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  1. SevenEleven

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    [NO] air brakes is actually a restriction, not an endorsement. Hence, why it is worded the way it is, on the letter. You still need to take and pass the written test for air brake. So general knowledge (for your license), Passenger (for the endorsement) and Airbrakes (to not get the restriction) You actually need to take and pass the air brakes portion too. Buses do have an air brake system that you kinda have to know about.
  2. SevenEleven

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    When I had applied for Metro North a while back, they wouldn't give me an interview until they were able to verify a mismatch on my application. I was working for Academy Bus but the particular garage that I was at, was under a DBA name: #22 Hillside. 22 Hillside was the name on my paychecks, although they also had the Academy logo on it. So I had to give them my paystubs, explain the relationship between the two and provide contact info to the managers. It took a week or so to get everything done.
  3. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    7544 to WF
  4. SevenEleven

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    Interstate (No K restriction). If you're not looking to work in Staten Island, then you can apply for the Medical Certificate Exemption. (A3 restriction)
  5. SevenEleven

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    You'll get one afterwards every time a new contract goes in effect where top pay is raised.
  6. Yo bro, can I get a ride?
  7. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    They're all short term loans.
  8. SevenEleven

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    You need to have one year in title and be off probation for you to be able to come back from another title. I'm not entirely sure how it applies to probationary employees, if at all. (Since I've had a classmate resign, come back and resign again)
  9. SevenEleven

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    You will be taken off the list for up to 1 year, until you reinstate. When you reinstate, you will be added back to the list and called with the next batch of hires to continue the employment process. (Or to start training, depending on where you deferred)
  10. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    There's going to be a couple XD loaners to West Farms. That first 7500 bus is from Gleason.
  11. SevenEleven

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    The cameras record continually but they can only pull footage for accident/incident review.
  12. SevenEleven

    MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    Made 4 months in October or November? Either way, you will have at least 1 week vacation accrued so whatever week that you're able to pick, will be yours. You can put your OTO/AVA requests in the book to put another week together too.
  13. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: On-board screens and announcements

    They're replacing the SBS NGs with the model that Statty posted above.
  14. SevenEleven

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    Alright. So first thing, top pay is after 5 full years of service. So when you start your 6th year, you'll be there. When it comes to scheduling, it depends on the type of work that you pick. You will get to choose your work four times a year, roughly every 3-4 months. Now, the type of work you pick will determine your scheduling. There are 4 different types of work: Fixed/Straight Run, Work Run, Extra List & Vacation Relief. When you first get out of line training, more than likely, you will be on the extra list (XL). With the XL, you are used to fill the open runs at the depot, if you are not on standby. Due to this, you won't have a fixed schedule. While they try to keep you in the same time frame (AMs, PMs, or overnights), this is not a guarantee. If you are in a PM slot and enough AM work is open, then you will be on an AM shift. XL assignments are usually posted by 3 PM at the depot, so you will know by then, what you will be doing the next day. If you are given a run, you will be given the start and finish time. If you are given a board job, then you will be on standby. I will explain the board job in a bit. Being on XL, you have the potential to do every route out of your depot, so you will be over the place. Now while on board, you will still have a start time and a finish time 8 hours after, PROVIDED that they do not send you out on a run that finishes past your original end time. Being on board, you will be used when someone calls out, doesn't show up on time or when they need help around on the road or at the depot. Sometimes, you do absolutely nothing for those 8 hours, sometimes you do some work (and still finish within those 8 hours) and sometimes you get a run that finishes past those 8 hours. For example, you report for the board job at 12 PM and you finish at 8 PM. 4 hours in, they give you a whole run, that finishes at 1230 AM. You'll be done at 1230 and you will be given 8 hours off before you have to come back in again. XL has the same days off each week. --------- Now with straight runs, you will be doing the same thing everyday, save for the weekends. However, you will either be dedicated to being AMs, PMs or overnights. Straight runs, you will come in at the same time, finish at the same time, same route, etc. The only exception to this, is if your run has a school trip at the beginning or end of your shift. When school is closed, your start and finish time respectively, will be different. You will have the same days off through the pick. Now some runs will have you around for 8 hours, some will have you for 12+. It depends on how the run is set up. Work runs are more or less the same way. Your work may be different day by day BUT it will be that same schedule every week. Same days off each week. -------- Finally, there is Vacation Relief. (VR) If you do pick this, then you will be covering the work of the operators on vacation for that week. You pick this work in seniority order (against everyone else on VR) in 3-5 week blocks. So your work AND days off will change every week but you will know what you will be doing, since because you picked it. (Unless you picked the extra list, in which then you're subjected to what I said above)
  15. SevenEleven

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    You will have to take the road test either which way. The MTA will schedule and take you to your road test after you pass the initial 10 day qualification. However, if you want to do the road test on your own before training starts, you are more than free to do so.


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