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  1. Idk how it's done over there but in SI, they will ask you if you want students every year at the system pick. You need somewhere between 2-3 years on before they will actually start assigning you students. (And an AM run of course)
  2. Gotcha. It's less paperwork because you're already an employee. You would still have to do whatever drug test and medical stuff but you'll be fast tracked in a sense. According to the pay table, all maintainers make the same amount. Benefits should be more or less the same too since TWU negotiates for both OA/TA. http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/wage_rates_2019-2023.pdf
  3. TENS has been dead for a few years now. If you are an employee, then you should have the new link to access the internal website.
  4. What OA title you are trying to move to and why would you want to go from TA to OA? And yes, you would have to take the next open competitive exam for that title, whenever that comes around. If you're going to OA to be a bus operator, just wait for the next TA bus op exam and get hired from that list... Less paperwork and you can keep your pension in NYCERS.
  5. That's fine. "[No] Airbrakes" is actually a restriction, so if you would had failed that part, then you would have a letter for that. The M restriction is "No Passengers in Class A vehicles", which doesn't apply to you since buses are Class B vehicles. The P restriction is "No Passengers in CMV", which will be removed once you pass your road test. See https://dmv.ny.gov/driver-license/driver-license-endorsement-and-restriction-codes for more info.
  6. They're similar but it's not just about memorizing what the answer is to whatever question they ask. You have to understand the concepts of it too.
  7. Sure. Send $500 cash upfront for a premium sub to 7/11's admin duties. Times rough out here.
  8. You'll need the Class B permit with the passenger endorsement and no air brake restriction. (So make sure you take the test for air brakes too) A3 restriction is fine for bus operator. Get in contact with them and see what they can do for you. Might be as simple as pushing you to the class after.
  9. Cool, so it saves me having to figure out how to ban you from a mobile device for dupe accounts.
  10. It's stupid. All that money for the announcement system retrofits and they still don't work right. How is the limited program still calling every single local stop too. 🤦🏾‍♂️
  11. No ADAs is an automatic extension. I know someone a week away from clearing probation who got bagged for no ADAs. Speaking of which, if you're driving a bus with an announcement system and it is not calling the stops or not giving the right info, you still have to call out and/or correct it.
  12. Alright, so the first thing you have to figure out when it comes to slips is what you got the slip for and the pay breakdown of the particular run that it's being applied to. If you have a BOOST run, then your late slip must be greater than the amount of time your run is boosted by. Boost runs are runs that pay less than 8 hours through the calculation and are boosted to 8 hours to make the guarantee, as per contract. For example, if you have a 30 minute boost, then you need a 31 minute slip to get paid. The reason for this is that you do not get double paid for work. With a 30 minute boost, that means the pay calculation came up to 7:30. You get the boost of 30 mins, so 31 mins and up is the part of the slip that gets paid out. The exception to this though is if you work extra service. Extra service slips are paid out first, THEN the boost amount is deducted from it. Regular slips, the boost is deducted first, then the rest of the slip is paid. The other thing is that you have to look at, is your vehicle time for your run. Typically runs with less than 8 hours of vehicle time mean that the "work standard" time is also under 8 hours. You need 8 hours to get a slip paid out with OT. Otherwise, it will be paid out at straight time. Again extra service slips are always paid out at time and a half first. In order for you to put a slip in OTO, you first have had to gotten paid the overtime from it. Like dman said above, if you check your timecard, you will notice two new entries for USCOT and USBON. (Unscheduled OT and the Unscheduled Bonus, respectively) If you have this, that means your slip was paid out and you got overtime from it. If you put in a slip and you don't see this, that means no OT was paid out and that means you can't put it in OTO. Okay, so you got a slip and you're sure that it's gonna pay OT. In TWU land, you can only bank the straight time portion (USCOT) of your late slip. The overtime bonus has to be paid out. If you're in ATU land, you can bank the whole slip. So let's say you get an hour slip. You will get paid out for 1:30. You can put the hour into OTO for TWU or the whole 1:30 for ATU. Also, you can either get paid for your slip, bank the whole thing or split it. This is gonna be confusing on a first read. You can hit me up, I can explain it a lil bit more in depth. Also go ask your union reps and the general dispatcher at the depot. They can explain it to you too.
  13. They don't. You have to call them within a year of you telling them that you wasn't ready and they will reinstate your list number. Only then will they come back to you.
  14. That was your quarterly probbie ride with a 19A dispatcher (or supt). Not everyone is gonna announce till after, so be careful.
  15. You're gonna stay extra until you gain enough seniority to not pick the extra list.
  16. SevenEleven

    John B.

