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  1. Wu-Tang documentary shoot. I saw it yesterday working the 76
  2. NYCT (TA) and MabstOA (OA) have a combined seniority list among their depots. With that being said, if you are hired under either, you can work at any depot in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and The Bronx. (With the exception of Yonkers and Eastchester, as those are MTA Bus) If you are hired under TA, you can also work in Staten Island and the Jamaica, Queens Village and Casey Stengel depots in Queens. MTA Bus is the collection of the former private bus lines throughout the city. So that would be: The Bronx: Eastchester & Yonkers Queens: Baisley Park, College Point, Far Rockaway, JFK, LaGuardia & Spring Creek
  3. They're definitely flashing a new program with a different font. The Prevosts are getting it too. The SIM33Cs are now saying: SIM33 | CBT And then their regular readings.
  4. NFC has to be enabled first and foremost and then whatever options the mobile wallet needs to register a transaction. (Some mobile wallet apps allow you to use it with the phone locked, some do not)
  5. I think they go back to the Treasury department at 130 Livingston.
  6. Nothing official yet. Only reason I think can of is if they wind up here on loan or something.
  7. It's not allowed. Do it the legit way, become a conductor or train operator.
  8. Emergency shuttle work gets covered by everyone.
  9. If you're asking this, then you obviously aren't authorized to use it. 🙄
  10. It'll definitely put some wear on the bus. If your service brakes fail, you're supposed to pull the parking brake.

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