comfortable. (Call it out, let then know before you do it) You will also deal with the hill on Lexington and one more after that, where they make you do the bus stop. Use the Pop n Go trick to make sure you don't roll back too much. Good luck.

    This winter pick is the first time where TA implemented curtailment runs for snow, weather and other emergencies where operators would do these runs instead of the regular runs. The way it is setup, curtailment runs are automatically paired with regular runs. The union (ATU) contested the curtailment runs the first time with the reasoning being that operators should be able to pick curtailment runs independently of the regular runs. TA let it be that way. The week we were to start picking, TA reversed the decision and issued a revision to the pick with the curtailment runs reattached, so the union fought it again. The union lost this time around, the pick was reissued and our pick process had to start from the very beginning again. Winter pick will start on 2/4 and run all the way until the summer.
  15. I'm commiserating here...

    Because the feds are in every railroad's behind to get PTC installed by their deadline. Ever notice that everything with the government towering behind gets done magically?


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