    With you leaving early, you might be able to take the BQE to the Brooklyn Bridge and then get the FDR from there. It'll save you that one too. Check Google Maps or Waze before you leave so you can get the best route.
  17. SevenEleven

    John B.

    That MTA Bus exam is for part time work out of Spring Creek depot in BK. You're gonna be taking a step backwards if you went to MTA Bus. Like I said, stick with the MabstOA until a TA test comes out. It's all the same training, same job.
  18. SevenEleven

    John B.

    Hi John, Young pretty covered everything about going to Zerega. Just keep in mind that you will be reporting there for at least 4-5 days before you get to being on your own. At least that was before COVID. You may find some of your classmates may also be from Staten Island so maybe y'all can arrange a car pool on the days you have to be at Zerega. Stick with the OA, it's a better deal. When the next TA test comes out, take it. When they call, you will just have to do the drug test and medical again BUT you will be transferred to being a TA employee. They will let you stay at your current depot but you will lose your seniority. However, by being a TA operator now, you can put in for a transfer to Staten island. You will unfortunately lose your seniority (again) when you come to SI but at least you'll be home. Good luck with training.
  19. SevenEleven

    John B.

    They've been trying to consolidate everything into one "MTA" but there is way too much involved. One of the things that they have to do is consolidate seniority list across four locals of two different unions. (The 1 TWU local and 3 ATU locals) I'm not (and trust, neither would you be) okay with someone bumping me completely out of Staten Island because they have more time than me. I have 4 years on the job and I already can get vacation in June. That's not happening in the TWU depots. Second if there was a merge, then it comes down to who is representing us as a whole. I have respect for TWU and all but I'm keeping ATU. As far as pensions go, they would have to make OA and MTA Bus civil servant positions before anything but it goes back to the differences between us. I had to take a test for this civil service position (which determined my pension) and get a score solely based on my effort. (which determined seniority among my classmates) The other two groups just got a random list number from jump. So why should they have access to the same pension as us? That's not how I feel specifically but that's exactly the kind of concerns that will be raised considering a merge. It's great that you're used to traveling but trust, it's different when you have to drive all day, just to drive some more. Again you're OA and you live in SI, so a proper commute is in your vocabulary unfortunately. Upside though is that two Brooklyn depots -- Jackie Gleason and Ulmer Park are the closest off the VZ, and one Manhattan depot - Quill is near the Lincoln Tunnel. That can soften the blow on the commute. (And you can take public to/from Quill, so free.99 on tolls and gas) I've never worked for NJT so I can't speak on it. MTA definitely does have the better pay and benefits imo. That, a pension, retirement plans, and the ability to move around (depot wise and position wise). I can get more in depth if you want. Good luck with your hire process!
  20. SevenEleven

    John B.

    Hi and welcome. If you take a look at the Transit Employment forum, you'll see several threads regarding training for bus operator. You can get more pertinent information looking through the exam threads as well. Training is as hard as you make it. I've seen supts talk good and bad about having to train tractor trailer drivers. It's not hard to drive the bus, use your knowledge from already having a CDL to your advantage. You already know how to pretrip to an extent, scan for hazards, forward plan and all that good stuff. As for choosing your depot, you will be able to work out of all depots in Manhattan, Brooklyn and three depots in The Bronx. You won't be able to work out of any MTA Bus depot, Staten Island or Queens. Coming out of training, you will be able to pick into a depot that has space for you (if you don't get forced to go somewhere) and then you'll be able to change depots every January. (When the system pick goes into effect)
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